Sunday, September 28, 2014

Messed Up

Coming along nicely, but I realized today I messed up. 
Partly because it took me so long to start it. I was originally
(when I bought the  yarn) going to do the garter part in 
the brown. Fast forward 8 months when I actually started
and I forgot that little detail.  Now I'm not sure I will have
enough brown, and I really wanted to wear to Rhinebeck.
So do I order some? wait it out?  I really have to think
about this. and fast !
Just about ready to start button holes, and then can start

Sock progress:
I've tried not to spend much time on the socks, but had a long day
of fishing yesterday and the sweater was just too big.  I was afraid
I was going to run out of yarn, and now I'm sure, about 1/2 a foot

 Current sock is sitting on top of finished sock.  See the brown that I'm going
to do next. The yarn runs out there!  They are almost exactly the same
that's how I know.  I fished thru the yarn bin today and came up with something
similar, but it has blue in it. I'm going to integrate it with the brown. thank
goodness that part does not show when in a shoe. If it wasn't for mom, I would
not care.

The boys thought this was the closest match.

Check this out. I keep looking and looking at this picture.
About a year ago, I made a baby sweater for Tiffany's friend
Christina.  She did not find out if she was having a boy or girl,
she wanted a surprise. Remember this? I gave her the boy
camo sweater and told her if she had a girl, I'd make her another
one. She had a boy...Hunter...he is nine months old now.

 Isn't he a cutie pie!

Martha finished her sweater and I think it is Fabulous!  Pattern/yarn
combo, and fit are prefect.  This is pattern Magnolia by c2knits.   This was sort of top 
down, front and back were knitted separately then joined up
 at the armpits.She added many short rows on front and back. 
The tarn is Tandem by Tahki knits.  She is so pretty wearing it.

Look at those cute sleeves!

Ruth was away this weekend and did not send pics. I know she is done
with her sweater! and working on socks.

In other news:
We went fishing yesterday. Lake Erie was beautiful. Joe caught
tons of fish, me just two.

It was so dark by the time we got home and settled, he had to clean
them by lantern light.  It was such a beautiful evening....

Wish me luck with the sweater.....have a great week

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Feeling Better, About the Sweaters

I'm feeling better about my sweater.
I read on Ravelry that someone else was having trouble following
the directions to attach the garter band and the sweater body, so
she just did what makes sense.
Well, I can do what makes it worked great.  I am starting to
pick up stitches for the right side.

Have a little done on 2nd sock, really trying to get sweater done.
Ruth said I can do it if I really keep at it. There is a lot more to do, so
wish me luck.
Ruth and I went to Hemlock  Fiber Fair yesterday. Beautiful day.  I got a
light brown sock yarn for Joe (above). Also got a nice  yarn for socks. Kind of

Also some goat milk/honey lotion.

Ruth is making great progress on her Cobblestone sweater. I
saw it in person yesterday and it is truly wonderful. Great combo
of yarn/pattern.

Here is Ruth's stash from the HemlockFiber Fest.
The two pink skeins will be baby sweaters, and the gray will
be a sweater for  her. The gray is really beautiful.

Martha is also making great progress on her sweater.  She has
figured out the sleeves, and they look great @@@

Very cute sweater !!

In other news:
Joe and I made tomato sauce today, that we use for goulash all winter.
It's a lot of work, but well worth it.

Belive it or not, this is a little cucumber he grew in the garden
this year.Very flavorful, but lots of seeds.

He went fishing yesterday, and we had a nice night sitting outside in the
soft warm air while he cleaned the fish.
Even better, we had them for dinner tonight,.
Have a great week....Here's wishing we all make great sweater  progress !@@

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sweater angst

I am as far as I can get on my sweater.....
The long garter band is done as of today

and the sweater back is done.

Now to combine them. I can't figure it out.  So I made a little prototype

and that didn't help much.  I feel pretty dumb.  I need to step a way for a day
or two and revisit!

So, in the meantime, I will work on the 2nd sock:

check out Martha's lovely sweater!  Love the colors

She is having a little trouble with the lace at the top, so she is working on
a sock until she figures it out.

Ruth is away this week so no update from her.

It has been cold the last couple of days. Yesterday I made an awesome
roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean cassarole,
corn and pineapple cottage cheese.  Today I'm making stuffed peppers.

Wish both Martha and me luck this week that we can figure these
 &^%$%^& patterns out !!

In other news:

Joe came running into the house yesterday and very intently said
"hey Con, you got any yarn?"....omg, I laughed so hard 
 I had tears streaming down my face.  Finally I looked at him and
said, "no, I'm all out, let me run to the store and get some".
his reply was "you a**, he laughed and went about his business.
It's the little things that keep us amused, I guess

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shazam! Just like that summer is over!

Though today feels very summerish here in Western NY...but too cold to swim.
Closed the pool today.  That is always a sad day for me...I love the
pool, and hope it lasts us forever.  I finished up these socks a couple
of weeks ago, but just got them blocks.
I named them Martha socks, since she gave me the Lorna's Laces
Comfort yarn to make them.  It was kind of a tedious pattern
K2 rows, seed stitch 1 row, but I love the end result.

Thanks, again, Martha. 

I did a double stitch heel.  The colors are very vibrant, but don't show
up well in the pics...darnit!

I also finished mom's 1st sock.  Lang Jawool yarn.  This is fun, the colors
are so vibrant (not in this picture, darnit x 2)...

I've mentioned before that mom has very wide feet, and misplaced toes.
I started with 80 stitches, but it was too many. So I restarted with 72 stitches.
It is my own purly swirly pattern, purling every 9th stitch, and moving the
stitch each time.  Usually I  only do every 18th stitch, but I like this a lot better.
When I got 6 rows past the heel decreasing, I added 2 stitches on the heel only,
so as not to mess up the top patterning, every 4 rows until I had 80 stitches.
When it was long enough, I moved the stitches around on the needles so the
decreases would not be messed up.  I can't believe I figured all of that out, but
I did! 

The Mrs Garter sweater is coming along slow.  There is a big and I mean big
garter band that goes along the bottom.  I decided to start the band and take
it camping. It was great knitting for the long drive.  I need 136 garter bumps,
and I am just a little over 100.

See the little green marker above? that is bump 100.  Talk about borning!  I
really want to wear to this to Rhinebeck, but not sure if I can get it done by
then.  Maybe if I quit doing crazy color socks in between!

No wonder the Lang colorful socks are soooo appealing.

Ruth is really moving along on her son's Cobblestone sweater now. She
spent a lot of time on the sleeves, switching balls of yarn so they would not pool
and I think they turned out great!  She will be done in no time. The colors are

Martha and her hubby are   busy painting today, so was not able to send progress on her sweater.
She did mention in an email that she is up to the lace.  I can't wait to see it.
Nice color!  they are also replacing a few pieces of the floor.

Nice work!!!!

In other news:

Joey had a birthday...26....yikes!

Kristen, his girlfriend, blew in to town to celebrate. I made homemade pizza,
which she seemed to like.  she is very nice!

Joe and I went to Oneida Lake last weekend. Had a blast.
This is Saturday afternoon.  

Joe caught a nice bass.  He caught quite a few fish, but not what he
was looking for.

Sunday it rained all morning, but turned out to be a very nice night.

I hope you had as nice of weekend as we did.