Sunday, June 28, 2020


Today was a lost day. I had a nice blog post planned out in my
mind but here I am scrambling before bed to get it done.  It will
be a quickie update.

 Here is Clue 4 of the Mystery Shawl done.
I'm liking the pattern a lot.

Clue 5 comes out tomorrow.
 My pictures are not the best. 

 Managed to get the Vedder shawl blocked.  I was going
to do a fun photo shoot and show you how nice it is.
Ran out of time. Maybe next week.  

Martha is working along on her  Aranami shawl.  
She has it figured out now. Look how cool it is!

Here is her color combos... it is so fun!

 Ruth finished her masterpiece sweater..err I mean her
Alana Pullover,  West Yorkshire Spinners Croft in Mossbank color.
Totally beautiful!!!!

She started an adorable blanket for Mason.
(Mason is arriving in  September).
Yarn is Filatura di Crosa Wave. Pattern is Cradle Me by Anne Hanson.

In other news:
I did not knit today. At all. Criminal.

My go to lunch these days.
1/2 Can beans, tomatoes, basil, oil.

Mickey was sitting on my lap one night and I
snapped this picture. I think I was sweating
buckets, but would not move him.  

Joe made my breakfast Saturday.

 Mickey is on chipmunk patrol.
He is like the guards at Kensington Palace...he doesn't
move at all when he is on duty.  
Have a good week dear blog readers.
Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, June 21, 2020


Hi Dear Blog Readers,
It is beyond HOT as I type this note.

I finished the Vedder Shawl this week.
Size 3 needle.
Yarn is Rowan Fine Silk

Haven't had time to weave in ends or block.....
this week hopefully.
I am beyond happy it is done.

Worked a lot on the Kristen Kapur Mystery Shawl.
I still have one chart to finish before the next clue comes
out tomorrow. 
Didn't really knit much this week.  

Ruth is almost ready to start decreases for her sweater.
I saw it in person on Friday and the colors are much more
vibrant. Beyond beautiful.

Martha is knitting the Aranami shawl.  
In her words because they are so beyond fun I don't want to paraphrase:

Here’s the second color complete with boobie cups. Like a bra shawl!!!  Lol. I have to join the colors with 36 stitches or 18 per half. I added a few if they weren’t even I think creating the bra appearance. I think I’ll rip the teal and start again with better distribution of the cast on stitches. I’m figuring out this shawl which is called Aranami shawl. Aramark means edging water in Japanese. By Olga Buraya-Kefelian.  The yarn is Fiber Optic Kashmir 80% percent merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon. Anne Hanson doesn’t like nylon in shawls because there’s too little stretch. I’m thinking I can’t get the bra cups out of this so I might agree with her!!!

She has decided to rip the 2nd teal blue color since her

In other news:
Not much to report. Pool is open. Yea. I'm heading there soon.
Did I mention how hot it is here?  :)
Have a good week dear blog readers!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

It's Good...Until it Isn't !

The little bunny buttons came for Mason's sweater.

They came from England. Fast shipping and pretty
reasonable priced.

I think they are a perfect match to the blue on the sleeves and bottom.
Have enough yarn to make little mittens yet.

This week I worked on Clue #2 of Kristin Kapur's 
Mystery Shawl.  
 I finished Saturday morning and took and look and it didn't
look the same as other peoples.  Realized when I moved my
marker, I moved to the top set of stitches, and totally did not do
the bottom ones.   See they are the same. OMG. 

So I tinked back 12 rows.  There are complex rows in there, so that
took 3+ hours.

Thank goodness there are only 87 stitches so far.
This is correct now.

This took most of my knitting time this week. I'm really liking it.

Clue 3 comes out tomorrow.

For brainless knitting, I worked on the Vedder shawl.
A couple more inches of this lace and it will be done.

Each row takes 15 minutes...that is 30 minutes down and back.
So only 4 rows and hour...

I'm ready to be done, but don't want to rush it.

Ruth finished her first sleeve, and it working away on the 2nd one.
They are truly a piece of art!  Nothing brainless here so she does not
get a mental break in her knitting.  Beautiful.

Martha made a cowl this week.
Embrace cowl.
She used Noro yarn.
Here it is drying.
 I would not have picked this yarn for this cowl, but
it works perfectly together.!! Stunning!

Oh and speaking of Martha, her sweater for Mason arrived
in the mail this week.  Tiffany came today and opened it.
Marth: She loves it!!!!!!

In other news:

Not much else going on.  Have a good week dear blog readers.
Knit on, stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Another Good Week

Hi Dear Blog Readers,
Sometimes the hardest part of the blog is coming up with a good
title.  This week's is quite dull.

This week two things happened at once.  The
Kristin Kapur (Through the Loops) Mystery Shawl
started.  I like her shawls, but they are very large. Lots of
knitting.  I decided to start it, and maybe I would not keep
up with the weekly tasks.  While searching for yarn, I decided
to clean out the yarn bin.  (Bin 1 of ????)  I was looking
for some green yarn.  Never found it. But I did find yarn that
I must have purchased for a Mystery shawl a couple of years
ago.  Knerd String.  Very pretty.  The shawl will use equal
amounts of each color. I'm hoping it is not much more than
1 hour a day required. The clues seem to get longer.
I decided to clean the yarn bin, which actually took a few days.
I sorted quite a bit. It was like shopping!  \
Here is my finished clue 1.

I would like to get the Vedder shawl done.
I finished up the 2nd section Made a little larger than the
pattern called for.

I knew I wanted the 3rd lacey section to be in green but I
wanted it cohesive also.  I decided to tweak the pattern and
added a section 1 of the yellowy/greeny color.  Just a little so
the color looks like it belongs.

There are now over 300 stitches, so each row takes a very long time.

Just started the last section. You can just see the green at the top.

I had to wait for my dad at the Dr this week.  In the car.  On the day
it was 88 out.  I'm so glad I took my knitting.  The first Wallaby
sleeve is almost done.

Ruth worked all week on her 2nd sweater sleeve, and discovered
an error.  She thinks its in the first sleeve too. All of that work, but she
is going to rip and repair. So no pictures from her.
Here is an adorable picture of her great nephew Tristan wearing
the sweater she made him and sent off last week.

Obviously too big for now, but soooo cute.

Martha got buttons on my little Mason's Gingersnap sweater.
(arriving in September.).
So cute!!  Cotton yarn.

She whipped up another one this week. Same pattern.
For her friend who is having a baby and the gender is unknown.

Buttons are so cute.

She didn't have enough green buttons so she added the fish button.
Lucky kids for sure.

She is starting this Embrace cowl.
This will be a year end present for the Paraprofessional in
her classroom.  Yarn was purchased at Rhinebeck
several years ago.

She has this lovely yarn just waiting to be a shawl.  She is
still searching for a pattern.

In other news:

Yesterday was Joe's birthday.  Tiffany made him a blueberry
He and Joey went fishing for most of the day.

Look at these solar creatures we have on the back steps.
so cute at night. The birds light up.
I tried to get a good picture but the flash came on.

This is Martha's garden.  Looks great.
I need to get after mine.

Have a good week dear blog readers....stay safe and be kind.