Thursday, August 30, 2018


Hi, there....
I'm smooshing a post in mid-week.  I was exhausted
last Sunday... and this Sunday no blog update since we
will be away.

I finished up mom's 1st sock.  These socks take forever,
knit knit knit and it seems like no progress is made.
Joe loves them..he said "those are beautiful, who are they for".
The peach marker indicates where I started the afterthought
heel, and the green on indicates where I started increasing.
Reminder I cast on 72, then increase to 80 to fit
mom's feet.

Started with 1.5 needle on ribbing and it looked too lose,
so switched to a 1.25 needle.  Then I used a 0 for the
afterthought heel, because that was what I had.
I like the way it turned out.  I'm not a huge fan of
knitting the afterthought heel, but I like how it looks.

Finished up the Elizabeth's Simple Summer Shoulder Poncho.
I may reblock now that it's sewn together.
The color is such a pretty jade, it's hard to photograph

I'm horrible at selfies, but here it is
Next up is to finish that darn 2nd sock...
Maybe I'll concentrate on that while we are
gone this weekend.  I get a lot of  knitting time in.
I'm also taking the shawl I'm making with koolaid yarn.

Ruth made a hat this week:
Pine Star...yarn is Wool  Folk

Here is the progress of her True Colors shawl as of
last Sunday...she is taking a little break from that

Martha has been super busy getting ready for school, but
has managed to get 3/4 of Tom's 2nd sock done:

In other news: 

Ruth has a new grandson born
last Friday! Named Raymond after Ruth's husband.
 Raymond Edward...
she send me pics every so often..makes me so happy !
Soooo cute 

Joe, who never throws anything out, decided my flowers
needed to be repotted.  So he put them in a kitty litter
container (he uses them for everything after he thoroughly
washes them.)  the green pots are what they were in...
totally root bound.

Well, I was embarrassed...especially since we were having
a party on Sunday.  All of a sudden it hit me...
I could spray paint it.
So I covered the flowers with a plastic bag
and after about a minute of effort, here it is
No one suspected what it really was

We had a family party for Joey's 30th bday on Sunday. OMG
was I tired. I'm not sure but this party was so much harder than
most. Tiffany helped a lot, and of course Joe, and even Mom came
early to help.
Joe's family came  because it was a special birthday.
They love coming here.

Benny (dog) Jenna (niece) and Casey
I made cupcakes, and Tiffany and Jenna made them into
a 30 for me.  It was so windy, we could not keep any candles
lit..Darn, that would have made a great picture
Look who's preening
You guessed it...Tiffany is here
(see socks drying on the chair  :)
In this picture, I think Maggie (dog) and
Princess (cat) are outside next door...
Mickey is definitely jealous...but too bad...
he is an indoor cat. period.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Summer Fun

 Summer is winding down for sure....Today
has not been so hot and I like it.  Still able to swim in
the pool, which I love.

I finished up the Shakerag sweater this week.
Here is a picture showing the transparency...sort of.
You knit 6 rows single, then 6 rows double yarn.

 My yarn is Queensland United.
I used a size 8 needle, 4 stitches to the inch.
The gauge for the sweater was 5 stitches to the inch,
so I had to make up my own numbers.

I like the way it fits.

I added more rows around the neck and decreased
at the shoulders to bring it in a little.

Added three short rows to the sleeves.

It is very plain, but I like it.  It is supposed to be plain.
So I blocked it again after adding the neck and sleeves.
Got up to this on Saturday morning:
I was thankful he didn't pull it at all...

Knit on the socks this week. They are taking forever.
I seem to knit and knit and not making much headway.
The purple yarn is where athe afterthought heel will go.
I think I will do that soon.

Knit a few rows on the green poncho thingy. Its's getting long.
I see the end in sight...the yarn is such a pretty jade green,
I wish it would photograph.

 Ruth started the True Colors Shawl by Melanie  Berg.
Martha is working along on her 2nd sock
It’s about 5”long. It’s the pattern from criminy jickets blog site.
Published in 2007 now closed down.
This sock is called Ridges and Ribs socks

In other news:
We had a fun Saturday.
Surprise 30th for Joey.

 Joe took Joey and our nephew Don fishing so
Casey could get the surprise ready. Tiffany and I helped,
along with Donald's fiance Krista.

 The lake was sooo rough, but they still
managed to catch a lot of fish.

The lake was warm, so the kids went swimming.
I love Tiffany's face here...she has
always loved playing in the waves.

Nice night to sit out by a fire
I love this picture of Joey

Sunday, August 12, 2018

I hate knitting that's not knitting....

Happy Sunday dear blog readers.
I am happy to say I have completed the bulk of the
knitting on the Shakerag top.
I blocked it before I pick up stitches around the neck.

I need to add about 1.5 " so my bra strap does not show.  I will just
knit and let it be a rolled neckline. 

Then will pick up stitches for the arms.
 I hate all of the picking up, sewing up, finishing...I just want to KNIT.

I let it rest on the towel overnight....and got up to this:
Someone was very busy overnight....
I asked Mickey if he saw anything...and this was his
would not even look at me...guilty!!!!!

For the socks, I am going to do an afterthought heel.
I think the colorful yarn will look fun.
Just added the purple yarn in for the heel. A long ways
to go on these yet.  but they won't knit themselves...

Not much progress on the green poncho thingy

I wound the yarn I dyed last week:
Notice little specs of green in the dark purple....
I thought I would hate it but I love it.  It adds just
little pops of color.
I'm just making a very basic scarflette....
For me this project is about the  colors and the fun,
not the interesting pattern.  I need to get something else
done first though. Does not matter what, just something!

Oh and I found the picture of what the dark purply yarn looked
like before I overdyed you go:

Yuck x 1000000000  I thought the green would be dark green...NOPE.

Ruth finished up her cool hat...Turned out great, don't you think!

Martha has about 4" done on her 2nd sock.....she has been busy
preparing school work for next year.

In other news...
there is not much to tell.
Joe hung this up for me today:

and the only think missing in this picture is....ME
Have a great week dear blog readers....