Sunday, October 30, 2011


I stayed very focused on the blue socks this week and
finally have them done. It's not that I did not like
the pattern, I did very much. And the yarn, the two
were perfect for each other. It's just that I used the same
pattern for the last socks I made and I was really over it.
Pattern: Swirls
Yarn: Panda Silk

Managed to get a little bit of a start on Betty's
Bella Mittens. They are her Christmas Present.
I'm ready to start thumb on 1st one.

Managed to get three "Just Enough Ruffles"
scarves blocked....

I now need one more...ugh x 1000000

Ruth has done some spinning....
and guess who is helping her sort...Lucy!

so so cute######

Ruth's words:

On the wheel is a mix of wool, mohair, and alpaca with a little gold glitz. It is the fall harvest colorway from Persimmon Tree Farm. It is spinning like a dream.

The photo of the two skeins is more spinning. This is from memory. I can't find the info at the moment......the green is from Creatively Dyed Yarn. I can't remember the colorway. It is merino, cashmere, and silk. Divine and squishy! I'm not sure what the blue is. Some kind of exotic mix that was a lot of fun to spin and is nice and soft.

Joey shot another deer with his bow, a really
nice 6-point....

can I brag about my camera for a is
pitch black out when I'm taking these pictures.

My three "kids" were all riding their toys today - so
nice outside

I want a toy they had so much fun....LOL

I thought this picture of Tiffany was especially cute:

and speaking of cute:

have a knitful week...tis the season....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun Stuff

Last weekend, Ruth, Martha and I headed off to Rhinebeck -
our Third Annual trip. We stay in a Super 8 in Kingston, NY.
This is the room before we even went anyplace.......LOL

Did you notice Ruth's baby spinning wheel?

Friday we got in about 12:15 and headed to Woodstock for lunch
and to poke around.

Let me just say, Woodstock is weird. Like a time wharp....
There was a cute little gift shop near the falls that runs thru

I got the boys hats and Tiffany a t-shirt from a
nice updated gift shop.

Saturday, we got up bright and early, had breakfast
and headed to Rhinebeck. Ruth inspired us to make
lists of vendors we wanted to see. This year, we
headed to the ABC buildings first, before the crowds
got too big. We had artichokes for lunch.
We were warm! I did not really even need the
hat/mittens/scarf I made for the trip, but I wore them
anyway, just because.

Ruth's stuff:

Martha's stuff:

(notice vest Martha is wearing - she made it from a kit
she purchased at previous Rhinebeck).

my stuff:

combined (picture courtesy of Martha)

quite a haul, don't you think!!!

Saturday night we headed off to dinner to the
Culinary Institute of America.
It was about a 30-40 minute drive from the hotel.
Oh what a place that was. And oh what a dinner
we had there.

Remember waaaayyy back in the summer when we
made Wendy Johnson's Summer Mystery shawl.
We made them to wear at Saturday night dinner.
I really wish I had a better picture of the three
of us.

Here we are in front of the fountain at the CIA.
I'm so glad we got there in daylight.

Such a wonderful night. So wonderful.

Sunday we got up, had breakfast and headed home.

Martha had most of her yarn wound up before Ruth
and I were home. I worked on mine this weekend, no

I did not manage to knit much this week. I did finish
up the baby booties for my neighbors new grandson
Zander, born yesterday. They will fit in a couple of months.

I was going to attach bunny ears, but I just didn't
feel like doing that fiddly knitting.

Ruth got buttons on her green vest!

she also finished up a sock - pattern is really cool
in person....

it's hard to see the pattern in this pictures...

that is it for now! I really need to get cranking on the
holiday knitting now. I am just doing the heel flap
on the blue socks. I am sooooooo sick of those things
I could scream, but I have to get them done.....

I know I can I know I can I know I can I know I can....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little Things

Little things seem to be occupying me, Ruth and Martha lately.
I really need to sink my needles into a nice sweater soon.

Here is the purple and multi speckle beret I just finished.

And the hat for the neighbor's new grandson. I decided
to make booties also. They are a little fiddly. ugh!!

Yarn is leftover from the last BabySurpriseJacket.

I thought I was almost done with these socks, but I tried
them on today, and at least three (yes three!!) more
repeats before I can start decreasing for the toe. Then another
sock to make. Ugh. Size 0 needles move along pretty slow,
plus all of the other knitting interruptions.

This is the current brainless project - socks for Joe.

Ruth recently finished up a little Prarie Shawl for
one of her granddaughters. Here is the picture

And here is her mini spinning wheel. She ordered it almost
a year ago after she saw one at Rhinebeck last year.

Martha is working on socks right now - no pictures yet.

Some random pictures:

Joe took me to the falls at Lake Alice last week.
So pretty. We did not see any
Salmon jumping......

Here is below the falls where the fly fisherman try
to catch the salmon:

Here is a closeup of the fisherman - my camera zoom
is awesome !

A couple of kids jumping off of the Waterport bridge.
it was a nice day - 70's or so, man did they scream
when they hit that cold water.

it was a beautiful, perfect day for fall fishing.

When I get bored (obviously not catching fish)
(i whip out the camera)

We stayed till dark, it was so nice.

then we drove to Pt Breeze, on Lake Ontario
for a salad and some wings.

This weekend the kids went to a mutual friends wedding.
Both looked so nice.

This is Amber, Tiffany and Felicia.

Amber and Felicia are waitresses with Tiffany at the

Joey and our friend George rode together.

This weekend was awful weather - and I did not even
knit that much....LOL
Have a wonderful week.