Sunday, April 29, 2018

Had to do it....

I've been in a bit of a knitting funk lately.
Working away on my projects as my hand and sore
arm will allow, but really not that excited about any
of it....  though I have two projects going,
I started a shawl.....and just like that, I'm excited again!

This the the Bare Branches Shawl

The pattern is easy enough, but you have to pay attention too
The yarn color is a navy blue.  Probably too dark to show the
pattern, but it will be ok.
I've had this Wollmeise yarn in my stash for several years.
I bought it off of ebay when it was all the probably
still is. I have a green skein somewhere.  It has 510 yards
so it will make a nice shawl.  I actually like smaller shawls...but
I can size it down if I want to.

The yarn has nylon so I can use leftovers for socks heels and
toes ....

Managed to finish up the first giant size 13 sock, and done with
the ribbing on the 2nd one (no pic)
Also got a little start on the 2nd sweater sleeve...
at least there was a little progress...right?

Now the hard part is to work on the sock and sweater a bit and
not just the fun shawl!

Ruth has the buttons on her adorable baby sweater...
ready for the new little boy
And she has started a baby blanket:
The blanket yarn is Mrs Cosby loves to play hat box. Colorway is Afric
Pattern is Little Tern Blanket by Tin Can Knits.
So cute...

Martha is just starting to work on the sweater fronts
for her pink sweater that was discussed in the blog
a few weeks back.
Chilly here today...great for knitting.

In other news:

Joe went fishing yesterday and caught a mess of perch

I'm off to knit.....have a great week dear blog readers.

70's and 80's this week!  Whooohoooo

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring...for real this time!

Spring has finally sprung in Western New York...yea!
So nice to get out and enjoy the weather.  Joe and I went to
Niagara Falls for our 35th wedding anniversary this weekend.
We had so much fun.  That is where we went on our honeymoon,
so it's fun to poke around and see how things have changed.

There was a little knitting this week.
Did a little on the giant socks.
I think the 2nd one will be mental torture...I will
want them done!  LOL

Actually worked on the sweater....the first sleeve is done
I think I will put on a string, and bind off after it's blocked..
I want to make sure it's not too long, or too stretchy...or too
Hopefully, will get a start on the 2nd one this week...

Ruth finished up her 3/4 Hap Shawl   3/4 Hap Shawl
 by Veera Valimaki.
 Decadent Fibers yarn purchased at Rhinebeck.
So pretty and vibrant!
Martha is finishing up her 2nd sock tonight.
K3, P1 pattern....I like the colors!

In other news....

I feel like the spring flowers are shouting the
I Will survive song, by Gloria Gaynor!

The hyacinths popped thru today

Mickey loves his new scratching   post.  He was
digging so fast it was hard to photo him.
He got shy when I grabbed the camera

have a great week dear blog readers.....
enjoy the sun!

Sunday, April 15, 2018


 Seriously winter?
Ice storm this weekend...really?
You know we all love to knit in the crappy weather,
but we can knit just as well in spring weather!

Finished up Joey's socks.
Size 0 needle.
Crystal Palace Panda Silk Yarn (with bamboo)
Afterthought heel.
Made for man with size 10 foot.
I love the results. They are very soft.
Pattern is K6 rows.
7th row  - K1, P1
to give it a little "flair".
Joe said brown? Why did you make Joey brown socks!
Well I added stripes, and since he got the Koolaid experiment
color socks last year, I think brown will be ok with him this year!

Just turned the heel on Mark's giant socks.
KnitPicks hawthorne yarn, size 2 needle.
Really nice yarn.
There is a little pattern in there, every 6 rows
to give it some optical interest.

Ruth is coming along with her shawl. It's getting so big
it's hard to photo.
I saw it in person this week and the colors are stunning.

In other news....

the ice story. At least it was not as bad as predicted, though it sleeted
and we had freezing rain ALL day today.

Some good news.  Joe made Mickey a new perch.
Took him a LONG time...but worth it. He said never again.

It is really deluxe, and Mickey loves it.

Happy knitting dear blog readers....maybe spring will come

Sunday, April 8, 2018


I haven't had much knitting mojo lately...I think work has
been so busy that I'm too tired at night to think much about
it.  Ruth mentioned that her mojo was a little lacking also.

I managed to get the heel of Joey's 2nd sock done...twice!
The stripes weren't right the first time so I had to tink it all
back. It still is not perfect, but I'm ok with it.  I think I will
finish it tonight...maybe.

Ruth started a shawl.
The yarn is Decadent Fibers from the shawl kit she
bought at Rhinebeck last fall. She decided she didn't like the pattern
that well so she started 3/4 Hap Shawl pattern by Veera Valimak
that she's  been saving for the right moment.
Nice start, don't you think!
 Martha finished up a sock.
She is heading to Miami next week and is going to
start a shawl there and work on it during her down time.

In other news....
Ruth's new grandbaby is a BOY!

Happy knitting dear blog readers.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

My Favorite Holiday is Today

Today is probably the most religious holidays for Christians...
Easter. Whatever you believe, I hope your day was nice.
I mentioned my favorite holiday - is not Easter -
it is April Fool's Day...I had some fun playing pranks....LOL

We had quite the busy week, so not a ton of knitting.
I managed to get to about 1" of decreasing for toe, and put
the afterthought heel stitches on needles. I will do that next.
It is very fiddly with the white stripes.

Ruth is working along on her 2nd sock
and...she knit a baby sweater this week!
She is waiting to hear sex of baby then will add an icord edging...
So stinkin Cute!!
Martha's sock is coming along...
She is  doing k3p1 on the leg, and k2p2on the instep of the foot.
She just bought the Bistort pattern from KnitPicks and is
figuring out the colors she wants to use.

Joe and I decided to do a backsplash in the kitchen.
We redid the kitchen 8 years ago, and he said in 5 years I will
do a backsplash, and it will feel like a new kitchen. Well only
3 years behind schedule, but worth it.

Here are before pictures:

And here are after
I am so happy with it.  Notice he even switch out the plugs and put
black ones in, and silver switchplates.  Also installed under
the counter lights. They are white and I asked if he could put a
black plug on it.  He did!  He is an electrician by trade, so it
was not hard for him. 

Had the family over for Easter dinner. My pictures are not
the best, but here they are:
Have a great week dear blog readers.
I'm off to knit a heel.