Sunday, December 13, 2015


Sometimes, it's a challenge to come up with a title for the
blog. As I'm sitting here looking outside, it is very gray.
Thinking about this week's pictures, the knitting is gray also.
So an appropriate title I guess.

 I am decreasing toe in 2nd sock...Im glad I added the
gold color. Actually had enough yarn, but it's a nice break
in the craziness of the pattern...I hope to finish up tonight.

Working a little bit on Alice's CapeletWill concentrate on this
once the sock is done.  I would like to wear it on Christmas.

Yarn came for Just for You Two Mystery pattern. It's a cute idea.
Knit one hour (or so) a day for 7 days and you have a finished
project. Bulky or chunky yarn. Mine is Encore cause it's cheap.

Click here to see the last one, Just for you One .
It is a shawlette.

I thought the one we are doing was a cowl, but now looking at all of that yarn,
  I'm not sure....what do you think? Share your thoughts
in the comments section.  Ruth and maybe  Martha are joining.

Ruth is working along on her sweater...
up to armhole in one section....

and she made a couple of Christmas ornaments..CUTE !
Martha is making the Jackaroo sweater from Knitty.

 She is not doing the pockets.  Yarn is from Rhinebeck last year.
Definitely not gray....nice and bright and cheerful !

Here are a few pictures from the first family Christmas
party of the year:

Yes, they ate too many carbs:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Pair

 I am working on the 2nd sock of the pair.
Did not get far this week.

Suddenly I had a craving to make a pair of EZ mitered
Noro Kureyon yarn. Have a lot in stash of same color.
I kept thinking all week I could make three pair before
Christmas, but it's not happening.

It's almost impossible to make a matching set.
But I like the mismatched...
Still have a pair of thumbs to make.
They are long. maybe too long.
Not sure if I will gift them or not.  They would be a great present.

Ruth is on vacation this week and started a cowl in Rowan
Felted Tweed yarn.  Norden Cowl.

Martha worked a lot on a sweater this week but just ripped it.
She is looking for a new pattern for the yarn.  I hate when that

We have a pair of deer in our front yard.

I made pizza on Friday night. And it was like two pizzas in one
Veggie on one side and hawaian on the other side. Nice pair combo.

A pair of beautiful sunset pictures from tonight.

and another pair

and yet another

Got the 2nd of two tress -  now we have a pair.
This is the real one. Joe and I had a great time picking it out.
Have a great week....whatever you do, do it in  pairs...much
more fun!

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Countdown to Christmas is now on. We had a lovely
Thanksgiving...seems like it was three weeks ago rather
than three days ago.

I finished up the first sock...the yellow color is more
of a gold in person.  Just started the 2nd one.  I guess
I would not want to wear these if I was drunk!  LOLOL
Plain vanilla socks ....nice that the yarn does all of the
patterning work.  
Going to start a new project this week.
Alice's Caplet.
I've been wanting to make a poncho, but the thought of all of that
knitting...ugh...too much.  LOL.. This is just the right size.
I'm going to use Cascade Echo, the recommended yarn.  Just uses
one skein.

I think I will add the button band as I go, rather than picking up stitches
afterwards. That way, I can make sure I have enough yarn, and if I have
extra yarn, can make it longer.

Ruth is working on Burnish sweater. Oak Meadow Alpaca
Farm yarn...cormo blend.

I've fondled this yarn and it's really really beautiful.  I love the
pattern, yarn combo.

Martha started and finished a "pretty thing" cowl this week.
So very pretty !!

Now for the floral part of the post. Wednesday my boss gave me
these beautiful flowers and told me he was thankful to have me.
Warmed my heart.

Then, we got our Christmas sleigh filled with greens.
Present to myself for the season.

The colors are much more vivid in person.

And finally, got the fake tree up. Will get a real one next week.
Gosh, it looks crooked in this picture!

Got a holiday shower curtain and could not find curtains, so I got a
plain gold valence and embroidered holly on it .

Not a perfect match, but it works...

Till next week,...happy knitting.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is Thursday! Where did the time go?
Not much knitting for me this week...I worked a little
on the Regia sock.  I'm liking it better.  Ruth said it will
be very sturdy and wear like iron which will be perfect!  :) 

Tiffany delivered Chase's hat today. He is up to 8 lbs!

Martha is at gussett of her 2nd sock...Lorna's Laces Solemate
Plain vanilla pattern.

 Ruth started a new sweater and will send updates next week ....
I can tell you it's gonna be a beauty!

 Joe went fishing yesterday. It was cold!  He worked hard
to get them. Here are a couple pic of the really big ones.
Last night we celebrated dad's 82nd birthday!
Not a very good pic but only one I have.

 Mom and Tiff

 I'm making pies and rolls for Thanksgiving...what are you making?
Safe travels and Happy Knitting!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's in the Details

Sometimes, knitting simple things look so easy..but it's in the
details that make them so special.  Yesterday morning, I decided
I needed to make a hat for my dad...his birthday is Saturday.
My dad is always he always gets something warm
for his birthday...LOL

My basic hat pattern...K2 P2  100 stitches, worsted weight yarn.
Plymouth Select Superwash. I love that yarn. It's a little pricey, but
Dizzy Sheep has it on special once in a while.  For a head its great.

See how it folds...well when I folded the wrong side it has that
ugly joining what I did was...when I got to the top
and started the decrease...I purled in stead of knit

Then turned it inside out

and when folded over, it looks great with the little pop of green.
The P2 together makes a cute looking stitch pattern on the wrong side...

see the cute p2 togethers...this is the "wrong side" which is now the right side
 the side I worked on....

I think dad will like it...
or maybe I should give it to Chase's dad...Jake...since they are kinda similar colors.
I swear I didn't realize it till both were done...

Washed and blocked the teal socks..Shur'tgal pattern.
the color is so wonderful..does not show up here
Started some plain vanilla socks....
the colors are kind of fugly but manly...and I like the
pattern the yarn is making all on its own...
hey, we have to use up stash, right?

Ruth is almost done with her sock blank socks...
 Martha is doing some plan vanilla socks
Love the colors
Lorna's Laces Comfort socks.
We all have socks going again...

Joe went fishing today...was a beautiful day here...nice perch
have a great week....