Monday, May 23, 2011

Flurry of Excitement !!!

Last week Ruth mentioned that she was thinking of joining WendyKnits
mystery shawl knitalong. Well, Martha and I decided to join too, so it
would be like we were knitting together. They both had the first clue
done before me, but I'm caught up now. Lots of emails and texts back
and forth all week - so fun.
I'm using Malabrigo sock yarn, purply/bluey colors and liking it alot.

This is the shawl thru line 6 of the 2nd clue:

I'm using Addi Lace size 6 needles.

Here is Martha's thru clue 1 (picture send prior to
clue 2 being released). She is unsure of the yarn.

Ruth's sent me her picture at work last week so I cannot get
to it here, but her's is lovely as well. She is using purply/mauvy.

She worked hard to finish up her vest this week, isn't lovely.

The next clue is being released on Thurs with lots of rows so we
can work on it over Memorial Day holiday while it RAINS AGAIN
in WNY.

Yesterday was quite lovely here. Joe/Joey went fishing and caught
some nice Walleye.

Have fun this week.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Idea, A Start and an End

Martha is designing a sweater...her first !

Tiffany started a baby blanket with a hood!

She is done w/college this week and finally has a chance to
start blanket for Felicia's baby.

I started and finished the 3rd (and final) ruffle scarf this
week. This pattern was the best $3.50 I ever spent.
Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau.

I have to block all three scarves and will tuck them away
till Christmas.

Contest: Who do you think is a better hat model for the
cashmere hat I made for Aunt Charlotte. Leave your choice
in the comments section:



It's been raining her for what seems like 40 days and
40 nights but I am so thankful that we still have a house
to live in , unlike those poor tornado victims in the south -
makes for great knitting! Yea!

Have a dry, spriny, knitful week dear blog readers.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Movin right along

Movin right along on the Christmas gifts I intend to give this year.

Here is the coat/hat for Felicia's baby coming in July. I still need to do
some tweaking on the hat. Add a button.

I think it is probably a size 2 or so.

Now have two of the :Just Enough Ruffle: scarfs done.

The MonkeyBread scarf is all blocked.

This week will finish up the 3rd and final ruffle scarf.

Ruth made and adorable hat for her yet to be born niece.
so so so cute!

Martha designed a scarf and is now wearing it. Her first ever total design.
As a reminder, she spliced in all of the ends of several yarns. So nice.
I really like the feminine neckline she added.

On Friday I washed a lot of windows in the house -
let the sun shine in finally.

On Saturday, a bug planted himself on the outside of the
sliding glass window, and Mickey was having none of it.
He spent over 30 minutes jumping up the
window to "get it". I finally went
out and moved the bug. Mickey is sooo funny.

till next week.....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Almosts, Part 2

I managed to finish up a few things this week....but not totally so
they are still considered "almosts".

The Monkey Bread Scarf and Hat by Anne Hanson are done,
and blocking.

Yarn: Noro 100% Cashmere (discontinued)
Size: Small
Needle: Size 7

Yardage - approx 400 yards scarf
approx 200 yards hat

I goofed up the hat a little bit in reading the pattern
(sorry Anne) but made it look rather nice in spite of
that I think.

They are for my Aunt Charlotte who gave me the yarn.
She is 84.5 and does not knit anymore. She used to be a lovely
knitter, and purchased this yarn to make herself a sweater,
but alas that did not happen.

The orange hat is Jacques Cousteau pattern - I think I will send
this to the Hats for Sailors Project.

I like the way swirls go around the top-- made
by decreasing.

The Baby Surprise Jacket for Felicia's baby is done,
but needs blocking and buttons yet.

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash and Lanette Superwash
yarn. The Cascade was not quite think enough for the size
I wanted, so I was lucky to find a yarn that matched color
perfectly! So I was able to use size 7 needle, vs. size 5 that
I would have had to use w/just the Cascade.

I also whipped up this little hat, that needs blocking and a
button. There are a few kinks in it, and if blocking does not
fix, I'm not giving it to her. Am also considering putting a tie
on it so it stays put. Stay tuned!

Ruth finished up her baby sweater, and also a matching pair of
socks before she headed off on vacation:

I think this set is totally totally adorable !!!!

I am starting to get the shakes because I don't have a project
going at the moment...need to start one this afternoon.

Yesterday was a nice day here in Western NY after the crazy
weather from this week. Abbey is exhausted today after being
outside all day.

and Mickey is exhausted too!

He can't go outside, so he chases Abbey from window to window!

Have a great week, dear blog readers!!!