Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday update

A couple of pictures to show....not much knitting this weekend.

I am making a pair of socks out of Panda Silk - and am loving this yarn. Purchased
at Pam's.
I knit the top from the Travelers Sock by Nancy Bush. I wanted a brainless
project so I did the rest in stockinette. Have just turned the heel. The yarn is
sooooo soft. These are a Christmas present.

I finished up the little bib for Lizzie's baby. I want to make a washcloth to match
and another bib, washcloth set in a different color. It was so boring I couldn't bring
myself to start the 2nd one this weekend.

A few more rows on the sweater sleeve.

I have started Christmas knitting, and I'll post my progress in the sidebar.
Mom wants a sweater. I will have to start that soon so I have time to work
on it, get sick of it, and pick it up again in time for Christmas. I really don't
know if i will get it done.

That's it from here. Have a safe week.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lots of Stuff

I have a lot of pictures to share today:

Here is Martha's finished scarf she made for Tom.
Notice how neat the back is.

Ruth's scarf - in person it is much more wonderful than the picture - remember, this is the
yarn she dyed.

Ruth is making the Gentleman's Sock from Yarn Harlot. the sock is really much
nicer in person. Guess what! Martha is making the same socks. When they
both send pictures, I'll post them side by side (hint - girls - send finished sock
pictures when done).

My finished Jaywalker socks. Made with merino/tencel yarn. I love this
yarn. It's soft, and shiny and sturdy. It's not squishy, but that's ok,
cause they stay up. The yarn is really a soft brown, with a l ittle cream
and gray. I started these when we went to Martha's and just finished.

It's a good thing these are done. I haven't made too many socks for myself, and my
favorite pair is getting worn out.

I finished Joe's brioche hat , made out of Prime Alpaca
that I got at the Hemlock Fibre Fair in 2006. Pattern is
Elizabeth Zimmerman. Yarn is
leftover from the sweater I made. I wish you could touch is sooooo soft! A Christmas present for Joe.

I have finished Tiffany's shrug, from Lace Style, made with Goby cotton. Very shiny, nice finished object. She has not been home long enough to pose. The yarn was like knitting
with 6 strands of fishing line all at once...will not use it again, though I do love the
final project.


I have been liking my sweater again, and have been working on
the sleeves. If you will recall, the sweater is sleeveless, but I'm
adding them.

I made a baby bib for my friend Lizzie who is due in July.
I have to finish the Icord around the edge and the tie - probably
2 more hours and it will be done. This is from One Skein, and
probably for a 1 year old.

Phew! Yes, even though I was not blogging, I was still
knitting. Thanks to the guest knitters in this issue! ha!

We had mom and Joe's birthday a couple of weekends was had by all.

That's it from knitatation for today......more stuff coming this
I love the weekends! yea!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A couple of scarves in progress

Just not my own.......

Ruth and Martha have been good about taking pictures...I have a couple of FO's finished, but they still need the photo shoot. So, I give you works in progress by Martha and Ruth.

Ruth: She is knitting a scarf from Knitty called Wavy out of the yarn she hand dyed. She has a lot more done now than in this picture:

Martha: She is making Tommy a scarf. He wanted a black and white checkered one. She
is using Encore she got at Webs. Tommy told her he could have stripes around the neck.
Notice all of the ENDS sticking out that she will have to tie in. This would drive me
crazy but she's plugging along.

I have only two works in progress right now. Jaywalker socks and my blue sweater.
I actually picked up the blue sweater and knit a little on the sleeves. I will share my
pictures this week.

Have a safe week!