Sunday, July 18, 2010

Slow Progress

How boring is it to read about no progress! Dull Dull Dull
I have finished one sock and started the other.

Ruth has some nice socks going out of Classic Elite alpaca
and merino. I was able to fondle these in person on Thursday
when she, Martha and I had a nice dinner.

Ruth is also working on a baby surprise, but the picture
didn't come thru.

Martha has a few things going - nice things - no pictures.

Some kitchen pictures to share:

Cupboards waiting for the countertop....

the color on this picture is not as accurate as above:

I have worked pretty hard the last week putting stuff
away. Joe finished up the knobs and shelves yesterday.
The one new cupboard is not photoed cause it is still
full of junk I need to find a spot for.

I tried to get a good closeup of the counter:

Today Joe installed the front screen door - big project -
especially in this heat.

We have been plugging along - maybe here will be more
knitting content in September. Ruth, Martha and I are
planning Rhinebeck again this year - which is approaching
pretty darn fast!

Have a great week - enjoy the summer.....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Non Post on Sunday

I have a non-post Sunday
Not much knitting....I did finish one sock and have started the second.
Kitchen took up most of the weekend. I do not have good pictures
of either one...the kitchen counter is lovely....Joe was working in there
and has tools all over the counter from installing the sink and dishwasher.
I will take nice pictures once that is done.

It was such a lovely summer weekend. Saturday we stayed home and
hung in the backyard and pool. Sunday we worked then went to
celebrate my brother and niece's birthday. My niece is here from
North Carolina for a quick visit.....

Happy knitting, I hope all of you have more knitting to show for
your weekend than I do.

Monday, July 5, 2010

July Already

Phew! The year is now officially 1/2 over....and I've not much knitting to show for it.
This week was busy doing kitchen stuff so not much knitting for me. I did manage to
get the heel turned on the current sock. Note I am using the 1/2 handkerchief
heel from "Folk Socks" by Nancy Bush.

Not much different than the regular round heel, just pointer.

Joe and I took an impromptu overnight trip to Barcelona,NY
to fish on Lake Erie. Left Friday night late, and as you can see
by the sunrise, we got up VERY early to head out.

The water started out nice and calm.......

the geese were was really beautiful.....

there were a few sail boats in the harbor, but none went out.
Mostly fishing boats heading out that early.

it was a very quiet morning...not many fish.

Notice how the waves are starting to swell in the background.....

then Joe finally got a nice - really nice - Walleye

He ended the day with only 1:00 I was sick of
being Mrs. Bobblehead- the waves were swelling to 3-4 we left. Really it was much worse than the picture
shows....I couldn't even knit.... I tried to be a good soldier and
not complain.

We stopped for lunch on the way home...and almost home on
the NYS Thruway we saw this truck in front of us. The back
was filled with 3 or 4 couples, drinkin beer and singing....we think
they were heading to the Leonard Skynard concert....

the answer is no....I did not show mine and neither did Joe.
We're getting boring...I know.

Sunday the 4th we just hung out at home with the kids.
No kitchen pictures this week, not enough done to show and I
want to wait for the "big reveal". Counters are coming this week...

This is a very picturelicious post...but that was my weekend

Have a great short week dear blog readers....
until next week....Happy Knitting.