Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis the Season

Tis the season for lots of family activities, which I love.
No knitting to speak of for me this week. I can share more
next week, after Christmas.

Ruth is knitting a pair of socks - no pictures yet.

She and I both did a lot of cooking this weekend for family

Martha, on the other hand, is knitting up a storm on
her sweater. Reminder: this is her own design!!!

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love the season

I love the season of Christmas. The songs, the candles, the
pretty lights, the cookies, etc. The shopping not
so much anymore. After all of the Christmas knitting throughout
this year, I'm finally ready to start wrapping.

Four of the ruffle scarves will be handed out at lunch

Still a couple things on the needles to finish up but they
are quick.

Ruth finished up her socks in Austerman step yarn -
pattern: Par 5 pattern by Ingrid Hiddessen

One of the first socks I ever made Joe are from
Austerman step and he is still wearing them -
weekly in the winter. The pattern she chose
works well with the socks.

This hat is from the fibre she spun - it is sooo pretty.
Pattern is Fartek hat, new from Anne Hanson.

I can't wait to see it up close.

Martha has ripped the sweater she is designing, and
started over.

Designing is a long process....good luck Martha...
stick with it - it will be wonderful.....

In other news:
This morning when I got up, Mickey was sitting
on top of the Entertainment cabinet next to
the Snowman.

Not sure how he got there as that is a pretty
high jump.None of the pictures behind were
knocked over.

See how high it is?

Tiffany and I got our ceramics back this week.
I don't have pictures of hers, maybe next week.

I made another bowl - a hyacinth - which turned
out just ok. Not as cute as the red flower.

And two snowmen salt and pepper shakers.

It is cold here today...brrr. Have a nice knitful week!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome December

Welcome December, though it does not feel like it.
So nice and balmy here in Western NY...50's all week.
But, I close my eyes and pretend it's a normal
December and there is a blizzard outside, and I sit
and knit. Not much to show. I've had a tired, busy
week at work. Here is a picture of the cowl blocked.
I love it!!

These pictures were taken in the bathroom mirror
and not very good. But trust me its nice.
(thanks, Ruth!!).

I'm ready to kitchner the first sock and can start
on the 2nd one. I started these for Joe a long time
ago, and don't really care if they are done for
Christmas or not. (no picture).

Ruth had done some spinning and knitting.
The spinning is wonderful, and the socks are from
our trade at Rhinebeck.

Martha has started a complicated sweater.

and she's coming along nicely with it.

she did a swatch, and that helped tremendously.

I'm getting ready for Christmas. Shopping is about
1/2 wrapping yet.
We put the fake tree up this week - Joe helped
a lot with that.

Look who wants to be my Christmas present....
his favorite place to nap now.

When I get up in the morning, the floor is
covered with red bows....he must be a
midnight elf.

We went and got the real tree today, will decorate
on Tuesday. Even though it was 50 out, I wore
the scarf, hat and mittens I made for Rhinebeck.
Tiffany told me I looked like a caroler from
"A Christmas Carol" she called me Carol
all day....LOL

That's about it here at Knitatation...
Happy Knitting and Merry Christmas dear
blog readers.