Sunday, October 27, 2019

Where we left off

Hi Dear blog readers...hard to believe two weeks have come and
gone since the last post.

Ruth, Martha and I traveled to Rhinebeck and had a superwonderful
time.  We stayed at an Airbnb that Martha secured for us on the
Rondout Creek  It is very wide and big for a creek !

Saturday afternoon we took a short walk from our house to the
boat launch.
Such a beautiful day!

We are still in our  after-Rhinebeck glow in this picture:
The weather started off a little cool, but after a couple of hours, we took
our warmer jackets to the car. Sadly I only have one picture of the
show.  This is the hills far away and the mountains beyond.
In person, it looked spectacular.

Our haul from the show:

My haul:
The blue teal yarn is Tess, Mohair / Merino.
I am knitting my current sweater from the same yarn.
It is so wonderful, I wanted more.
The taupe yarn is cormo. I have wanted some for years...
now I have it!  The little skein between is from Mt. Rutsen Studios,
based in  Rhinebeck.  It is so nice.  A little field guide # 3 signed
by both Mason/Dixon sisters, and a festival bag.

A cup from her favorite potter, a blanket, the green yarn
is for a gansey sweater she is going to make, and some other
nice yarn, also a pattern.

Martha got a festival bag, yarn for two sweaters,
the fleece, a dishtowel, pattern and a new cup.

We all shopped at  Jill Drapers on Saturday night.
Such fun!
Every year it seems to get better. So glad the weather
held out on Saturday...perfect.

Last time I had a small start on a pair of socks.
First one is done.  Had a lot of car time and down time
at Rhinebeck to work on it.
Second one is churning along.  I am ready to turn the heel.
I want to get the heel turned, and stitches picked up tonight
so it is in a brainless state to start the weekend. 
The  Mariechen sweater is perking along also.
I don't knit on it when I'm tired.

It's going  much quicker since the sleeves are on waste yarn.

Ruth started a sweater when we got home.
Acer by Kristin Kapur. Yarn is Jill Draper makes stuff Empire.

Martha has wound her yarn, but no new knitting.

In other news:
This picture is from yesterday. Our little weeping cherry tree.
Interesting how it is turning.

This is the giant maple in the back yarn. Notice how green it still is.
Those leaves are hanging on for dear life! 
Today its been extremely windy...extremely..and they are still
not coming off very fast.

Have a great week dear blog readers...until next week!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Less than a week to go!

Less than a week to go to Rhinebeck. We leave on  Friday

Mariechen sweater is coming along slow but sure.
I have one more repeat (4 rows) before I put sleeves
on a string. I love the yarn and pattern together.
Tess yarn.
My plan is to get more at Rhinebeck.
I can try it on once I separate sleeves.
If it's too small, I will have to start over.
Needles crossed that does not happen.

Worked a little on the brainless sock.
6" so far. I'm knitting 8 before I start
heel flap.

Making a texturized pattern for interest.
K1, Slip 1, K2
K3, Slip 3
It is hard to see, but when I used this yarn before I
remembered the pattern popped after blocking.
I think I will leave foot plain stockinette.

Ruth finished her sweater !!!!
It is blocking and a bit damp in this picture.

She started a pair of mittens.
Grove Mittens from Jared Flood's Made in Brooklyn book.
 The yarn is wool and alpaca. Fiber from the Blue Pepper
 Farm in the Adirondacks, spun by the Adirondack fiber shed

Martha is working on Saxe point sock from Ruth. She has
a few more repeats after the red heel marker then do the flowers on the top.

She finished her sweater this week, but no pictures

I had a visitor today.  He was very patient while I finished
knitting a row on the sweater so I could take a picture.
Benny is so cute.

Have a great two weeks dear blog readers.
NO Blog next week. I will be on the way home from
Rhinebeck, and then fondling my new yarn!  The girls
will be doing the same thing.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Countdown is on

The countdown to Rhinebeck is on!  One more weeeknd to get
thru.  We are all so excited!  Ruth and Martha each have two plus
sweaters since last year. My sweater is ruined - I felted it.  It may
fit a small girl. I can get it on, but it looks horrible.  Sigh.

I managed to get a few rows done on Mariechen sweater.
Each row takes a long time.

 finished the hat I was working on and started some socks.
Not sure what pattern these will be.
Stay tuned.

Ruth is working on the 2nd sleeve of her sweater.
Look how nice it is.
Martha is almost done with her sweater:
She has  turned the collar and  ready to add the little ruffle 4-5 more rows then done with the knitting. Finishing should be done shortly after that!
I love the colors of this sweater.

 Then she will work on the socks she started a while ago
In other news:
Joe and I worked on making roasted red peppers today.
He grills them.  We did one bushel today and will do the
2nd when the peppers ripen more.

That's all folks!