Monday, January 26, 2009

Another FO for 2009

No pictures today. I finished up my Schaeffer Anne plain jane socks in a purply, goldy, greeny colorway (can you tell I can't find the yarn band right now?) Notice I said my socks. They feel wonderful on my feet and the colors are great. I have some superwash sock yarn with some cashmere in it that I found in my stash and cast on for a new sock. I wanted to make them toe up since I want to use all of the yarn, and don't want to run out. I jiggered around trying different toe up starts and finally did one on my own. I must have read it someplace, or its a combo of some I have read, but anyway it worked great. I just cast on a stitch every other needle and started knitting. I used the two circ method,which probably made it easier. The yarn is feeling a tad bit scratchy, as superwash can, but I thought with cashmere it would feel so much softer. Maybe it needs a good soak once finished. I am knitting the foot plain, and will pattern the leg. I have some ideas in mind for the leg, not quite sure yet.

Did quite a lot of work on mom's sweater this weekend. Need 18" body length to get to the armholes so it will be a while yet......boring!

Joe and I watched Gran Torino this weekend with Clint Eastwood. Great movie. Not a girlie ending, but good.

I made a lot of comfort food this weekend - matched the bone chilling weather here in Western New York. Saturday we had chicken & biscuits, potatoes & gravy, peas, carrots, and cranberrys. Both kids were home and it made the food taste so much better.
Sunday I made a huge pot of veggie beef soup with homemade bread. Man did the house
smell great all day.

Have a safe, warm, knitful week!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Check it out!!!!!!!!

Clara Parks from Knitters Review introduced the little Knit Kit to the
on line world today.....check out this little knitting gadget....looks sooo cool!

I won't spoil the surprise.....take a peek at the website...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Short post this week.

I finished the Elizbeth Lavold Silky Wool scarf. Pattern from Harmony Guides
laces and eyelets. I love this scarf. I loved knitting it and I loved the pattern - a nice
combination. Size 7 needle. 35 stitches across - which includes 4 stitches of seed
stitch on each side of pattern to help reduce curl.

I wish it would photograph better. Did I mention how much I loved making
this scarf?

Ruth finished Ray's first sock - in a 8 stitch pattern - knit 4, seed 4. I love
the way it looks...don't you wish you could just touch it? (hee hee hee, I will
get to someday!) Also, she is knitting up the wool from her spinning. She is
hoping the colors spread out differently when she makes something that
takes more stitches. I like the look of it.

Martha made EmmaLouise a purse.... I luv the colors.

She lined it when done.

Martha is also working on a scarf....i love the colors as well.
I guess I love everything today....

Except I don't love the fact that tomorrow's Monday and I have to work....

I told Joe today - thank god!! I have my knitting to keep me company this winter.
We have had record snows here in WNY this year....brrrrrr

Have a safe, WARM, week.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plodding Along

I have a few things to share, and to keep this from being wayyy too boring of a post, Ruth has sent some nice pictures of her stuff. This is what she worked on yesterday:

Ruth spun all her top that she turned into rolags and plied what she could. She has one partial bobbin left.

Then she got back to the epaulet jacket and knit on the e-cord edging. She says it sure is a pain, but looking pretty good. I agree with her, don't you?

She is working on a nice sock for Ray. A knit 4, seed stitch 4 pattern. The leg is quite stretchy, she said. I am going to try this pattern for Joe next. Jeannine is making a nice pair from
this pattern for her brother. Ruth got the yarn from Woolen Rabbit.

I finished Tiffany's ear flap hat. Her request - a hat with ear flaps. I used EZ's fast hat
pattern. Yarn is Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. This is Joey's girlfriend Tiflfany, not my
Tiffany. I still need to get a picture of my Tiffany's button hat.

I have the first Shaffer Anne sock done. The yarn is soft and lovely.
This is unblocked. Size 0 needles.

My Elesbeth Lavold Silky yarn scarf is my favorite project right now. It is coming
along nicely. I really have to think when I'm doing it so it is not bus knitting.

I wish you could see the pattern better, it is very very nice.

That's about it from dullsville. Tomorrow is January 12th. Only January 12th.
I always think Jan and March are the longest months, the rest just fly by.
thank goodness for knitting!

What are you knitting or crocheting to make the time go by? Leave a comment!

Toodles, have a safe week.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. Knitting has been going on here at Knitatation, but not as much as I would like. I've been home since Christmas Eve, and have not accomplished lots, but am satisfied with what has been done. Everyone LOVED their Christmas gifts. The Time Sucker towel/blanket was a HUGE success. He loved it BEFORE he realized it was handmade! When he realized I had made it, he loved it even more. Phew!

I finished the three cowls for Joe's sisters - the last one was blocked on Christmas Eve. They were not quite sure what to make of them:

I am working on a scarf to match my gloves - made from Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool. The pattern is from Harmony Guides to lace - Lattice Twist with Eyelets - size 7 needle.
It is fun and mind stimulating.

I have a hat 1/2 fone for Joey's girlfriend, Tiffany. She requested a hat with earflaps.
I finished the hat once, and when trying to fix the hole where I joined the two yarns,
created a huge hole - who knows what I did - and wripped most of it out and started
over. I am using Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. I am following EZ's hat pattern.

Also on the needles are MY socks. Making them from Shaffer Anne. Size 0 needle.
They are soft and lovely. I started with a small pattern, but the yarn is so nice on it's
own I wripped and am making plain Jane socks.

I am also working - slowly - on Mom's sweater. I think I've been avoiding it because the yoke will be a tough challenge for me.

I have added new 2009 goals at the sidebar - check them out. What are your goals for the new year? Leave in the comments section.

Joe and I are starting our healthy eating habits again tomorrow. Phew!

Some family pictures to end this post:

Our tree:

Dad and Joe:

Tiffany and dad:


the girls were home from North Carolina. it was great to see them!

Mom and Vicky:

Joel and Vicky:

Dad and Joey:

and finally, our very own Santa, very glad that the holidays are over for this year:
(notice the Christmas hat he has on. it was too big so he requested that I felt it a
little bit for him.)