Sunday, March 29, 2020


The weather has felt like Spring! here for the last few days.
Rainy for a bit, but definitely able to get out and walk. I've
taken a lot of walks this weekwhile distancing myself from others.

Last week I showed you the first sock done.  I have finished another
whole sock this week.  ( I did have ribbing mostly done last week).
That is fast for me.  :)

They still need blocking, better pictures after that next week.

While I was starting the gray toe, look what I noticed!
A dropped stitch on the foot bottom. Thankfully I noticed
it before the whole thing came apart.

I did two repeats of the snuggly sack every day, except
Friday and  Saturday, when I realized that if I knit really
fast, I could finish up the sock.

I'm going to start a summery shawl today.  Just because.
I watched the Mason  Dixon girls on KnitStars  this week, and
they both have a lot of knitting going on at the same time.
So I'm ok with it!  ha!

Speaking of snuggly, Ruth finished up her soft
snuggly socks.
Lucerna by Fabienne Gassmann. 
So cute, huh!
From 52 weeks of socks book.
Sock yarn is Propanicus Moon Solo. 
Color is snow pine. The mohair is leftover
 Lichen and Lace. Color is beach glass.

Martha's update in her own words:

I have about 4 more rows on the bind off so I’m hoping to get the body done tonight. My arms are fussing so I am going to put ice on them, when I’m done tonight.  I’ve but the bottom on your “try-on-tubing”, which I like a lot. The color of this is picture is too white, the actual color is more yellow.

This color is more accurate. This yarn is by Morning Moon Alpacas farm, it’s not named but has 60% alpaca, 20% BFL, and 20% Merino, hand dyed, fingering weight yarn. It’s a smaaaaall gauge so this is a lot of knitting. 


Martha sent this along for comic relief to give us a smile
during this Covid 19 catastophre

She knit her stitch marker into her knitting. I've done that
before!  LOL

In other news:

We were having italian sausage w/peppers and onions yesterday.
I've been avoiding stores as much as possible, so I decided to
make rolls.  Not too hard and turned out great!  I used this
burger bun recipe.

Joe decided it was too nice out to eat dinner inside:
He and Joey went fishing yesterday:

and more crocus' are up!

Have a good week dear blog readers. Stay vigilant.
I feel that people are bored with being distanced and are
starting to go out among the public again.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Luckier than Most

Hi Dear Blog Readers,
A lot has happened in this world since the last post two
weeks ago.  CoronaVirus ugh.  Joe and I were hoping to
retire in the next few years, not sure now with the stocks
crashing.  But...the good news is we are luckier than most.
So far no virus, and WE KNIT. I think Knitters are the lucky
ones. Knitters are NEVER  bored!  Let's get to it!

I finished the stripey scarf in Cumulus Yarn.

It is sooo soft. I love it.

I used an I-cord edge that I would highly recommend.
No curling.
So light and airy

 I think it will be light to wear on warmer days.

 Last Friday I started a sock for mom's Christmas present.
I knew I wanted it brainless, but cute. It is mom after all.
I found this Fiber Optics yarn in my stash from 2017

I don't think I've made pinky for her before.
So I went to this book to look for something cute
that would have impact
Found this

Used just the three center rows for the toe

Now I'm playing yarn chicken with the gray..sigh

Since these are for mom I go from 72 to 80 stitches to
accommodate her hammer toes.
I love this lifted increase...hard to see...
but that is the point.

I learned it when I learned to knit in 4-h years ago.

I have committed to doing two repeats a day to the
baby snuggly sack.

This is the concept when it's much bigger of course
Remember when I said there was a baby coming
in September?  Well guess what!  It's  Tiffany's baby!
I'm going to be a gradma! She picked out this pattern.

They will find out what it is end of April early May...then the
real knitting will begin.

Ruth finished up her shawl.
3/4 hap shawl by Veera Valimaki.  Blue yarn is Elemental Effects
 Shetland. Color periwinkle. 
Wine color is Apple Laine in Shiraz color.

I think it is so nice!!!! I love the colors.

She started some fancy socks from 52 weeks of socks book.

The sock pattern is Lucerna by Fabienne Gassmann. 
Sock yarn is Propanicus Moon Solo. 
Color is snow pine. The mohair is leftover
 Lichen and Lace. Color is beach glass.
 The cuff is a little big but it’s moss stitch so it doesn’t have much stretch. 
She's hoping it will be ok .
Can't wait to see this done.

Martha is working on her sweater -
Ivy Line.

She is using her favorite chickaboo  needles.

She has used this yarn before. Loves it. So soft.

 Here is her sweater. Fronts and backs are joined.
the construction is totally different than anything
she's done before.
Coming out so nice!

In other news;

Ruth and Martha both got walks in this weekend, though
it was freezing out.
Martha is at Royalton Falls...near her home in Mass.

Joe and Joey went fishing yesterday in the  freezing
weather.  I love the clearness of this picture.

And finally this is in my yard and gives me hope.

Have a safe wonderful week dear blog knitters.

Sunday, March 8, 2020


It's very springy here today.  So nice!
I was able to get my Mariechen sweater blocked on Friday, and
added buttons today.

Size 5 needles
Tess Designer yarns
Mohair & Merino DK or Worsted

Very nice yarn.

I like to use embroidery floss to put buttons on.
I try to match sweater or button color.
My sweater is much more blue than this.

I add a button to the back for sturdiness.

 This yarn is so nice.
I chose buttons that would blend in a bit, rather than stand out.

I think it might be a little big, but I'm bigger this year,

Joe took this next picture.
He is a lot of things but a photographer he is not.
he tries though.

I had debilitating headaches this week so not much 
actual knitting was done.  I could not concentrate.
Worked a little on the Snuggly Sack.
It is not brainless.

I think for brainless this week I will work on the stripey
scarf I was making. I'm ready to get it done and put away.

Ruth is working on her 3/4 Hap Shawl.
Pattern is 3/4 hap shawl. Yarns are Elemental Effects
 in periwinkle color and Apple Laine in Shiraz color.
 Both from her stash.
I like how the colors are coming together.

Martha finished up her hat in two days.
Leni pattern

The yarn is Lichen And Lace on skein each of
Matte Sock (merino) and Marsh Mohair
 (kid mohair and silk) Both Blue Lagoon color.
She said it's very soft and loves it!  I do too! 

She has started a new sweater.
 Ivy Line sweater by Yoko Johnson
She said the construction is different than anything
she's ever seen before. 

This yarn is Morning Moon Alpaca yarn.
 60% Alpaca, 20% BFL and 20% Merino
She is loving is so far!  it's very cool I think.

In other news:
Not much to talk about. We worked around here all weekend.
I got the tax papers together today. 
We are gone next Sunday, so no blog ....
Hopefully we will all have a lot to show.

Have a good two weeks dear blog readers.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Knitting for Others

Hi Dear Blog is so sunny here in Western
NY today.  After a cold week it sure is nice.

I find knitting for others very satisfying, as long as they
like what I make. How about you?

This week I finished up the booties.

Yarn is Madelinetosh from stash.
Size 1 Needle.
I-cord is two stitches

They were for Riley who is 7 months old now.  When I gave them
to her mom, she popped them right on Riley and said how much
she loved them.

Finished up the Baby Bear Knit Hoodie

Encore yarn
Size 8 needle
Used almost two skeins.
I made brown ears
and monkey buttons

The shower will probably be in May I'm guessing.

This is for Joe's nephew.

I finished up the collar on my sweater today.
Not much to show.  I hope to get it blocked this week,
then add buttons.

I started a Snuggly Sleep Sack for a baby that is coming in
September.  No gender yet so I'm using gray.
Encore yarn
Size 8 needle

I'm already sorry I started it. You knit until it's 48" long then fold it...
then knit the hood. I think I'm going to get sick of it soon.

I started a Wallaby hoodie for Joe's niece.  Too soon for

Ruth finished up her mittens!!!!
Pattern is Acanthium Mittens by Kate Green. Yarn is Jamieson Spindrift.

I love how nice they are.  She did a great job!!

She started a shawl for her cousin who she will see in a couple
of weeks.
A 3/4 Hap shawl
I like her colors a lot.

Martha sent the skirt she made to her daughter and it fits perfectly!
Pictures next week.

My sister in law sent me this text a couple
of weeks ago. I make her socks every year.
This warmed my heart.

Joe went fishing with our son in law last weekend
and sent me this picture. This is the hat I made Mark
for Christmas this year.

And my brother sent this on Friday.
he is wearing two hats I made him!

Have a nice week dear blog readers...
Knit on!