Sunday, December 27, 2020

And Just Like That....It's Over

 And just like that, Christmas is over.  ๐Ÿ˜ข

We had a nice Christmas, in spite of not seeing my brother, sister-in-law and parents.  It was a nice relaxing day.  

This past week I finished up the felted slippers, and Joey loved them. I will felt them at his house one of these days soon.

Worked quite a bit on the Juist 2 sweater. 

I am on vacation this week so should be able to get to the sleeves at least.

My personal tradition is to start a sock on Christmas Eve. I've done it for the last several years.
This year I am doing a double eyelet pattern from Modern Daily Knitting Wanderlust field guide.
I am doing toe up, and learned a new technique which is so cool.  It uses a provisional cast on ...not sure why no one else ever thought of that.  This is the 2nd pattern I tried. Did a few rounds of the first one and it was not showing up. 

Using Dancing Leaf sock blank.  I wound the sock blank into a ball, then weighed it, and split into two balls.  I like it a lot!

Mason came over this week and wore the sweater Ruth  made him.  I put this on facebook but had to share here too. It's sooo cute!

Joey brought his antlers from the deer her shot this year.  They are massive. He wanted a picture of Mason sitting in them.  :)   Note Mason is wearing the red booties I made him. Tiffany loves them. He has worn them everyday since Christmas.
Here is a picture of Tiffany's family wearing their matching socks. You have to look closely to see Mason's little feet behind Tiffany's.


Joe loves the hat I made him because it's so soft. Reminder it has a kidsilk hazy knockoff yarn mixed in with the wool.  He wears it non stop.  In fact a recent conversation:

Joe:  I love this hat, it's so soft, is the yarn expensive?

Me:  Oh Im glad you like it. No it was not too expensive.

Joe:  Oh good, I want a shirt and pants in the same yarn then. 


Ruth has been working on her sweater this week. She was able to take the sleeves off today!

Cobblestone cardigan with Bartlett yarn. It's going to be soooo nice!

Martha is working on her candycane sweater - pattern name is Elsbeth Cardigan.

Bartlett Ragwool yarn.   These are the fronts. She is hoping to finish, soak and block tonight.

Here is the back all blocked.

In other news:

 Joe went fishing on Wednesday and he and his friend caught a lot of fish.

15 lbs after they were cleaned!

Here are some random pics from Christmas:

I asked for a new mouse pad with pics of Mason.  I love it!

He is much more interested in singing on tv than me.

Joe loves to hold him

He got a new toy that sings. He loves musical toys.

Joe and I.

Joey, Casey and Benny

Our Christmas table. So pretty.

Tiffany, Mark and Mason

Have a good week dear blog readers.  Have a safe and merry New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Twas the Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, the knitting was complete - well almost. 

The socks have been knit and now it's the hats with a pair of felted slippers going to be last.

 You've seen a lot of this before.  There is a hat for my brother (black), socks for Tiffany, mom and Vicky.  Hat for Joe and my dad.  Socks for Mark, Tiffany and Mason.


Pappa bear (size 13) mamma bear and baby bear socks.

Hawthorne yarn from Knitpicks.

Baby bear's feet have grown. I told him I am cramming his foot in for a picture and then he doesn't have to wear them again.

With that said, I made him a larger pair. Since he wears a lot of Buffalo plaid, these should match a lot of his wardrobe.

Made a headband for Casey in my favorite Plymouth Select worsted superwash yarn. Size 7 needle. Pattern is Alpine Headband, free on Ravelry. 

Made my dad a hat. Started on Friday. 96 stitches. Encore yarn. Made a beanie size. Just winged it.

Still have one felted slipper to finish. I'm working on the bottom sole.

I love these socks. For Tiffany.  Pattern is: Snippet from 52 Weeks of Socks.

I added some Ktbl down the front for more visual interest.  Yarn is Nomade purchased from Modern Daily knitting.   With 500 yards for $24 it's a steal. Color is called happy.  It is salmony color with bits of pink.  I loved working with it. 

Not as much gift knitting as prior years, but I knit a few things for Mason this year.

Ruth is working on her Cobblestone cardigan with Bartlett yarn. She said it's quite boring right now. It's going to be very nice !


Martha has started her sweater over.  In her own words:

That’s because it is.  I knit up to past the armpit and measured the width.  It was nearly 24” which would add up to a 48” sweater which is big for me.  I read and recalculated the gauge several times with two gauge calculators and couldn’t figure out why it was so big. It was hard to see the stitches with the rag component on the yarn. So I did some laborious math and figured out I needed it to be about 8 stitches less, so I’m starting again.  Oft o the races.  I’m glad it’s such an easy pattern. 

This week I made about 35+ face masks for gifts.  I t was fun I used two patterns.  I’m glad to have it cleaned up too there’s a lot involved with sewing too. 

Have a great Xmas knitters.  It’s snowing here ❄❄❄️. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿงถ  Be very safe. 

Does this look the same?

In other news:

For those that celebrate, have a Merry Christmas.  This is a strange year.  Be safe and be kind.

Count your blessings because we all have them.....

Sunday, December 13, 2020

It's coming whether we like it or not

Christmas is coming whether we like it or not. Less than two weeks.

I have done much less Christmas present knits than I have in the last several years. It's ok.  :)

I whipped up this bootie for Mason today. 

Easy-Peasy No Sew Stay on Baby Bootie. I made it a little larger than pattern said.


Finished up the Jason hat.  Plymouth select worsted superwash

and Southampton Fuzzy yarn.  It's so nice, I wish you could feel it.
Did a few rounds on the sweater.

 Finished the 2nd felted slipper. Now I have to knit another sole for each one.  And then 

sew the soles together and felt.  I may do a mild felt and do another one when Joey is here so it molds to his foot.

Ruth finished up her socks for her sister for Christmas. Knit Circus yarn.  The colors are so FUN!

She redid the button band, and added buttons today. I love this sweater...So beautiful.

  Pattern is Elspeth from the West Yorkshire Spinners Croft book.  

Martha is making hats for coworkers.

This is a pattern off Ravelry called Beloved, the yarns are leftovers donated from her knitting designer friend Ann.  

I can't tell which one is my favorite!!!

 She started the Elspeth sweater (the one Ruth just made) with her fun yarn from Bartlett. She gets Bartlett yarn every year from Rhinebeck. This is red raglan wool

Mason finally fits into the green sweater and booties I made before he was born.

I tried to do a photo shoot on Friday.  He loves to lick his fingers.  :)


This picture is from Friday also.

 Tiffany did some photo shoots by her tree. I can't believe he sat there that long.

Have a nice week dear blog readers.  Stay safe and be kind.