Sunday, November 24, 2013


Anatomy of my scarf - my own pattern:

Lace pattern is Chevron Rib from Lace & Eyelets book.
Multiple of 7+2 stitches.  I cast on 38 stitches

Started with a 4 row seed stitch border

then went right into the lace pattern, and then added an 8 row seed stitch

this will be an infinity scarf, so when the  two ends meet up (4 rows of
seed stitch x 2 ends = 8 rows) I want it to be  invisible in the pattern.

 Added sections of 4.5" stockinette in between the lace....its really long now.
Just finishing up the last of stockinette, then 4 rows of seed and ready to block.
Once its blocked, I will join the ends...

The baby cardi has been blocked, and now awaiting buttons:
Ruth is working away on her sweater:

coming along nicely!

Martha is working on the sleeves of her sweater...she is using up
3 strands of yarn and intermingling them.

They are 9.5" long, and have to be 18"....

In other news:
here is Joel's big buck from last week:

Here is Joey with my nephew Craig's deer from this week:

and most exciting...we celebrated dad's 80th birthday this week !

Have a nice Thanksgiving dear blog readers.....

Sunday, November 17, 2013

more of the same

Baby shower #2 done.  This is the two color cardi pattern.

Dark purple is my favorite go to yarn..Plymouth Select Superwash Worsted.

The multi color is Malabrigo Worsted...

I love the little ladybug button, but the color is not coming up right
in the pictures. It's a pepto pink, and looks so cute with the outfit.

I made a little hat, too

New mom, Suzy, liked it,  phew!

I am done with the knitting portion of of the baby cable sweater.
Lots of ends to sew in, and buttons to be put on.

Matching hat, too.... more to come on this once its finished and blocked.
I've sort of run out of steam on this project..but want to tuck it away so
anxious to finish up and be done with it.
I'm currently working on an infinity own pattern.

I'll break down the details for you next week

Ruth finished up four socks for Moriya.  She does not like her socks to
match...look how fun these are!!!

They are made out of Cascade Fixation or Elan Esprit yarn...

Martha has made good progress on her sweater:

Reminder it is  the auaucania multi yarn, and the pattern is Harriet by Fiona Ellis.
I love how this is turning out, don't you?

In other news...the master hunter got an 8 point with his muzzle loader

Tiff wanted to get in on the action

My brother got a nice 10 point but I don't have his picture. I will update next week....he has three now this week.....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

One to go

The first babyshower was today. Second one
is next week. Boy or girl?  Who knows?
I was I give the mom to be, Christina,
both sweaters, or one or?  So I decided to
give her the boy sweater, camo colored, and
added this note:

I think she liked it.

She absolutely loved the blanket Tiffany made for her!!!

it is so soft, and such a nice looking stitch pattern:

K2, P1 and she switched colors every 2 rows.

Did I mention how soft it is? and how nice it washed up?
Size 13 needle, and not sure of the yarn...purchased at JoAnn's.

she was going to make one for next Sunday, but just does not have the time.

I am making good progress on the sweater for next Sunday. I figure
I have enough yarn left for 1/2 sleeve and then will have to buy more...
UGH x 100000000

that round thing in the back is a hat...might as well get that going until
I get yarn for the sleeve.  because of the way I started it, i am purling
the hat and then will flip it inside out so the pretty side will flip up. I'm
sure there was a better way to do it, but it was late at night when
I started it, and this will work..

I am really sick of these baby projects, and have a new project in
mind that I can't wait to start.

Ruth and Martha are having a sister weekend in no blog
updates from them.  Ruth has been working on socks for her granddaughter
on stretchy yarn, and Martha was finishing up her sweater....hopefully
updates from them next week..

In other news, this is what I saw Friday morning when the sun was
coming up:

I didnt think it could get any prettier, until I looked to out back to the North...

The sun was gloriously highlighting the tips of the corn and the trees.

Have a good week...happy knitting.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brrrr...Baby it's cold outside

must be sweater season!

I made pretty good progress this week on the two baby
sweaters, inspite of being busy at work. (which translates
to too tired to knit at night).
This is the two color cardigan.  Solid is Plyouth Select Worsted
WeightSuperwash.  Multi is Malabrigo superwash worsted.

Joe and Joey said they would have preferred a solid color, but
knitters will understand the need to branch out and do something
different.  My finishing work is not the best, I hope I can make it look
good enough to give away.

This is the Seamless Braided Cable.  I like it, but think it more size 3 than 2...
oh well...the baby will have something nice to wear in a couple of years...

Ruth finished up her circle cute!

and she is making great progress on her Anne Hanson sweater

the colors are sooo pretty.

Martha is making great progress on her sweater also.
Harriett pattern by Fiona Ellis with the Araucania Nature Wool, multi color. 

here is the back
There was a problem with the cables, and she tinked down to fix it,
somehow,  I am not talented enough to do that...

Here it is ... all fixed

She finished up her 1st Waving Lace pattern sock, and has
started the 2nd one. 

And finally, here is an eclectic hat she made her son, Tom this week.
Don't you love the color choices...I do!

She has been busy this week!

In other news..I'm cold.  LOL  back to finishing up the sweaters...
One shower is next Sunday...YIKES!