Sunday, August 30, 2015


 I switched to Firefox something or other on my computer
last week and now having major trouble getting my pics.
I could do it last week but not today...huh?
I got this one. Made little progress this week on business
casual sock.  

I had a super busy week and not much knitting time. Little progress
on mom's sock.

Ruth finished up her little vest for baby Evelyn.
Super cute.
Martha made more than a little progess on her
Lilli Pilli  shawl. She is almost ready to start
first lace section.

A friend at work made had this little stone made for us
to remember Abbey. We put it on the back step by the
door, because she was always there waiting to come in.
We had a little bday party for Joey and Mark today.
This is Joey's girlfriend Kristen and Joey and dad
 Steamed clams.
 Mark's is Tuesday

It turned out to be a great day!

Hard to believe Labor day is next week.
Joe and I are taking a little vacation so no blog next week.

See you in September....

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spare Parts

 I did not get much knitting done this week....where did the time go?
As I sit here at 7:33 on a Sunday, I have not knit one stitch...
I have about 3.5 " of the 2nd pink sock done.

 And managed to turn the heel on the Business Casual socks.
 Still decreasing....
 I am quite bored with both.  HELP!
But I have to get them done so I can move on. The pink one
is actually more appealing to knit right  now than the blue one.

I've been thinking a lot lately about spare parts......
in knitters terms this means stash.

Ruth can explain spare parts a lot better than I can because
when we worked at Kodak she dealt with them everyday.

There came a time in the manufacturing industry where they
decided to cut way down on spare parts. Because even though
they were handy, it was money out the door.

I've been thinking a lot about that in terms of stash lately.
I have passed up some damn good deals the last couple of weeks....
but what good is a  good deal, if you can't use it? or another better
deal comes along. I have decided its actually cheaper
to pay full price for something I need right now, than to put
something really nice in the "maybe someday" pile.
I have a huge stash, a lot of "maybe someday" yarn...and I am so grateful and lucky.
Not that I won't be  buying yarn, because I will. But I have decided to
look and think and NOT ACT impulsively.  Martha is really good
about this. She uses up stash all of the time.  Mine is embarrassingly

 Anyway....the girls have been knitting this week....

Ruth is continuing to work on her baby vest...which
is done except for a little icord edging...

Martha's socks are done.  They are mirror image...nice job!
She has started the Lilli Pilli shawl with these colors:

My porch flowers are so pretty right now...
Have a nice week...and cross your knitting needles that I can
get some knitting time in this week!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

"Sock" it to me....

Yes, socks and sock yarn are the main topic of our knitting this week.
I finished mom's first sock using the Opal yarn.  I was a little afraid
I would not have enough so I added in a different color toe using
Loopy Solids yarn.  I think it is very pretty.  
2nd socks is just barely started.
 Made a little more progress on Kristen's Business Casual sock.
have the heel flap done, and ready to do the heel. I love this
yarn so much I can't believe I'm giving it away!

I added in some sewing thread for stability since that was all I
had of the right color.
I have to finish these two pair, and do socks for two more people
for Christmas before I'm done. Then I want to make  Tiffany
something nice. she does not need socks.

Ruth is workign on her baby vest.
ON line Supersocke 100 Flower-Color. 
Pattern is Sigge by Filcolana. Free on Ravelry.

 This is totally adorable. For new little baby Evelyn.

Martha is plugging away on her socks. She has a little more free
time now.
 Well worth it when done!

In other today. Joe and I went fishing.
he caught some blue gills, silver bass and perch.
I knit and told him he was my hero (which he was).
It was hard fishing on Lake Alice with all of the jet skis and
party boats.

We had them for dinner.

I guess that's all folks...till next week.
happy knitting.
hard to believe August is almost over...wahhhhhh

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Hi there...
None of us had much going on this week as far as knitting.
I am making progress on mom's sock. Got the heel turned.

Pattern is K3, Slip 1 so since I do a slip stitch heel, wanted it to line up.
So for the  heel I had to change to:

Slip 1st 2 stitches, and knit the last two. It turned out great.
Challenge is remembering for the 2nd sock!

I FINALLY finished up the baby hat to  go with the seamless
baby kimono
Just a K2P2 pattern.
It's really little...Joe thought it was so cute

I have been struggling with buttons for the kimono. Walmart did not
have a nice off white, so I got a darker button.
I was afraid it would not lay right, so I added some icord ties to
the inside to keep that part together.
I think it will work
It would be so much easier if I had a baby to practice
on!  Ha! Glad to finally be done with this.

I have pictures of La Playa shawl that I knit in the
linen yarn.  I was bummed that I picked the small size, but it really
works great.
Wore it to work Friday and got lots of compliments.

Ruth is working on her 2nd Hermonie sock in Cherry Tree Hill yarn.
She is struggling to get it done (bored). I remember that feeling when
I did mine.
It's very pretty don't you think!

Martha is also struggling with her 2nd sock. She has been
very busy this week so not much time to knit.
She had to frog but is on the right track now.

 Nice!  Definitely not brainless work.

In other news:

Joe went fishing to Lake Erie yesterday and got some
walleyes!  YEA!
He had to go further south to get them so a very long ride home.
Thanks, Joe. Can't wait for a fish fry.

I used to juice all of the time and back when we redid
the kitchen I got out of the habit.  Juicers have come a long
way since then and I just got a Nutrabullet.  I make juice almost
every day.  It keeps me full for a couple of hours.

Today's juice was:

spinich/kale/ blend, ginger, lime, green apples,
blueberries, and carrots, cukes  walnuts and almonds. 

 Hard to fit it all in.
Looks kinda gross when done, but it is delish!
I keep waiting for the burst of energy they promise but nothing yet!
Ruth has a Vitamix blender and she has been juicing too....
we are going to be healthy in our golden years that is for sure.
Have to keep the knitting fingers nimble...

Until next week....

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Vacation Week

 Hey, I was on vacation this week. A staycation....
stayed home and took day trips. 

I worked on the brainless sock a lot...ready to start heel flap.

 Decided to make a hat to match the baby seamless kimono

I'm bored with it already. Notice I'm adding a nice gray
every other row to stretch out the brownish yarn that the
sweater was made from.  Baby hats are such a mystery to me.
the fit....ugh

Ruth is just about done with Hermonie's everyday sock, part 1.
I saw it in person on nice.
Cherry Tree Hill nice!
Martha is working on her 2nd sock.
She had a little blip so she ripped out (the hardest thing
EVER in knitting) and started she is on track...

She came across this cute frog when trimming today....
 Ruth and I had a playdate on Wednesday.
Went to Canandaigua Lake for lunch and relaxing.
I LOVE this picture of her...
She is the BEST !
( Note her phone: we were texting Martha!)  ha!

Check out this knitting bracelet Tiffany got me for my birthday
all knitting charms!

She found it on it

I made oreo cupcakes for family picnic yesterday...huge hit!

Joe continues to perfect his grilled chicken. Today he used
balsamic good!
Last but not least...
we had to have Abbey our dear Golden Retriever put to sleep today.
14.5 years old. She was the absolute best!
She was the Ethel to my Lucy personality - going along with whatever.
She loved us all so much..and we loved her.
Joe was her the last few weeks she grew very
agitated when she couldn't find  him...
 There will NEVER be another.