Sunday, September 27, 2015

September - Almost Over!

 Hard to believe September is almost over...wahhhhh
We have had unbelievably wonderful weather this month. yaaaaa
I finished up the first Lorna's Laces sock this week (today).

I tried to stripe the toe with same yarn as heel...

Had a lot of yarn left over...
These are for my friend Betty who has size 8 foot.
I have the 2nd one started...just barely.

Ruth is working on her Amy Herzog custom pattern sweater again...
Lion Brand yarn. so nice ....

Martha is starting the 2nd stripe pattern of Lilli Pilli shawl...
Very nice ! 
Those girls sure knit nice stuff...

We are gearing up for Rhinebeck...can't wait.  I told them don't let
me  buy sweater yarn!  I'm thinking this year I will be really choosey...

Till next week....

Sunday, September 20, 2015

This and that

Well this weekend was sure nice here in Western NY.  I have a good start
on a new sock. Tesserae Pattern, which I've done a few times before.
It is basically ribbing.  My favorite...NOT... but I like the effect.

Yarn is Lorna Laces  80% Merino / 20 % nylon.

I have a thing for different colored heels and/or toes lately.

When I did this heel, I left a long string and worked back thru
the purl stitches on the inside of the  heel.  usually I do this
when I'm all done...I can't believe I thought of it now.  LOL

Ruth and I went to the Finger Lakes Fiber Fest yesterday.
It was nice. they added a nice new bldg, so some of the vendors
were inside now, and the aisles were larger.
I got this nice sunny yellow yarn for the Through The Loops
Mystery Sock this winter. I always use this yarn. It is so soft.
70% merino/30% nylon.  At 5.50 a skein you can't go wrong!

And some other merino for a shawl at some point.

Ruth finished up her first sock, and I'm so sorry but don't have
details. I know she sent some point. I even looked back
thru older posts and could not find info. It is a different heel.
I think it looks really nice, don't you!  I love the stripes!

Martha is working away on her Lilli Pilli shawl.  She was a little
hesitant about using the varigated yarn, but now that she's further
along she likes it. I like it too!  She is going to do a little more lace
than the pattern calls for to use up the yarn.

I have some yarn selected for my Lilli Pilli, but I'm going to make scarf size
I think.

In other news...well there is not much to report.
Our friend George went goose hunting today and caught
quite a few.  He gave them ALL to Joe to clean and cook and
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Begins Now

Fall is here dear blog knitters. I'm not sure whether to be
happy or sad. I'm happy about more knitting time, and better
sleeping temperatures. I'm sad that the pool weather is over.
It has rained all weekend here.  So cold that I have handmade
socks on. For  me that is when Fall Begins.

Since last blog post I have finished up mom's Christmas
socks. (as in just finished today!).

Reminder pattern is:

Row 1:  K3, Slip 1
Row 2:  Knit

Very easy and believe it or not, I did not get sick of it.
They are blocking now.

Notice the pink toe.  That is Loopy Ewe solids 100%
merino wool. The varigated pinky yarn is Opal.

I was afraid I would run out of yarn, hence the pink toe. But I
would have had enough.  I like the pink toe anyway.

I'm starting a new pair of socks tonight for something brainless,
and I still have the business casual socks going.  2.5 pair left before
I'm done with Christmas knitting....yea!

Joe and I went to Oneida Lake last weekend and had a spectacular
time.  Here are a few pictures.

This is a sea plane landing:

These are sunsets...I was practicing with panoramic opti9on
on my phone....



Have a nice week....till next time...