Sunday, April 29, 2007


We've made a lot of progress around here this weekend!
The sweater is up to the arm holes. Now what?
I spent all of Saturday night trying to figure out what kind of sleeve to make.

Saddle shoulder? Naglar? Hybrid? I have decided on either a naglar or a Saddle Shoulder.
The directions are kinda fuzzy in EZ's's probably off to The Village Yarn Shop at
lunch tomorrow to see if they can tell me in 10 sentences or less how to do it.

Other progress:
Joe replaced the border for the flower bed along the side of the house.

The yellow flower is (hopefully) a perennial that will come up every year.
I'm hopin! The color is amazing.

We pulled (Joe pulled) out some very old, very ugly bushes in the back
of the house (my idea) and we're planting a shade garden there. He is
going to put a nice wooden border around it (same as above picture).
Those bushes were soooo old he has to saw them with a chain saw,
then use an ax to finish the job. His new hip works quite well!

Now i know you're probably thinkin to yourself, wow! her husband
really loves to work around the house and in the yard - WRONG!
Walleye fishing starts on Saturday and he is trying hard to get everything
done before then, cause what doesn't get done by then - won't get done.

Abbey came out for a while today. She is such a wuss, she heard the weather
guy say it MIGHT thunderstorm tonight and she has been under the bed hiding
ever since. No more watching the news for her!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I should have a few new knitting things to show this weekend.

I am now gainfully employed again. I collected unemployment for two weeks - the first time ever in my whole life! I started working when I was 12 years old for "the donut lady". Mrs Randolph. She lived a short bike ride up the road. She made fresh donuts in her kitchen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. The whole community waited for those days. Anyway, she asked if I wanted to work for her...I was so excited because I loved to I get to her house on a Monday after school...what does she want me to do? MOP HER FLOORS! Yep! The white tile kitchen floor where the donuts were made. On Monday after she baked in there all weekend. Murphy's oil soap to wash. Then get clean water and do a rinse, and then go over the whole thing with a WHITE towel to make sure got it all.....and that's how my career of mopping up after other people began.................

ha ha ha! Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fun Stuff.....

This weekend is filled with fun stuff. Saturday we went to my niece and nephew's birthday party....Sierra is 5 and Ethan is 1. They are soooo cute, and for Sandy and Destiny's benefit, this post is full of pictures....

Then, Joe and I went on to Niagara Falls to celebrate....sit down for this one....
our 24th wedding anniversary!

I am whizzing away on the Rowan sweater.....lovin the plain old mindless knitting....

As you've heard me complain many times, this sweater was ripped out and restarted
four or more times. I was frustrated, and miserable at times.....but at least I had someone
to talk to while I was grumbling away...someone who just sits there and really listens to me:

Friday, April 20, 2007


The blue sweater is back on the needles and finally moving along. The green sweater has one sleeve attached to the shoulder. That's about it from Knitation today, more stuff this weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2007

How Could Pure Bliss....

turn in to this:

I had to rip out to the join...somehow I got a twist in the work. Not sure how that happened
but I did it.

This called for some serious mood busters - chocolate & [peanut butter!
One spoon of peanut butter, one spoon of Mrs. Richardson's melted hot fudge sauce
and a big spoon - that's all it takes.

You need to realize that I've been on a diet - yep even lost weight.
Yes, I did get paid back for my little treat splurge. I heated the fudge
too hot and got a blister on my lip!

Some very nice books from the library:

What we're excited about today?

Somebody got a haircut and is so proud

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Update

Lots of progress this weekend on new sweater...that is about 5 inches done so far.
The maroon color is a pattern that does not show up very well, but I knew that before
I started - it will definitely be subtle. Most of the sweater is going to be navy blue.

I am in heaven doing nothing but stockinette after so many months of other stuff - ribbing to be exact!

What we're excited about today:

The only person in the world who calls me Aunt Connie called me today - hi Destiny.

Magic is very happy being petted while my husband is sound alseep....notice the
death grip he has on that tv tuner!

Have a good week!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Next Evening

Knit One Row....
are my eyes deceiving me? nope, everything is ok.....

no ripping on Wednesday night!

Lots accomplished.
the green sweater has the beginnings of a neck....only 6 more hard rows to complete on the new sweater and it will be smooooooooth sailing. I'm scrambling to get as much done on green sweater as possible before class next Thursday.

What we're excited about today?
The Sabres play their first playoff game on Thursday night...let's hope they win...for my sake....or the boys will be very upset. Plus, and I wouldn't tell them this, it keeps them out of my hair for a couple of hours! he he he......

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Evening

Knit One Row
Rip One Row

that's how my evening went, how bout yours?

Does anyone else think American Idol is boring this year?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....Christmas?

Snowy, blowy, flaky weather today - it would have really made a beautiful Christmas!
We had a wonderful dinner at mom and dad's. Joe's family did not get together this year so
his mom came to my mom's for coffee - it was nice to stay in one place!

A picture of Aunt Charlotte - an amazing woman - this picture does not do her justice.

My little brother, Joel and Joey

mom and dad's new baby - Ivy - she is an Australian Cattle Dog - a little rip!
She was all white when she was a baby, now the black is starting to come thru.

I like my green sweater again, and blocked it today. Now I can start the sewing together process. I also picked up the purple socks and turned the heel, and have successfully completed
11 rows of the new sweater.

Considering I had to work Friday and Saturday, I'd say I got quite a lot of knitting accomplished.

What we're excited about today?
Lots of things too numerous to mention!

Friday, April 6, 2007


Lost. I'm lost in my knitting. I wanted that pattern to work I ripped and ripped..... I was able to selvege some of it, the part I really liked.

Lost. Joe's nephew is a lost sole, has been since he was about 5 when his mom remarried and had a couple new kids with the new husband. Newphew was not the baby anymore and the new dad liked his kids better. He struggled for a lot of years. He's been in and out of minor trouble with the he decided to join the army. We all thought that would be great for him, learn discipline, get a new direction in life, see the commercials. He was shipped to Iraq. He was there for about a year I guess, and while there he saw some 'action'. He watched his friend get his leg blown off, and it is rumored he had to do some killing himself. He doesn't talk about it unless he's really drunk....he's in the process of getting an honorable discharge because of rumored mental problems. The kind of stuff I used to hear my mom and dad talk about when my uncle came back from Vietnam. And I think to myself, who is going to take care of the "lost" boys when they get home. What are we really winning....will anyone think about them when they're 40 and 50 and 60 and still can't sleep at night? Nephew is only 24 now.

Lost. Today is Good Friday. Jesus lost his life for us.

Lost. John lost poker..... ha ha ha

---well, I found a new pattern for knitting and am not going to jinx it by showing you too soon.
It came from this book

--Joe's nephew is out now, and went to live with his Marine brother at some base in Atlanta to get a fresh start. I hope that now that he's away from "it all" he might start to heal.

--Jesus arose and saved us all.

--John won at poker ---finally ha ha ha

Lost. Spring.....
This is a beautious picture Joey took ice fishing.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


I had to frog that dam sweater again! (rip it rip it)....
The story of why and how is to long and painful .....
Ruth says I should start over and do what I wanted to accomplish cause it's going to be beautiful....I'm not sure I have it in me at this point. It shouldn't be this hard! I nonly have to get thru 20 rows and then it will be easy....only 20 rows!
Oh well.
I met a lady at my new job who was carrying a basket of knitting with her when she was leaving for the night. I was so excited to see someone to talk to (my new job is kinda lonely) that she probably thinks I'm some kind of wierdo and will go out of her way to avoid me instead of trying to find me again.
I'll post pictures tomorrow - it will probably take me ALL OF TONIGHT to untangle the dam yarn.

What's new?
The boys are watching the Sabres tonight...
so we aren't going to play poker.......
Hi John, I hope you win!

What about Gina getting kicked off of American Idol? I'm sure Kevin is happy that Haley
is still there but come on! Gina was way better than "legs all the way up to there" Haley!

My new obsession is the Amy Winehouse CD - back to black. It is totally unlike anything I usually listen to. I love the music, and her voice, but I don't like most of the words....does that make sense? I got the edited version. I'm old enough to hear the "F" word, but I don't want to in my music.... Want a copy, let me know..... She reminds me of Chandler's ex girlfriend - Janice- on friends. When I put her CD on I get lots of cleaning should see my new dance moves now!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Little of This and That

Knitting News:
I have figured out my sweater! Horray! I am now using 4 skeins of y
arn at once, because I am doing front and back at once, and some stitches, I repeat some stitches, not all stitches, are double yarn - so I need to be mentally stable when I do those rows, which only happens at certain times of the day.
Picture of the quaglated mess:

The 2nd pair of fetching is almost done. I just have to add the thumbs in. These are soooo soft, done in Rowan Cashsoft DK weight yarn. They will be done by Monday or Tuesday. My hands will be glad when these are done.

A day in the life

5:30 a.m.
Me: Joey, why did you sleep on the couch last night?
Joey: My bed had a bunch of crap on it and I didn't feel like cleaning it.

9:00 a.m.
Me: Joey, go clean your room
Joey: My room doesn't need cleaning....

Me: Huh?