Monday, June 30, 2014

Finished the Crazy

I finished knitting the crazy Oh Helen stole last night,
but it still  needs blocking and fringe. 
 Maybe I'll do some fringe tonight. I hate doing fringe!
I used size 10.5 needle, and 3 hanks of Berroco Captiva yarn.

Martha is knitting Lichen and Moss sock (Ruth knit a few
weeks ago) Free on  Ravelry.
She did not send yarn info. I like the contrasting heel color.
I like thie pattern a lot...I'll have to make it soon.

Ruth finished up the 2014 Through the Loops Mystery Shawl.

I saw it in person today and it is very very lovely.
Ruth also sent pictures of her pretty this year.

So hot hot hot. Not much knitting will get done this week.
Have a super week and fun, safe holiday.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Sometimes, I think my knitting is crazy.
This week I got a burr up my butt to make a stole for the
two weddings we have this summer.  1st one is July 4th.
Found Captiva  yarn in white (it has cotton-ugh) but I
like the color and the summer weight.  Found the
oh, helen pattern on Ravelry - free - which is perfect
for the look I'm going for!

I would be a lot further if I hadn't of made dumb mistakes and had to
tink back 2x...ugh.

Worked on this just a little this week:
Ruth is making great progress on Through the Loops Mystery Shawl:
so pretty!!!

Obviously I didn't knit much this weekend. Here's why:
Joey/Joey worked on pool deck. It raised, so Joe had to cut boards
and fix it. Mystery to me how it turned out so well.

It's all put back together and level now..yea!
he still has to rebuild the stairs that fell apart...that is a job
for another day.

Flowers are sooo pretty!

Went boating in the afternoon, and for dinner afterwards.

On the way home we pulled the truck over to take a picture because
the sunset was so beautiful. This is my favorite. Joey taking pictures
of sunset:

Tiffany and the rest of the bridal party hosted a wedding
shower for  her friend Amber today. It turned out soooo nice.
Here she is in her dress:

Have a great week. Cross your fingers that I make good progress
on the stole this week!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Experiments don't always work, right?
I made Mirima Felton's Footie Sock. Super quick knit. Started last
night and finished up today.  Used Elan Esprit yarn...cotton and elastic.
That was the problem. I thought I gave enough ease for the elastic, but nope.

Look how big it is. If I had used a wool blend, it would be perfect.
This is on my hand...I think I'll use as a dishcloth.  This yarn makes
the best dish/wash cloths.

Finished the Saki Bamboo socks. This yarn is really wonderfully soft.

I'm glad I used the solid color for heel and toe, for a more masculine

Martha finished up her shawl.  She used a lot more garter than
the pattern called for to use up the yarn.  It's soooo pretty!

Ruth finished up her socks this week, but she's away so I don't
have a picture.

I worked on this quite a bit.

In other news:
Martha got new porch furniture for  father's day. Not sure how that
works...LOL but it's nice.

Joe went fishing Saturday at Lake Erie and caught his limit.
Water/weather too rough for me.

till next week.........

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Foots sounds more interesting than socks...LOL
Iam about 1/2 way down the foot on the brainless sock.
I was going to do something different this week, but decided
to get this done.
I mentioned last week I had started a baby sweater...
this is all I have...more on this next week.

Ruth finished up her Lichen & Moss socks out of Shaffer Nicole.
They are very pretty in person.  VERY PRETTY !

She is done with one Show off Stranded Sock, and has a good
start on the 2nd one. This is the Lornas Laces Martha gave us.
I know what I'm doing with mine and may have them started
by next week.

Martha is working on a very pretty shawl in the 100% Mountain merino,
 made in Buffalo Wyoming. By Mountian Meadow Wool  that
she gave us at Rhinebeck.  (I made the Churchmouse
fingerless mitts out of mine).  Thus has no nylon so
she  didn't want to do socks with  it, feeling it would just
walk through them... This shawl is The Age of Brass and 
 Steam Kerchief, which she  made for Ruth's a Rhinebeck shawl.

In other news:

Joe and I went fishing to Lake Erie today. Up before 4:00 am.
OMG! It's almost a two hour drive (with coffee and pee stops)...
we were in the water by 6:30.  This is a view of the City of

These windmills are all along the shore.
I did not get much knitting done...had to help drive the boat...
which was fun!  He caught several Walleye and a couple of super
big perch.

Martha worked hard in her gardens today and took these
pretty pictures:

Its summer so hard to come up with tons of projects for
the blog....Have a great week dear blog readers!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Quirky Things

I finished up the 1st bamboo blend sock for Joe this week.

And have a good start on the 2nd.

Do you do quirky little things with your knitting?  Sometimes I
totally amuse myself. LOLOLOL  For example on this sock,
I didn't have enough baby stitch markers (need 4) so I used
two pink on the 1st needle and 2 blue on the 2nd to help
me remember which row I'm on.  How does that help you
wonder?  Well I had my girl first and my boy 2nd!@

Martha asked me to take pictures of the Rivercat Sock on
(my fat) legs so she could see what they looked like. She is intrigued.
Here you go:

Ruth and Martha are having a girlie no updates from them.
I do know that Ruth is working on a very cool sock and she finished up
her last pair...picks next week.  Martha is finishing up socks too, I think.

I signed up for the through the loops mystery shawl and after looking
at the swatches today, I'm not sure it is calling to me.  Ruth said she was
going to wait and see too.  I have done the last two years, and both have
turned out fabulous. I'm not sure I need another shawl, and this one sounds
big (500 yards)....I have a sweater that might be more interesting right now.

Busy weekend preparing and hosting birthday dinner for mom, Joe and
Aunt Edith.  Here are some pics.  The weather was beautiful today.

Mom and dad had fun.

Aunt Edith was in rare form. She even made Joe blush!

Tiffany and Mark moved this weekend and she was exhausted.

Hard to keep the candles lit

I made carrot cake - homemade - the kind with coconut, raisins, pineapple
Joel made some shooting team and he was pretty happy about that

Vicky was doing great, especially since Joel only told her THIS MORNING
about the party!  Thanks, Joel!

Donna and Randy nice they are close again

Always fun to be around the twins.  I have to come up with some new way
every time to figure out which is which.  Sometimes I will wait till their mother
calls them by name.  Sometimes I will say 'what's your sisters name".  Today
I remembered because Cassidy had on a schnazy shirt, S for Cassie, and so
Caitlin T for Catie, was the "other one".  After all of this time I still can't
figure it out...

I'm going to go knit on a sock....have a great week.