Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Funnin

Having a blast this summer! This week's HOT HOT weather
put a little damper on knitting. So very hot. Ruth said she can't stand
to have more in her hand knitting than a dishrag right now.

Martha sent me some Schaefer HEATHER yarn that she got
when visiting Schaefer's home shop.  I hesitated to share this
picture because it is sooooo beautiful, I didn't want Martha to
regret giving it away.  The colors are more amazing in person !
Thanks, Martha !

 I finished up the fingerless mitts for Amber.
Gray yarn is CamelHair by Lana Gotto. So so soft. The maroon
color is MadelineTosh Light. The object is to use up the gray, but the
color is so blah, it needed the maroon to perk it up.


 I'm so glad the picot bind off straightened out after blocking.

Matching beret to go with the mitts.


Currently working on a cowl to match
(trying to use up the damn gray yarn !)

 Some pictures of fun we've been having since the weather
straightened out:

Boating in Lake Ontario

 Swimming to beat the heat

Little kids trying to stay cool...


 Full moon on Saturday, I thought this was so pretty with the pink clouds

 Joel and I celebrated our birthdays together today;

Ruth and Martha had a big family reunion this weekend so no updates
 from  them.  Stay cool...and hope you are enjoying summer.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Stuff

We did a lot of summer stuff this week.  Fourth of July we
were outside all day (in-between the rain drops)...boy did
we get a lot of rain...ugh!  Ruth and Martha got together
with family for a few days and did a ton of summery things

Pictures of the finished TTL Mystery Shawl:
Lots of pictures, because it took me a long time
to knit it and I have to have something to show for it!
June 1st to July 1st....

Tiffany was kind enough to model...

Two strands of malabrigo silkpaca lace held together...

This week I also finished up Tiff's first sock made from
Universal Bamboo Pop yarn.

My fun project for the week was working on a pair of fingerless mitts
for her friend Amber. Amber works at Farm Market on Thursday's and last
fall she froze, but said she needs her fingers to do stuff.

The color is really a dull gray, that is why I added the Tosh light in
maroony color (two strands held together). Gray yarn is Camel Hair, and the
reason I chose it for this project is because of the warmth.
60% Lana Merino Extrafine Wook/40% Camel.... The yarn is so so soft.
I have enough left for a hat.....I will add better pics next week.

Bind off is picot bindoff, same one I used on shawl above.

Notice how it curls? I'm hoping that straightens out after blocking but it may

Ruth is working on a dishrag....I love the pattern:
Spa Day Facecloth by Anne Mancine. Free on Ravelry. Yarn is Rowan
fine milk cotton that she bought on sale at a store near Martha's. it's knitting up nicely.

Joe/Joey prize tomato plant on the porch...the ones in the garden are not
so great....yet anyway...

The pool was wonderful this week. Back to work tomorrow, blah!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Finally, the mystery is solved.
After four weeks of knitting, which started on June 1st,
I have finally completed the Through The Loops Summer 2013
Mystery Shawl, today on July 1st.
There are a lot of pretty shawls done already.

I still have to block mine, and weave in a few ends. Hope to get that
done later today or tomorrow. 

Joe said it looks like a doiley...LOL  he's right !

This last clue was very challenging. The purl back rows had
patterning. There were a lot of purls in the mix so it was a
lot of counting.  Kristen made the pattern very easy to follow, though.

Malabrigo Baby Silkpaca Lace yarn
Colors Polor Morn (grey) Bobby Blue and Solis (green)
I purchased the yarn before I knew that lace weight would not work,
so I split into two balls and use double strands of yarn.
The colors are so very vibrant and soo soo soft.
Needle size 4

Next week I will share blocked pictures.

Ruth finished up her Miss Babs socks.

She liked the yarn a lot.

Martha is working on a new tank.
Plymouth Yarn Kudos yarn,   Larkspur top by Classic Elite Yarns. But I will make the shoulders about 3" wide not as thin as the white one. I will also make the neck lower.

She is probably about done now as this was sent on Friday.

I have about 1" to go on these socks for Tiffany with the Universal
Bamboo Pop yarn.  These are really brainless knitting, and she is not
getting them until Christmas, so no rush.

Sit by the pool, enjoying summer kind of knitting....

We have a family of red squirrels in the backyard.  I could
only get one in the picture. Joe is hoping they don't ruin the roof
or anything else before he can catch and release them...

He called me outside last night to enjoy the sunset with him. It was
really beautiful.

I have to figure out what I will knit next. I want to work on the sweater I
had just started before the mystery shawl came along and took control.
I also want to make a pair of fingerless gloves for Tiffany's friend Amber,
who will need them when she goes to public market in the fall....last year
she froze!

Have a super wonderful July 4th holiday, and take a moment to reflect on
why we celebrate the day and what it really  means.