Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Season

Let the Holiday Season Begin!  I only knit a few holiday gifts this year,
and I'm ok with that. Hand surgery put a damper on it, and also, lack
of new things to knit. 

This week I finished up the Baby Moc-A-Socks....

They were kinda fun

and a little fiddly.  I like the end result better than the fun of knitting them!!

Started another hat...
and have a good start on 2nd sock.

Ruth has one sock done for her father in law..

Knitpicks yarn...simple skyp pattern

Martha is moving along on her scarf

here is her Monkey sock....


 Joe and I went to the flower shop yesterday and got our sleigh filled
with greens as we do every year. I set it on the kitchen counter and
admire it all season. Just love it.

Joe went fishing on Friday, and caught enough fish for 4 meals! Yea!

Have a terrific week, dear blog readers. No post next week.
Me, Tiffany and mom are heading to NYC to see the Rockettes!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I seem to have accomplished a lot of knitting this week!

Finished up mom's first sock....

Pattern is on the cover of Favorite Socks book. It looks scrunchy, but when
on the foot, the pattern spreads out nicely.  Only 2 rows of 2nd sock done
at this time.

Started a pair of Baby Moc's for a friend who just had a little boy.

Using some Organic Cotton Yarn, which is sooo splitty. Have to concentrate on
every stitch and make sure all of the "threads" that make up the yarn are attached.

I have made these before and using leftover yarn from stash.

The pattern is pretty fiddly. Lots of mattress stitch - yuck!.  LOL
I will have enough yarn left over for a couple more pairs.

On Friday, I decided I needed to make dad a hat for his birthday (Saturday).
I knew I wanted a K3, P2 pattern, so cast on 95 stitches...a little too tight,
so after 1", recast on 100.  I knit the middle knit stitch TBL, but I don't think
it makes that much difference for the extra time it takes. It is a smidgen
noticeable on the head.... Knit for 6" and started binding off.

Yarn is Green Mt Spinnery, that I got with Ruth and Martha several years ago now.
It is quite soft for wool.   Starting on Friday afternoon, and finishing on Saturday
afternoon, is quite an accomplishment for me,especially with everything else I had to do.

Now, all of a sudden, Joe wants one.  Yes,I have yarn left.

Feeling pretty good about using stash yarn....Joey told me I should just knit
stuff, then when I had an occasion, just pull a hat or pair of socks out of a drawer...
if only..right?

I also finished up another  hat this week that can't be blogged about for a month
or so...

Tiffany finished up my scarf this week. She bought 2 skeins of a wonderfully
soft superwash merino at Hemlock Fiber Fair.  Pattern is K2, P1.

Her knitting is so methodical. She concentrates on every stitch.  I love to watch
her.  Her finished projects are so much more even than mine!

This T-shirt color is awful with the scarf, but oh well....

Thank you, Tiffany...I love it!

Ruth finished up Moriya's socks this week. She sent me a pic earlier in the week
but I can't find in email...ugh.

She also started a new pair which is very nice.

Pattern from Little purls of wisdom pattern. Madeline tosh wine. Used the Strong heel instead of standard flap and gussets.

She also started a pair for her father in law. She is a sock machine these days!

Martha is making a pair of Monkey socks that are heavenly, according to both
Ruth and Martha. I can't wait to see them.  She is also working on two shawls.
She ran out of yarn for the multicolored one, and is currently searching for either
more yarn, or a compatible solid color.....

On to other news:

check out mom's Christmas cactus, that always blooms at Thanksgiving.
Don't you love those vibrant colors? Awesome !

We celebrated Dad's 79th birthday yesterday.
He has been telling everyone he's 80 for a couple of years now, I guess that's
so people tell him he does not look his age ????? LOL

I have been very domestic today, cleaning, cooking, etc...I hope to carve out some
time to knit later.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my dear blog readers.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Lots of shorts in this post. 
It is going to be a short post !

I am just short of finishing up mom's first sock. I didn't have time
to take a picture. I like the way it is coming along. So soft and
not to hard on the brain...LOL

Ruth has one of Moriya's short socks done. Fixation yarn.
Don't you love the colors?  I do!  I suspect the 2nd one is almost done by now.

Martha has been working on two shawls.

She is almost ready to start the short rows on the multicolored one. Mos scarf

The purple one is KidLin yarn that she gave us at Rhinebeck. Pattern is
Diamond Ruffle by Filature Di Crosa.

Today was definitely shorts weather - over 70 here today.  Thunderstorm
last night that had Abbey in the bathtub....

I am short on time. Till next week....

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I  finished up the Double Purly Swirly socks.
They turned out terrific. Amazing what a nice blocking can do.
Used Lorna Laces Comfort Yarn.  I like it a lot.

I was going for a hair cut/color on Thurs and panicked, because
I didnt have any socks to work on while I sat there. So I grabbed
a skein of Madelinetosh Light that I was going to use for the
Rockefeller Shawl (Stephen West pattern).  I have two skeins
of very pretty bluish/brownish/whiteish yarn and what to do
with it?  
 So I cast on 80 stitches since they would be for mom for
Christmas and started ribbing.  That's the thing with socks, you can
always figure out the pattern while doing the ribbing. I want them
to be long, so I did 2" of ribbing. I hate this part, don't you? I just
want to get on with it....LOL.

Ruth made some Whirlpool socks a while ago, and I loved them.
She showed me her trick so they look nice if you are not using 
beads.  The pattern looked great with the yarn, but the yarn is
SOOOOO splitty I was really struggling. I worked on them a 
whole night and got 1" done...HUH?  Weird. Finally I knew it
was not going to work, so I ripped back to the ribbing.

I found a pattern in Favorite Socks book that used the
right multiple of stitches so I decided to try it and see
how it looked.  Wavign Lace Socks.

It is hard to see from the pictures.

I am like a woman obsessed with them.  They are fun, and the
pattern is working great with the yarn...

I will make those Whirlpool socks yet!

Ruth finished up her vest this under 2 weeks.
Reminder: Yarn is from Briar Rose that she got at Rhinebeck
Pattern is Hikers Vest.

Here it is with buttons she chose:

I love this picture above because you can really see the
colors POP.  Nice buttons !!!

She started some socks for her granddaughter Moriya:

Colors are awesome....Moriya is very girly!

Martha finished up Tom's socks this week:

Creatively Died yarn, pattern is called Boxcar Willie.

She has been swatching some of the yarn she got.

The top is yarn Ruth gave her and she is going to make Monkey
socsk by Cookie A with them.
Bottom is KidLin...she gave us some at Rhinebeck and it is very
nice. She said its easy to work with (and rip...).

Family news:  Joey got a nice 8 point buck with his BOW this
week. I am so proud of him.  A nice shoulder shot.


It was cold here this weekend. I made pizza last night,and roast tonight.
I keep thinking about all of the misplaced people with Hurricane Sandy,
and how cold they must be. We are so lucky####...

Till next week.