Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

 I finished up the first pinky ankle sock, and it looks cute, but might be a tad
too short. I may try to pick the stitches out and make it a little longer.

Started the 2nd one on Thursday and made a lot (way too many) dumb
mistakes. Ended up ripping it out 3x....So basically, all of my Friday
and Saturday knitting was ripped.  Finally on the right track.

I am inspired to work on the 2nd brown sock again. Just finished up the
heel and crawling my way up the leg.

 The color is actually a nice chocolate brown.

Martha finished up her socks this week...

 Her words:
Here are my latest socks. I am very happy with them. The fit is good and I love the spring like color and I picked a open pattern for spring too. The weather is not too conducive to wearing them now, but I love them. The yarn is from Vermont The Spun Monkey Dyeworks and it s Here An Oink color. Made out of certified humane Blue Faced Liecester and nylon.

I like them a lot.  from Favorite socks book..

Ruth is zooming along on her new sweater...

 Copperline pattern by Eileen Vito. Yarn is Cascade 220 sport. Getting close to separating the sleeve stitches.  That is a lot of knitting!  In a short time.  

We are heading to the lake in the boat so no knitting to be done today.

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend....

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I love Martha's comment on the blog post last week:

Don't you think that socks are the pacifier of knitters.
 They keep us happy, are not necessarily too creative 
but necessary for the excess energy we have to knit?
 Of course we always have one going.   

That is perfect, Martha !

Speaking of socks...I finished up Tiffanys' footies..

Elan Esprit yarn....

She tried them on for the photo shoot, and has not taken them

The fit turned out great...wish I could make sweaters fit this good !


They were so fun, and quick, I started another pair of footies for my
little friend Lauren, who will be 12 end of June. 

I hope they fit her ok.  Model is Tiffany.
I made them a little narrower, I have no 12 years old models to
try them on !

Elan Esprit yarn....

With a double stitch heel.  The first part of the heel is colored, and 2nd is

Ruth finished up her Catawampus socks..look how nice they are.

She is starting a sweater, more news on that next week.

They have such nice detail!

Martha was quiet this week, but both kids are home from college so
I suspect she is enjoying her time with them.

So on Thursday I woke up to this....

yes, that is the yarn for Tiffany's socks, 
here is the other end.....

ME:  Mickey did you bite my yarn?
Mickey:  Who me?  ummmm I forgot...
ME:  Mickey...I know you did it....

Mickey:  maybe it was Abbey
Abbey: Mickey you know it was not me. I stopped eating yarn when I was 6.
ME: Mickey I know it was you...don't do it again.
Mickey:  Abbey, I know you told on me.

Abbey: Mickey, I do not know if you did it or not, but I do know that
           on Thursday morning, you walked by me and gave me a little
           kiss instead of batting my I knew you were up to
           something !


Check out this picture I got of Mickey today. He was behind the window
shear sitting on the window ledge....

 Have a fun weekend is memorial day.  Yeeha!@

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mixed bag

Mixed bag of stuff to post about. That is another
way of saying my knitting has been dull. I've worked
a little (very very little) on brown socks.

Finished up the first footie sock for Tiffany.
56 stitches, size 3 needles.  1" ribbing.

Double stitch, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE....

Ruth has buttons for the sweet baby sweater she finished a while ago.

Here are the socks she is working on....

Catawampus pattern by Sock-A-Holic Katie. 
 Yarn is Alpaca with a Twist Socrates. She loves the yarn.

I like them a lot...

Martha made a cutie pie hat to go with her baby outfit.
 She is also working on socks:

 The Spun Monkey Dyeworks, Monkeysuit Here an Oink, color.
The sock pattern is Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark,
 published in book Favorite Socks by Interweave Press.
She is  very happy with this combination of yarn and pattern.   I like it too.

I should go back thru the blog and count the weeks that one
of us is not working on a sock...I bet it will be very few posts...

I need to start something a little more exciting. I really enjoyed the
sweater I just made.  I am having fun with  Tiffany's little socks, but they
are hard on the hands because of the elastic.

Have a great week. It is brrrrrr x 100 cold here today...

p.s.  I get to see Ruth on Tuesday....YIPPEE !!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

This and That

Spring is here, so not a lot of knitting going on. Work
has been a challenge this week, so brain was not fully
engaged to knit.

2nd brown sock is started, but I'm kinda bored with it right

Tiffany requested another pair of ankle socks made with
Elann Esprit yarn. Same thing as Cascade Fixation, but about
$2 per ball cheaper.

I used the double stitch heel, which I like a lot.  I also
like that I could make it from memory!  LOLOLOL

Buttons finally on the sweater.

I added a button on the back for stability

Found some embroidery floss that matched the button perfectly.
I split the floss and use three threads.  I really love it to sew on
sweater buttons.

I like the slight contrast of the buttons

this picture is probably the most accurate color of sweater and buttons

My family still hates the sweater color, but I think I'll be in style when
fall rolls around.

It is slightly tight, and I will probably never trust a swatch that has been washed
again.  The swatch went from 4.5 unwashed to 4 washed (stitches per inch).
had is trusted the 4.5, it would have been a better fit.  I like that I made
room for my hips, and all in all like it.....inspite of the color.

I will admit, the knitting is not my best work. Close up you can see the mistakes....

Ruth finished up her sweater...look how pretty it is and how nice it fits...Irish
coffee pattern...

She is working on some nice socks. Look at the patterning...

 Socks are knit from Alpaca with a Twist Socrates sock yarn. Baby alpaca, merino, bamboo and nylon. Yummy. 

 Martha is working on another baby sweater..check out the fun colors.
She sent this a few days ago, so I suspect it is  nearly done by now.

 My spring flowers are soooo pretty this year. I don't ever remember this
many tulips in the yard.

 Close up of intense color...

Hard to believe some parts of the country have tons of snow. We are having
warmer than usual weather....Happy Spring dear blog readers....