Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Fever

I have spring fever...not much knitting fever these days.
I'm sorry I feel the last couple of posts have been so dull.
I have hardly knit all week. Walked almost every night
after work, which is important to me. Not much time after that.
My day starts at 4:00 am and by 8:00 I'm ready for bed.

I did get the heel turned on Joey's socks.

Still a few more rows to decrease.

Ruth finished up her first monkey sock.  It's sooo lovely.
She loves the yarn..and the colors. In person it's really amazing.

Joe cooked chicken tonight on the grill.

Every Sunday this is the conversation:

Me: what do you want for dinner?
Joe: I don't care what do you want?
Me:  Well, I figured you probably wanted to cook me chicken!
Joe:  ok...

Tonight we had fresh asparagus, pineapple cottage cheese and salad with it.

Yesterday we went to Niagara Falls.
It is sooo beautiful. And so powerful.

Such a beautiful sunny day.
Mickey is so precious, expect when he's stalking KeeLee...

I love the glow of a soft lamp, don't you?

Have a great week. Rain Monday and  Tuesday so maybe I'll get a
little knitting in.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

They prey on YA's

You know who they are...those pesky yarn companies that
send email after email day after day wanting you to
buy yarn...harassing YA's to no end. 
Webs, KnitPicks, Patternworks, Little Knits.

I'm sure they know that I have a problem....
I attend weekly Yarn Aholic's Anonymous meetings...

(Yarn Aholic Anonymous - I am currently the only
member, but I bet if I advertised...more would join
me).  I've been trying hard not to buy any yarn....I don't need
any...and have succeeded, so far.  Give me strength!!!

I have the leg part done on Joey's blue socks.
9" - started with 84  stitches because yarn is tiny and
using size 0 needles, then went down to 80 stitches
(see marker) to compensate for larger calf, and longer

I am doing the heel flap slit stitches "through the back loop"
for something different.  I kinda like it so far...though not enough
done to show in this picture.

Had breakfast with Ruth and Martha yesterday - so fun.
Martha is in town for a sister weekend. No updates from them
today...I suspect they are having too much fun.  Martha is zooming
down her 2nd sleeve, and Ruth is finishing up her Monkey socks.

In other news:

Took KeeLee for a walk today. She pooped out 1/2 way thru
and I had to carry her. At one point I looked at her and said
"come on KeeLee, show these  Redneck country dogs how
Park Avenue girls  go for a nice walk" .  she just looked at me
and stuck out her tongue.....sigh.

Joe made barbque chicken...yum
Had a green salad and margarita tomato salad...
such a nice fresh dinner.

KeeLee is quite the princess...

Have a great week, dear blog readers...

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Waddling Along

I feel like a duck..waddling along. Everything in my knitting
world seems to be taking forever.

 Joey's socks have about 4.5" done.  I did not get much done
this week.  I really like the Panda Silk yarn.

He was home a lot this weekend so I started a pair for mom
while he was hanging out.
Heritage yarn. Soft. Blue like she wanted.
Everyone wants blue this year.
I think I will knit Joe some RED socks...just to be different.

Ruth is zooming down the foot on her first monkey sock.
I love the colors.!!!

Martha is working on the second sleeve for her sweater.  Love
the details.

In other news...Joey is starting to warm up to
She really is a sweetie heart.

have a great knitting week....

Sunday, April 3, 2016


The giant socks are done!!!

Size 13 men's
Knitpicks Hawthorne Yarn
Size 2 needle
72 stitches

Luckily, they match
I started a pair of brainless socks
Size 10.5 mens for Joey
Yarn is Panda Silk (with bamboo)
Joey loves this yarn on is feet.
Said they are the only socks his feet don't sweat in.
Just a little past the ribbing so far.

There is a craze going around using size 9 needles for
socks.  So I tried it.  Size 0 needle 9" long.
Giant pain in the arss....Hard on my fingers, hard to manuver,

 Remember the miter mittens I worked on a month or so ago.
I finally finished up the thumbs this week.  I guess I had no
interest before.

Noro Kureyon yarn
40 stitches
Big giant FLOP!
Look at the top of the right one. Looks like it
has ears.
I honestly don't know what I did. The last pair
were perfect.
I like that they are nice an long.
And at least they will fit me, I could not give them away-- too messed up.
I will love them.
Ruth's latest cowl turned out to be a giant success!

 Jerry's Point Cowl. Yarn is North Light Fibers. 40% cashmere and 60% super fine merino. 

She started a pair of socks with this mystery yarn that turned out to
be a giant mismatch of yarn/pattern.  The yarn is too busy so she 
ripped.  She is going to try monkey socks with the yarn.  The colors
are festive.

Martha did not chime in this week. I think she is working on sweater sleeves.
Will be beautiful when done. A giant project completed.

 Last night I made fajitas for the first time which turned out to
be a giant success. The boys liked them.
Something different.  Recipe was from a book
called  Sheet Pan Suppers. I think the next time Joe will
cook the steak outside...