Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
I finished up several FO's this week...so excited to be done
with all of them.

Finished up mom's green socks, but forgot to take a picture
before I wrapped them. They were like the never ending

Finished up two YES TWO hats....and will take pictures
of them on Christmas morning......

Finished up some boot toppers for Tiffany out of
Plymouth Select Worsted Superwash Yarn..
Leftover from the hats I will show you tomorrow.
Love this yarn.
 Up on Top free pattern on Ravelry.

I added a little to the ribbing....

The new Oddments pattern from Romi came out, and it's a headband,
that is basically same pattern as boot toppers....how could I not whip
one up to match?  Gnarled Entling Warmer....
 hard to tell they are not from the same pattern, huh...

I hope Tiffany likes them,,,

I am just starting a pair of socks for ME...too soon for a picture.

Tiffany is coming along nicely with the scarf she is making for mom for Christmas....
It will not be quite done, may have to be wrapped with needles still intact...
It is sooooo nice...

We had a major ice storm here on Sunday. Lost our power for 5+ hours.
Put me a little behind in preparations but we survived..

Ruth is working on a  nice pair of socks.
This pictures is from Sunday, so she is probably much
further along by now....

Criollos Effect pattern. Madelinetosh sock yarn. Plaid blanket colorway.

Martha finished up her sweater!!!  Check out the fit..it's beautiful.
She said the pic is a little fuzzy...awe. She will wear tomorrow on Christmas
Day! Beautiful job, Martha.

In other news...
Merry Christmas !!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Party time

Hi there,  I have barely knit a thing this week--getting ready for
our annual Christmas Party here at the house.  Hopefully something
to share next week.

Ruth finished up her owlie socks...Sweet Georgia Yarn.
Aren't they so cute!!

Martha is almost done with her sweater. She may add a few short rows
to the back.  It's lovely. All of the work is definitely worth it, don't you think?

The party was a success...
table looked so pretty

Food counter was all decked out

Everyone seemed to have fun....

someone went home with an extra layer of furrrr on their coat!

Merry Christmas....see you next week.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Closer and closer

Closer and closer to Christmas, so less and less I have to
write about.  I did finish up the Wisconsin Winter Socks.

 Jeannine made some and I loved hers. Size 8 needle, cAst on 48 stitches, and go
down to 40....FAST !!
I used Berocco Vintage Yarn, and Knitpicks Stroll (from stash). 
I picked the Vintage because it is 52% acrylic, 40% wool, and 8% nylon.
I thought they would wear and wash well. 

Ruth is making some owlie socks for her niece-in-law who is crazy for
owls. Sweet Georgia yarn. Lettuce wrap color. Ow lie pattern by Julie Elswick Suchomel.

They look so nice and soft.

In other news, Joe and I went to the Christmas parade in Holley last night.
Kind of fun...short and sweet...

 Till next week....happy knitting.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nice stuff

Nice stuff this week...holiday knitting is in full force...

blocked the infinity scarf
 I am very pleased with how it turned out.
 very long, comes down to my knees, but when wrapped around 4x's it's perfect.

 didn't need it so long, but wanted to use up the yarn..so why not?
finally got the buttons on the Braided Cable Baby sweater...
kind of an irradescent white color..didn't want something too cutsie, since the kid
that wears it will be a little older (3 or 4)

I love baby sweaters with collars

it's tucked safely away for the next girl baby to come along, although it's a
size 3 or 4

I'm also working on some nice boot socks...Wisconsin Winter Socks...
one done, one 1/3 done... more next week...

Ruth has two projects done, and one in the works.

The white hat is from her own handspun yarn. Pattern is Marine Waves free from Ravelry.
I got to fondle it yesterday and it is very very very nice!

The purple cowl is Eleanor pattern from Knitty.  Yarn is Cascade 220 heather.
it is very sophisticated!  The green cowl is  Ivy Vibes from Anne Hanson.
Yarn is Cascade 220 Sport. All very very nice. Her sweater is coming along also.

Check out Martha's sweater...
Isn't it lovely!  She can't wait to finish up.

In other news:

I am embracing Christmas and have the little sleigh filled with greens.

Mickey is enjoying his new scratching post Joe made him yesterday

Abbey is being a good girl in hopes that Santa is watching

Joey made me come take pictures of the spectacular sunset to the East on
Saturday night, above the neighbors house

Happy knitting my dear friends....till next week....

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Anatomy of my scarf - my own pattern:

Lace pattern is Chevron Rib from Lace & Eyelets book.
Multiple of 7+2 stitches.  I cast on 38 stitches

Started with a 4 row seed stitch border

then went right into the lace pattern, and then added an 8 row seed stitch

this will be an infinity scarf, so when the  two ends meet up (4 rows of
seed stitch x 2 ends = 8 rows) I want it to be  invisible in the pattern.

 Added sections of 4.5" stockinette in between the lace....its really long now.
Just finishing up the last of stockinette, then 4 rows of seed and ready to block.
Once its blocked, I will join the ends...

The baby cardi has been blocked, and now awaiting buttons:
Ruth is working away on her sweater:

coming along nicely!

Martha is working on the sleeves of her sweater...she is using up
3 strands of yarn and intermingling them.

They are 9.5" long, and have to be 18"....

In other news:
here is Joel's big buck from last week:

Here is Joey with my nephew Craig's deer from this week:

and most exciting...we celebrated dad's 80th birthday this week !

Have a nice Thanksgiving dear blog readers.....