Sunday, September 25, 2016

I wore socks this week!

It sure feels like fall this weekend. Beautiful, but chilly.
I wore socks!'

The Marduta shawl continues to grow. I will have
enough yarn to finish this repeat, and maybe do 1/2
more. Which is great, but I'm running out of time.
 I hardly knit at all this week.  Yikes !

Got the heel turned on the sock.  Did the
heel in the light gray yarn.....which I had intended to do
the first time, but forgot.
Ruth is coming along on the Hanami Shawl
with the Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud Oyster Color.

Once she gets done with this complex part, the
rest will be easier. .Soooooo lovely!

Martha has made great progress in her color sweater
this week.
There are a lot of stitches, and she is excited to
be almost ready to split the sleeves off.
So nice, huh!

In other news.....
I got some fall decorations for the front of the house today.
Mums and pumpkins....

they make me happy

Joe went fishing and caught a mess of bluegills.
he had a wonderful day on the water. Said it
was very fun.

I have to go work on the stole...people wish me a lot
of knitting time this week. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another week gone by

Another week gone by, only three weeks till Tiffany's
wedding!  Yikes!  I need to get my shawl done.

 I have 8 repeats done.  Reminder there was a provisional cast on.
I love the pattern so much, I am not going to put the different
pattern on each end.  Instead of wondering if I had enough
yarn to go back and do the 3 rows of garter and bind off...I cut
the yarn and picked up the provisional stitches and finished it

 Now I think I have enough  yarn to do 1/2 repeat, and the 3 garter
rows/bind off.  I will be very glad to get this done.

I tried the sock on today, and there seemed to be
extreme bunching at the ankle.  Yuck. So I ripped back to
5.5" on the foot and decreased 4 stitches...I think it will
be much better.  Though I was getting excited to be
nearing the end of this sock.

Here is a picture of Ruth's finished cowl!
Stunning !!!!

She started a wedding shawl for her future
Knitpicks yarn
Hanami Stole by Melaine Gibbons.

Martha is working away on her sweater, and ready
to switch colors. She included a picture of the pattern
so we can see what it will look like.
Very nice!!!

In other news
Joe went fishing this morning, just on the dock of
the Erie  Canal.  He was happy.
I love this picture !!!

I made eggs and ham with tomatoes from our
tomato tree, and fresh delish!

Joe cooked chicken on the grill tonight.
Seems we have that every Sunday, which I love.
Those are peppers he is roasting.

Have a wonderful knitful week.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Summer ???

Summer seems to have come to and end here in Western
New York, as of today.  Yesterday it was,
barely 70.  I must admit I am liking the cooler weather.
Though I will miss the pool.

Knitting:  I have finished 7 repeats of the Marduta Shawl, plus
1/3 of another.  Not sure if I will have enough yarn for one more.
It will be fine if it is just this long.

 Managed to turn the toe of the sock. Done with
foot decreases.

 Martha totally started her sweater over. She is loving
the new color scheme. I love it too. Way to carry on,
Martha.  I get to see her soon at Rhinebeck...
can't wait!!
Ruth is on vacation this week. She finished up her
lovely cowl and I will send pictures when she is back.
She said it is so soft and warm, I told her I hope she does
not need it at Rhinebeck, meaning I hope its way too warm
to wear it!!!

It's been two weeks since the last post....
some things have happened.:

KeeLee and I took a walk today. She walked for 10 minutes
before she wanted to ride in her stroller. That is
very good for her.

 Yesterday, went on Bachelorette party with Tiffany
and her friends. It was sooo fun.
Wine tour at Seneca Lake.  Sooo fun...did I say that already?

Last weekend Joe and I went to Oneida Lake.
He "Keenered" the sock for me.
I did get quite a lot done on the boat.
 The weather was so amazing.
The water was calm all weekend.
 This year, the sunsets were spectacular.
I don't know how they can get better, but they do.

 Joey caught some nice sunfish.
They are fun to catch.
I think its ironic that he put them on the
Obit section for the photo op!!!!

 He caught this tiny fish...I made him take a picture.
It actually gave him a good fight.

There were sailboat races....
 and a final panoramic pic of the sunset:

 Have a nice week dear blog readers.

I always say once September 1st hits,  you blink and it's
Christmas.!  Tiffany's wedding is on 4 weeks...YIKES!