Sunday, March 27, 2016


Today is Easter Sunday....and it's a beautiful day.
Our day is done, and everyone is gone their own way
and I sit here alone. 
I'll be  honest about my's dull.  I am working
on a Christmas present that I can't talk about which makes for
a dull blog. Thank goodness Ruth and Martha are working
on some nice things.

I did manage to do a few rows on the giant size 13 sock.
Another inch or two and I can start the decreases.

Ruth finished up her plain socks in Opal bicolor yarn....
snazzy don't you think!

Martha is working on the sleeves of her Klemscott sweater.
I love the detail and color.
She said it's a good fit...yea.

Now some of the reason I dont get much knitting in is
this little girl:
KeeLee and I took a little walk today.  She did pretty good
and knows how to walk on a sidewalk.  It tired her out enough
that she slept most of the time we were gone today, I think.

She takes a lot of our time in the evenings...we like to keep
her happy and take her for walks. 

I hope to have some more interesting knitting to talk about
next week.  Have a good one dear blog readers!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Ruth finished up her lovely shawl yesterday.
Hamamelis by Kristin Kapur. 

 Lucy approves!  

My knitting is still very dull this week. Made a little progress
on the giant size 13 sock.

My sister in law - that loves the socks I make her for  Christmas
made me a yarn bowl....I have ALWAYS wanted one!  She texted
me last week and asked me my favorite colors...I said teal, purple, and
light gray.  She brought this today:

It is soooo soft to the touch.
I LOVE IT.  Thank you Vicky!

In other news....
It was quite nice last week so Joe made us a picnic:
Maybe two weeks ago...I've lost track of time.

We acquired a new to us old dog KeeLee

Mom loves her

Family got together today for Tiff's birthday

I hope I have more to report next week....have a good one
dear blog readers.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Hey there
Joe and I went away for the weekend and I'm exhausted
so a super quick post.
My knitting is almost non-existent this week. Worked
a bit on the giant socks. No picture.

Ruth is working on a shawl; which I think is Through
the Loops...I will get details next week...

the color is soo pretty.
 Martha is continuing with her sweater
front and backs done
 Klemscott by Carol Sunday,

I hope to have a more exiting post next week.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring is in the Air

Hi there..
Spring is definitely in the air here today in Western NY!
I have little knitting to talk about this week, so I'll expand
on a few things from last week.

Lilli Pilli

Madeline Tosh Light Yarn

Size 4 needles

Cast on 75 stitches (vs 135 that pattern called for)
1st stripe section - 48 stripes
1st lace section - 10 pattern repeats
2nd stripe section - 82 stripes
2nd lace section - 4 pattern repeats

It still came out much longer than I wanted, but I love it anyway.
The stripe sections were very very very boring.

I wore the Riverton Cowl on Wednesday when it was so cold and
windy out.
Yarn is North Light Fibers - a gift from Martha last year.

It is soft as butter and so nice to knit with.
Pattern is nice, but not as easy to follow as some in
Ravelry claim.  I am opting not to block so the "pillows" stand out.

Working away on the 2nd huge sock

Two EZ mitered mittens almost done.
Yarn is Noro Kuryeon.  Yes, this is the same color as I made
in December. I have a lot of this yarn to use up.  LOL
I will put them away for Christmas.
Thumbs left to do.
I have to become better at creating Ravelry project pages.
I could not remember how many stitches I used for the last pair.
Turned out it was 40. Size 6 needles.

Not sure what I will make next....I will work away on the
giant socks till I figure it out.

Ruth is working on a sweater.
Morlaix Cardi by Regina Moessmer.  Using Noro yarn.
She loves the pattern but is very disappointed with the yarn,
and she may have to rip.

She is working on some socks to ease the pain.
  Lang Jawoll Magic 6 ply.

Martha is working on Another Really Easy Lace Scarf.
Yarn: Jagger Spun Re-Dun
Gifted to her from Ruth.

Martha is working away on her sweater:
Kelmscott by  Carol Sunday

Yarn is WEBs Stockbridge....

In other news:
Joe went ICE fishing today. Glad he made it home.
He said there was a lot of ice.
And the big news:
We have a new (to us) dog.  13 year old Shih Tzu.  My Aunt passed away and
we acquired her. Neither of us want another dog so this is a big adjustment.
Her long coat was in such bad shape had to have her shaved.  so today I bought
her a little sweater cause she's freezing.  $15....if she is still around next year
I will make her a couple.  Her name is KeeLee

She is calling me so until next week.....