Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wee Knits

Ruth and Martha continue their baby knits, and I have done a
very wee bit of  knitting this week, hence the title!

I fixed Martha's shawl, and wish I could show you. I am loving it.

Ruth is working on an elf hat to go with her sock scrapy sweater
featured in last week's post:

Knitcol trends yarn from stash Two different color ways.
The second ball starts about 2 inches from the top of the hat.
 Chin strap will be second ball color. Very close! Pattern is striped
elf hat in 2x2 ribbing by Anna Daku. From Ravelry.

Martha finished another sock scrap sweater - using 2 strands.

Her words: 
Here is my latest, size 2 Scrappy Stripey Cardigan
sweater. I made some changes, naturally. I did knit it out of sock
left overs, but knitted 2 together to make it go more quickly.. I
think it works. I am going to knit straight green, like the cuffs
are, for the button and neck band. This was a quick knit. I am going
to make some booties and a hat for the baby, the pink one, and see how
my stamina is going. Enjoy.

Here is a picture of her daughter EmmaLouise and her friend. They
gave a charity concert and raised $750 !!!!  EmmaLouse is on the right.

 So pretty!

Have a wonderful week, and maybe I will have some pics for you
next week. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have been bored with my knitting this week. In my defense, Joe and I
are trying to exercise more, so I went to Zumba 3x and walked 2x at night.
I am currenty fixing a blip in Martha's can't show pictures, and
working on Betty's 2nd sock.

Last week I shared the link to Stephen West's Rockefeller Mystery
shawl, and shared that I won't be finishing mine. Looking at some of the
finished ones, they are truly amazing.  I like them a lot wrapped around
the neck.  Should I finish?  I don't know. I have not ripped yet. I would
like the final product, but would I wear it?

Ruth has had a wonderful knitting week:
This is her Scrappy sucky stripey cardi using left over sock yarns. Pattern on  Ravelry.

I love it and I love her buttons!

She has also been working on some booties:
Dino baby booties. Martha Stewart yarn. Pattern by Anna Trofimenko aka Pansyflower on Ravelry.

It has been quite rainy here, and I have been cooking and doing dishes all weekend.
Made a fun smores dessert on  Friday in honor of National Smores day!  It was
too sweet....

Have a fun week, dear blog readers, because that is what summer is all about!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The summer of the FROG

This will be known as the summer of the FROG, as in ripping ripping ripping.
I have finally finished up the first clue of the Stephen West shawl/scarf. The final
clue came out Friday, and I don't like it. Some people have their's done, and when
wrapped around the neck, it looks fab, but I don't think I'm going to continue.
check out these that are finished:

Several people feel the way I do, and several are making modifications.  I just don't think
it is "me".  I have a couple of nice patterns that call for two colors that I would like much

Ruth and I actually talked about how I can continue on and not lose what I have now,
but I think I would end up ripping anyway. 

I have started a new shawl for Martha, because I ripped out the one I had started for
her, it just wasn't doing anything for me.  Finally moving forward on Betty's second
sock, after ripping out the first one....

Ruth and Martha are making much better progress than I am.
Both are making a baby sweater out of sock scraps.  This is

Ruth's and she is MUCH further along now.  Don't you love it!

Here is Martha's...she is much further along, doing the buttonbands already"

I won't have much to share next week. I hope the sisters do!

Take care and have a knitful, cool week.