Sunday, January 28, 2018

Short and Sweet

Just a short and sweet post from me today.
I'm beyond tired...LOL

I knit a little on the Brookings sweater, put it on
yarn ONCE AGAIN and tried it on. I think it will
be ok. My fear is after all of this ripping, it won't fit
right when done....

Almost done with the two color garter shawl
with Moorehouse Merino yarn.  The pattern is so
stinking easy....knit one color increasing every row
then knit the 2nd color decreasing every row.  Though
it is beyond dull, the yarn is wonderfully soft. I'm at
54 stitches, so I may finish up tonight.

Ruth has finished up the adorable baby sweater...
I love her color selection...for baby Jack.
She is working away on her granddaughter's 2nd
mitten.  Such and intricate pattern.
Martha finished up her first sock in yarn
that Ruth gave her, K3, P1 pattern.

I hope to have more to show next week.

In other news:

Ruth just redid her kitchen, here is a pic of the crown molding.
I think it's soooo pretty!

Mickey loves boxes...just like any kitty.

Here is a close up. He is so stinkin cute!
Thinks he's hiding.... LOL
This was the sky at 7:00am yesterday morning.
 So beautiful
Have a great week dear blog knitters.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


As I get older, I'm all about what makes me happy...why not

 I finished up the first sock.
Knitpicks Stroll yarn from Martha.
I love the colors...soooo happy!
 Did my first ever afterthought heel.
Since I wanted to make sure it fit right, I knit until I thought
I should start decreasing for the toe, and broke the yarn, and
started the heel.
Pattern directions from Year of Techniques book.

I love how it turned out.
I would make this again, with stripey yarn, and yarns
of a different color heel.

Heel instructions from a year of techniques.

They say to get down to last 6 stitches, and  then pull yarn thru
all stitches. That seemed weird to me, so I kitchnered the
last 6.  (3 on each needle).
Looks weird, but a super nice fit on the foot.

I wound some yarn for Mark's giant size 13 foot.
Knitpicks Hawthorne yarn. I love this yarn for Mark because,
it's a heavy fingering, and I can use size 2 needle.  I need 2 skeins,
but still can do a pair for approx $22. And, its really really nice

I like the soft brown...makes me happy.
Ruth is making an adorable baby sweater for a new
baby in their family, Jack.
He will be one happy baby wearing this cute sweater !
Pattern is Sweet Baby Sweater by Caroline Wiens. Yarns are from her stash. The blue is WYS Signature and the multi is a ball of Regia.  Sooooooo cute!!!!!

Martha is modeling her sweater. What an intricate pattern, and perfect fit!
She is sooo happy with it.

She started a pair of socks with yarn from gets darker as
it goes along
Nice happy colors

In other news. Not much going on this week.
My elbow is still very sore.
I did finish up Joey's hat, he has it, and I forgot to take
a  Hopefully he can send me one soon.

Mickey and Joe continue to be happy
hanging out together.
I got some new music this week.
Camilia Cabello
 This really makes me happy.  Sooo fun.
I love to listen when I'm making dinner, walking, cleaning...

That is all of my news this week dear blog readers...
happy knitting!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


So many things to be pleased about this week!

2nd snowstorm in two weekends...we are so lucky we knit,
right?  Never bored with knitting!

I have had a very slow knitting week, though.
Tennis elbow is pretty sore. I did not knit Mon,
Tues, Wed or Thurs. Friday when the snowstorm
was expected to hit late in the day, I knew I had to knit.
Why? Remember the ribbing I showed you last week...
it was actually a "helmet liner" for Joe

 Cascade 220 yarn. Ran out near the end so finished up with
Plymouth Superwash Select Merino . Size 7 needles. When he went ice fishing
last weekend, he didn't have anything to cover his mouth.

 That is so dangerous in -20 windchill. (Let's not talk about him
being crazy to even go out in it).  I searched on Ravelry, and found
this helmet liner free pattern.

 I contacted KnitWits like many other ravelors did and got the
new, improved updated instructions that did a few decreases
by the temple so wind would not blow in, and extended the
ribbing to 7".

I took a chance, because Joe is soooo fussy about hats.
Finished up  Friday night. Well, we were both so pleased with
the results.  He loved it. He could cover his mouth or not.

I know these look like mug shots....LOL
I love the look of the decreasing....

The real reason we are both so he is snowblowing,
actually using it. (he did not know I took this picture).

He liked it so much, I cast on one for Joey yesterday.
It is pretty not knitting much, and icing a lot,
I have this progress so far:
This is Berroco pure wool. I used two colors to stretch
the gray so I would not need to switch around the face,
but I don't think I needed to.  Oh well....

Joe modeled the socks I made him for Christmas...
He is pleased with the too!

 I love the colors and so does he. He did notice they are
not twins though.  LOL

 Comfy for sure.

 Ruth has to rip a bit of her sweater front, but is back
on track again. This sweater is soo pretty and feminine. I know
I say it every week...but it's true.  She is so pleased so far.

Martha is almost done with her in ....just needs sleeves
sewn in and buttons.
Look at her pretty  button band...
Directions, in her own words:
  I used a technique for the button band i learned from another knitting friend, in this way. Second row to the bind off row, on WS I purled. It made the smooth trough on theRS.  Then on the RS I purled and BO. The BO sits down in the trough, the BO I did in the same needle size as my knitting. It is not pulling the edge smaller, pulling the button band out of shape. This sweater is pretty tailored in design, so the look of the ridge works in this sweater.

She is so pleased with the final results..Who wouldn't's perfect.

I need to rest my elbow again this week. I will finish up Joey's hat so
it's ready when he comes, but that is probably it..sigh.

In other news...
The sky was so pretty again today.

 After the storm of the weekend.
This is early morning.
 The deer came out in the field....

 here comes a 3rd one...

 The night sun on the pretty

 Joe has been trying for 7 years to get Mickey to sit on his lap.
Mickey sits on my every day....

Joe has worked and worked with treats and patience.
He is so pleased it finally happened...

 (yes, those are his socks on his shoulders....)

 Mickey is sooo fluffy...he only weighs about 10 lbs...

That's it dear blog readers. I hope you can knit more than me
this week.....
Stay warm.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I Take Full Resposibility....

 I take full responsibility for the Western New York weather
the last couple of weeks...BELOW zero temps, and -20
windchill.  Snow, snow, snow. We probably have a foot or more
in the last 3 days.  I'm pretty sure it's because the last two years
it's been so warm I haven't been able to wear my
knitted accessories....This year, I can't wear enough.
Sorry folks....I'll be careful what I complain about in the future!

I have blocked the J4Y4 cowl.
This is the back:


 Here is is on...It is big!  I may not join next year, just
because I don't need anymore  giant neck-things.
I love the Cascade 220 Wool...soft and nice stitch
definition (and not too expensive either!).

 Finally got my sweater straightened out...phew
Worked just a little on it this week.
Brookings pattern.

 The fun colored sock is progressing.

 I'm doing an afterthought heel. See the white yarn by the
orange stitch marker..that is where the heel will go.
I actually remembered to NOT do the pattern on the bottom of
the sock.

I made my own pattern...
Slip stitch every 4 on one row,
Knit 4 rows,
Bobble thing that I made up every 4 stitches
Knit 6 rows...

 Kind of fun...
I started an experiment....7" of rib, then start the pattern,
I'll let you know how it's going next week.
Cascade 220 Superwash yarn.

Ruth is coming along on her Violet Sweater by
Ann Hanson in Brooks Farm yarn.
It is soooo pretty!

Martha is nearing the end on her sweater.
Awaiting more yarn...

(Look at the pretty fleece its sitting on!)

Here it is modeled:
These sisters sure can knit great sweaters!!!

In other news:
This was my view from the computer this morning, when I was
sipping coffee and looking at Ravelry.
It just kept getting better

I made sweet potato soup for my lunches this week. It still needs spinich
Very girly.
Made (un)stuffed cabbage soup

And of course bread to go with it. I refuse to pay $4 a loaf
at the store for homemade bread.

Joe has been outside most of the day getting snow off the roof,
and then snowblowing it away from the house. I hope he appreciates
this comfort food when he comes in.

Have a great week dear blog readers...stay warm,
and happy knitting!!!