Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Fall

Happy Fall! I have a new job and come home from work almost completely brain dead everyday so not much knitting going on....boring to post about....and to top it off, something is mucked up with our camera so I could not even take pictures of the socks I just finished. Austerman Step socks for Joe. They turned out very nice. I used Wendy Johnson's Temptation heel pattern, and will not use it again. It leaves a little weird edge on the heel that I hope will block out. It was nice not having to pick up stitches though. Other than those socks, I try to work on the shawl once in a while, and have started a new pair of socks in a merino/bamboo/silk blend. Just finished the ribbing and the yarn feels wonderful sliding through my fingers.

I hope I can share some pictures next week.....