Sunday, November 29, 2020

Holiday Knitting Time

 Hi Dear Blog  Readers....

Holiday knitting time is upon us!  

This week I made a couple of hats. My favorite is the Baby Santa Hat for my little Mason.

Knitpicks Swish Worsted weight red yarn leftover from the wallaby, and plymouth merino select for the white ribbing.  Very easy pattern. I made it in a couple of hours.

He's not a huge fan of hats.


 But much more agreeable after he's eaten

Also made the Jason hat for my brother for Christmas. I think this is the 3rd one I've made. Very easy...basically ribbing.  Yarn is superwash aran weight merino  Tahki Yarns Torino (discontinued) from stash. Two skeins just barely finished the hat. Very little leftover.

Started some felted clogs for Joey. I made him some years ago and he requested another pair.

This is Cascade 220 Wool.

I put my    JUiST No 2. sweater on a string and blocked it.  I think it's too wide so I'm going to tink back a bit and elimate some increases.  I think I will be happier.

Ruth is making great progress on her sweater!  She said it's a great fit so far. And the colors are lovely.

Sweater Yarn is Dancing Leaf Dyeworks Charleston Merino super wash wool in the Rhinebeck colorway. Pattern is Elspeth from the West Yorkshire Spinners Croft book.  


 Martha is done with the 2nd sleeve of her
Counterweights sweater.

So complex and beautiful!   

They certainly are the sweater sisters!

Have a good week dear blog readers. I hope you get a lot of knitting time.

Remember to stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

A Little Dull

 Hi dear blog readers...

This week was a little dull for me after the excitement of having the girls here last week. I hardly knit at all...just  few rows on the sweater blob. One more repeat and I can take sleeves off and wizz away on the body.  

Ruth has come a long way on her sweater.

Here it is with the seams and neck ribbing sewn



This picture is with the short row sleeve cap!  She and Martha are both using this technique for their sleeves. Perfection!

Martha's goal for today was her short row sleeves.  Her own words:

I reviewed my favorite tube videos, (2) and had to start it twice but then it went pretty well. My stitch count at the armpit of the sleeve was 3 more than the pattern called for so I was very happy about that.  I figured my decreases row count etc and I opened the sleeve after an inch of going around.  I don’t like all the adjusting of the sweater going around and around.  I just did my first row of decreases.  Here’s a close up of the shoulder. I just love it when I can do these knit in shoulders they are so beautiful. This doesn’t really show how the shoulder seam looks because it’s not blocked but it’s nice.  I used the German short-row technique.

Here is a close up of the sleeve


Martha is also working on her stripey sock.  She is going to do an afterthought heel so the striping stays the way its supposed to.  LOVE the colors!

See why I feel so dull? These girls are rockin their sweaters!

In other news:

My little Mason finally fits into his jeans. So cute. I am really hoping I fit into my favorite jeans soon!  LOL


Yesterday was my dad's 87th birthday. 87!  How sad is it that I didn't get a picture of him, but got pictures of mom holding Mason.



Joey got the big one today.  Got a huge deer. Joe said it's the biggest one we've ever hung here. Think of it as winning the Olympics or Superbowl ring.  Three different you can see how awesome it is.

Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday dear blog readers, however you celebrate.  Things are different this year for sure, but we all have things to be thankful for. Concentrate on those things. Have a good week. Be safe and be kind..

Sunday, November 15, 2020


 Ruth, Martha and I were able to get together this week for our Rhinebeck 2.0!

Here is a picture of us in front of Holley Falls, (Holley, NY).

We had fun, and did a lot of nothing which felt wonderful to me.


We traveled to the Wool Room at Longmeadow Farm in Freedom, NY.  

I got this nice Farm Flock Trio Blend, dyed in greens. it will become mittens, I think.

Ruth got me this pretty pink/gray sock yarn from Turtlepurl cute.

And Martha got me this Uneek sock is self striping.

There were many other presents also....
I did not get much knitting done this week.....Three more repeats and I will take sleeve stitches off on the sweater.  The rows are very long now, and it looks like a big blob   JUiST No 2.

Ruth is really moving along on her pretty sweater.
Sweater Yarn is Dancing Leaf Dyeworks Charleston Merino super wash wool in the Rhinebeck colorway. Pattern is Elspeth from the West Yorkshire Spinners Croft book. 
Here is a picture of her first sweater back, blocked, and the first front.
Here is the first front blocked, and the start of a sleeve.

She will probably have it done by next week!

Martha is working on her complex sweater:   Counterweights

She always says it best in her own words so here you go:
Here is completed back:

 Here’s my front on the back . Ok, now you see the mistakes. Yes, the front is not blocked.  Some sins might be corrected. Like the bottom seed stitch which is supposed to be a split tail finish. The top is short a row. Yes I’ll try to make it a design feature.  🙄

So check out this f up. The remit is about an inch longer on the top. 😡. I think I’m going to gather them when I sew together the sides and make it a space for the girls.  Sound good? Ugh! 🧐 if Anne asked why I have gathers on the side of my sweater I’ll just say nor everyone looks like a stick! Lol. 

We are in serious gift knitting season. I have to get cracking. Usually I'm much further along by now.  

Have a good week dear blog readers. 

Stay safe and be kind.


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sweater Weather? I think not

 I'm working on a new sweater...and it's been in the 70's here!  I'll take this beautiful weather anytime.

Sweater is JUiST No 2.  A very plain sweater.  Using the Jacob yarn I purchased at virtual Rhinebeck.  The yarn really needs a plain pattern.  I'm liking it a lot so far.  The increases are keeping me on my toes.  It will be plain stockinette once I separate for the sleeves. It will be my brainless knitting, which I love.

Ruth is working on her sweater.

Sweater Yarn is Dancing Leaf Dyeworks Charleston Merino super wash wool in the Rhinebeck colorway. Pattern is Elspeth from the West Yorkshire Spinners Croft book. 

As you can see in the picture she has the back done, and some progress on a sleeve. She is also working on mittens at the same time!    The colors for both projects are incredible!

Martha has the back of her Counterweights sweater done, and a start on the front. Sooo pretty!

She has packed because she's going on vac at the end of the week - to see me and Ruth!

Our own little Rhinebeck.  We are all so excited.

 In other news:

Mickey is sleeping on my Mrs Garter sweater...grrr.  Of course I took his picture before I shooed him off.


Joe and his friend Nicky went fishing yesterday.  Nice catch boys!

Mason is wearing the hat I made him!

A couple more of Mason, Tiffany and me. I saw them quite a bit this weekend. He is actually awake quite a bit!

Have a good week dear blog readers.

Stay safe and be kind.