Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Update

Lizzie's baby knitting is done. I have the two bib/washcloth sets to give her, and the EZ surprise sweater done back in January. Ruth gave me some cute baby booties to pass on to Lizzie, also. Thanks, Ruth !

Completed picture of the Panda Silk socks

The teal sweater - 1st sleeve still in progress. I feel like I've been knitting on this
sleeve longer than I did for the whole body. It looks almost long enough, then I try
it on and it's still just a bit past my elbow. If I didn't have so much yarn left, I would
end the sleeve, but I might as well use up the yarn. Right? Wouldn't you?

I have TWO sweaters to cast on for. The EZ class is doing a knit along of the February Lady Sweater - free pattern found on Ravelry. Most of us are using Cascade 200 superwash paint yarn. A few folks in the class are using different yarn. Some of them chose to purchase it someplace other than Pam's - which I have a problem with - my opinion is if the class is at Pam's, the yarn should be purchased there. The other sweater is mom's.

Here is a new project I started, heretofore will be called the dummy project.
Because it is totally brainless, and because I am a big dummy for starting such
a thing. After seeing the free download for a cotton chenille towel on Interweave
Knitting Daily, I decided to make one for Joey. Joey does not like a lot of things I
make, but I know he will love this. Can you imagine knitting a towel with all of the
other stuff I have going? See - Dummy Me!

It has been a rainy summer here in Western NY. The lawn is still lush. I love summer
and all of the things that go with it, except rainy weekends. Here are a few pictures of
the things I love about summer--taken on a hot Saturday morning.

this is Joe's garden--he does most of the work. I do pull weeds. The deer have
been enjoying their fair share this year.

my flowers are very pink this year.

Have a good hot summery week!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick Update

A very quick update on some FO' this weekend.

1. The bib/washcloth set are complete

2. The Panda Silk socks are complete.
(I was finishing these on the bus, and the ladies were all oooohhhhing and
aaaahhhhing over them) - hint hint hint if you need some holiday knitting.
Lynn (super knitter at class) asked the question "I wonder how the
bottoms will wear".... that got me thinking, because she is very aware of
that "stuff". There are a lot of socks on Ravelry in Panda Silk. They seem
delicate, but say can be machine washed in cold water. I'm hoping the
recipient will wear slippers with them, but who knows.

3. Jitterbug socks are on the needles, using the Crosswalker pattern.
I'm liking the yarn, but not sure if I like the pooling. Because the yarn is
short on yardage, The Loopy Ewe is now selling half skeins - so you can
buy a skein and 1/2 to make longer or larger socks. I hopped on and was
going to get one for $11.00, but when I added the $5.95 shipping, it
suddenly was not worth it to my socks will be shorter -- 5" leg,
I like to have a 7 or 8" leg..... Maybe Pam can get 1/2 skeins and the
shipping will not be an issue.

More later.....happy Summer knitting.

Monday, July 7, 2008

This and That

It's July already! Phew, where has the first half of this year gone! This weekend was full of fun and frolick, with not much knitting getting done.

I have the first Panda Sock done, and the 2nd one is half way done. The 2nd baby bib is done, and the first baby washcloth is done. I am hoping that the new mom will like the bib/washcloth set. I was hoping to get mom's sweater figured out this weekend, but didn't have time to work it out on paper.

Will post some pictures later this week. Enjoy the hot weather! Have a fun week.