Sunday, July 29, 2018

All Over the Place...

 My knitting is ALL OVER THE PLACE this week.
I'm not sure that is a good thing.  I'm a little stuck on the
green sweater, sent a note to the designer, with no answer yet.
I think I have answered my own question though. Sigh.

Worked a little on the socks:
I'm really liking the colors.

I went to visit a little yarn shop on Friday with my friend
Marcia and purchased some Juniper Moon Zooey to
This is very brainless, but I can work on it instead of playing
the bubble burst game on my tablet!  LOL

The yarn is so soft and pretty...
this is the yarn called for in the pattern.

Joey and Casey gave me a set of 8 Boca Clips for my
birthday. They brought theirs last week to keep the tablecloth
on the picnic table and I fell in love with them.
I decided I wanted to knit a little bag to keep them in.  I did not
want it to take long, and didn't need anything fancy.
I had some flax in my stash left over from a summer shawl.

I started with size 5 needles, and did the cast on I use
for a toe up sock...12 stitches
Knit one row, and then increased every stitch = 24 on each needle.
Knit one row, then increased every stitch = 48 on each needle
Knit one row, then increased every stitch= 96 on each needle.

then I switched to size 8 needles...knit a couple rows, then switched
to size 9 needles, then to size 11 and finally to size 13. I wish I had
a size 15.  I will run out of yarn, I'm sure.
Will have to find some other stash yarn...

 Right now, I'm not sure why I thought this was a good idea!

Martha is working on some cool socks for her son Tom,
who loves to wear the socks she makes.
This is a pattern she has had in her files for a long
time from Criminy Jockets blog, which has since shut
down.  Very manly!

 Ruth was traveling this weekend so no knitting
to share.

 In other news:

My friend Marcia crochets more than she knits.
She made me this doily out of thread.
I think it's so cute.
 Tiffany and I got pedi's yesterday to celebrate
my birthday. She got a white toe with a cute
decoration on it.  FUN!

We went to dinner with the kids. This is the sunset at Joey's house
after we got back. Stunning!

his is my haul from the Farmer's Market today - cost $15 which
I think is pretty good! Especially since there are peaches
and blueberries which are expensive.
I made blueberry lemon muffins when I got home.  Delish!

Tiffany and her niece Aubrey came swimming was
such a nice day.
Joe and Nicky went fishing.
Got a lot of fish.

Martha sent me some cool pictures that I could not get to
work right. She has been busy painting her bathroom.
Sorry Martha...

Have a great week dear blog readers. Hoping next week to share
pics of the FINISHED green sweater!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Little progress

 I have made little knitting progress this week.
I didn't knit most nights...too hot!
Too tired after work!

This is the shakerag  top. I'm working on the back now.
I know it looks like a hot mess right now...but
blocking will make it better.

 Since my numbers are different,I need to do some
serious math before I start the shoulder/neck decreasing...
Wish me luck.
 This is progress on mom's sock.
I decided to use Scatterby free pattern.

 It doesn't look like much. A 4 row pattern.
I love that it keeps the yarn from pooling.
 I am only using the 4 row chart, not
making the actual pattern. They are a
toe up sock.

 Joe finally modeled his Crystal Palace Panda cotton socks.
He likes them.
I added ribbing on the sides...I wasn't sure how this
yarn was going to react, and ribbing is a wonderful thing.
it can stretch or hug the leg..
I'm not a fan of cotton, but these had elastic in them
which help.

 Ruth has two pair of socks going....she didn't get
much chance to knit this week either.

Martha finished up her lovely shawl!
 Alby shawl by Bonne Marie Burns, published by Chic Knits.
I love the size.  I have noticed some shawls on Ravelry
lately are 700-1200 yards....yikes!
might as well knit a sweater :)

In other news:

Here are a couple of pics of Martha's garden...

My garden needs a little color

(see the lily of the valley, way up top right of pic?
Ruth gave me those years and years ago)

The pots are colorful though

 We had (yet another) party yesterday for my brother and
my birthdays.  Usual family members, with addition
of Tiffany's friend Jen. She was in their wedding.  Her
husband, brother and perfect baby Phoebe came too.

Joe made this cooking station...he got the tent this week
so the sun was not so hot.

The food was great!  It was a bit windy but
glad it was not so hot.

Mom and dad were good
Little Phoebe
Joe went fishing today with Joel and Joey.
They caught a few...I didn't get a picture.
But his tent collapsed!  Back to the store for sure.
It was not this bad but he and Joey had to take it down.
He needs a little nap after fishing
This picture is noteworthy because of his socks:
Have a great week dear blog readers...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It's been hot here in Western NY...yikes..the house is boiling.
Thank goodness for the pool.

I have started the sleeve increases on the
Shakerag sweater.  I had to tink back about 1"...
I was afraid it would be too long.  Tinking takes
so much longer than knitting!

 Working on ribbing for sock for mom.
Yarn is Fresh from the Cauldron.
I started with Addi Flexiflips needles. I thought I would like
them since I make socks on two circs. But I did not like them at
all. They need to be about 2" longer in my opinion.
So I switched back to two circs.

Look how the yarn is pooling...sigh.

I figured out that if I slip two stitches out of eight, every four
rows or so, it helps.
But still kinda weird, huh.
I think I'll manipulate the stitches on the needles to make a nicer
front and back. 

Ruth finished up her Baby Sneakers by Keri Williams.

Aren't they totally adorable!

Martha is working on her shawl...
Reminder she is making hers one color.

In other news:

Joe went fishing and caught lots of  huge perch!

Joey and Casey went to yet another wedding
My brother won the New York State STA shooting
championship - B class!

Martha had her whole family home for the weekend...first
time her kids have seen each other in a long time.

Picture is Tom, Emma, and her husband Mark.
What a nice family!