Sunday, March 31, 2019

Kitty Knitting

Mickey has been exceptionally snuggly this week,
and I have been pretty tired.,, knitting progress
has been small.

I tried the sweater on several times...on a tube
and on a string.  Wanted it to be the right size
with ribbing.  Tried on so many times, I think it
should be an olympic sport..though would it be summer
or winter....??????  LOL

So finally ribbing is done and I have started the first sleeve.
All good!

The sweater is so big on my lap ... and it's kind of clumsy
moving around to knit the sleeve that it is not  good kitty knitting.
What is kitty knitting? Well same as brainless knitting....knitting I can
do while my kitty, Mickey, is on my lap.  He has been staying for a
long time, which is fine with me! See sock..not much progress
since last week. 

Ruth is coming along nicely with her sweater. Since this picture,
she has added ribbing and blocked before she starts the sleeves.

Martha has had a busy week and has nothing new to share.

In other news:

I made stuffed peppers today.  We are not eating pasta ... at least this week...
so I made them with ricatta cheese and resemble
pastaless lasagna  So good!
Joe loved!!!
I used mushrooms instead of pasta.

Have a nice week dear blog readers. As I write this,
it is snowing so hard I can't see the back trees...

Oh tomorrow is my favorite holiday (April 1) so beware!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Small Progress

Hi  dear blog readers.
Small progress this week.
I knit on the sweater until I thought it was long
enough, and tried it on Saturday. Did a quick blocking
and I'm pretty happy with the fit so far. Just need to
add ribbing.

And then on to the sleeves...
While I was waiting to block this, I worked on the socks.
Have just finished the foot decreases....

I am totally itching to start something new!

Joe finally wore his Christmas socks...and likes
them a lot.

Ruth continues to make good progress on her sweater.
This week she got buttons for a sweater she finished
up a while ago...NICE!!!!

Martha is working away on her sweater.
For the rows with 4 colors at once!! she is
using a larger needle.

I think it's lovely...what a lot of work!

In other news:
Ruth's grandson continues to get cuter!!!

Have a nice week....spring is coming!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The same...but different

In last week's post, I mentioned I was close to starting bottom
ribbing on  Fern and Feather Sweater...and this week, I am
at almost the same spot.  Thing is...I tried it on and didn't think
there was enough ease.  I want this sweater to be nice and room,
like a big hug on a cold winter's day. The purple sweater I made last
year was more form fitting, and fit great, but I want this one looser.
Sooooooo after trying it on for the 5th time, I ripped 9" out to two
inches below underarm and started over.  I didn't put in any waist
shaping, and still increased stitches for the hips.  I also used a different
increase stitch...lifted the bar between stitches. I didn't like the
one the designer used...too noticeable. So as you can see, it looks
the same, but it is different.

All of this stockinette didn't leave much time for the sock

And there you have my update for the week.

Ruth continues to make great progress on her sweater. !

This is the sweater Martha is knitting...this is pattern
picture, not hers.  Reminder she was researching
carrying colors and ripped hers out.

Here is the back of hers after researching, and practicing
the Jacquard carrying method.  It looks great, and she
is very happy with it!

Here is her front...she has about another inch or so to get to
the armpits. Nice colorwork!

Here is a larger picture
A lot of work!  Martha is brave when it comes
to color.

In other news:
Spring continues to be a no-show around here.
I made corned beef and cabbage dinner today.
That's all folks!

Sunday, March 10, 2019


Quick post today.

The Fern and  Feather sweater is coming along.
I'm a few inches away from the bottom ribbing.
I am currently adding stitches every 6 rows
for hip shaping.

Liking it a lot so far. Who knew a sweater would be
brainless knitting.  Just started the 3rd cake of green

The socks have a small start.
Panda silk yarn (they don't make it anymore).
It has a lot of bamboo. So nice.
I'm doing the K3, Slip 1, then knit the 2nd row
pattern. Not sure if it shows enough to make it worth
it. I'm pretending it is making less pooling.
It's for one of the boys so it will be fine.

Ruth is working on a sweater!
In her words:

The pattern is Aileas by Isabelle Kraemer. The construction is very interesting as you can see from the photo. A top down Cardigan that's knit in lots of small pieces until I get to the underarms. Then it's all connected up. So far so good.

She is so happy to be knitting are we!

Martha has no current progress to show. She worked
on her sweater, but had to rip some of it and then life got
in the way so nothing new.

In other news:
not much to share. 
Other than Mickey is still so cute!

Have a great week dear blog readers.

Sunday, March 3, 2019


 Randomly on a Sunday night.
It's snowing here...shock face!
This week is supposed to be cold...I'm over it!

 Here is the sweater in current progress...sorry
for sideway shot...not sure why it turned out like that.
It's all stockinette now for a long time.

  I put it on a tube today and Joe took pic...he was not
supposed to get my face!  It looks a little puckery,
(the sweater, not my face...well maybe that too)  but I
think most of that will come out when it's blocked...
at least I hope it does!

 Finished up the 2nd sock.
I like that the pooling looks very similar
on both socks.  I realized that I finished up
on March 2nd, and if February was a normal
sized month, I would have finished these in the
2nd month of the year. So two months, and two
pair of Christmas socks done.
I don't expect a pair to be done this month.

 Although, I did start a pair today...just barely
started.  For Joey for Christmas. Not enough to show.

Ruth has no update this week.
She is not thrilled with her shawl, and thinks she
might rip.

Here is Martha's update, in her own words:
 Hi, this is my toddler sweater blocked. The sleeves are done and are still damp. I just have to sew in the sleeves and knit on the collar. I think it’s size 4 but can’t check because there’s no schematic on the pattern to compare the sweater to. Otherwise I like the pattern a lot. It’s written very close to the knitting.

Here’s the remains of my sweater. I’m going to try the jacquard carrying technique to keep the color work loose. I’m glad the toddler sweater is almost done....   no other knitting news.  Waiting for the snow storm predicted....🧶🧶🧶  BIK

I love the toddler sweater !

In other news:

We had Tiffany's birthday yesterday.
Benny came. Along with the usual family was fun.