Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm done with Martha's we are all done.. I can't wait to see them.
Three weeks till Rhinebeck.  I am currently working on Betty's 2nd sock...cruising
down the foot. She is size 8 so it will take a little longer....and that, my friends,
is the end of this week's post!  Ruth and Martha have nothing noteworthy to share this
week. I'll make next week really interesting............................

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finish Line

I am happy to report that Martha's shawl is almost done. Next week,
I should have something more interesting to write about...I hope!

Ruth is finishing up a sock that she has been working pics.

Martha finished up a pair of Medallion Lace Socks....

So nice, I love the yarn. Not sure what it is...she probably
mentioned at one point...sorry Martha !

Till  next week....

Sunday, September 16, 2012 anybody there?

Yea, we're here, but so loving summer life, we haven't been knitting much,
and my computer has had "issues" ....but the blog is back.

I have been knitting away on Martha's shawl, so no pics to show. I know what
you're thinking....isn't she done with the damn thing yet?  Well, Labor Day
weekend, I ripped from 220 stitches to 9 stitches...yes 9.  2nd time around
it is looking better than before, but I am so ready to knit something else.
I only have a month to get it done.

We have been having so much fun here...Joe and I went away for Labor Day.
The weekend after that, he got a new boat. Notice I said "he" got it.
It is really super fun. We went for a ride after work on Wednesday - family
night.....sooooo fun.

Ruth went away this past week ....
Her husband Ray is so beautiful don't you think!
 On the way to Bog River Dam
 Spinning she did last week, Icelandic wool, from Dying for Wool.

Martha is still,,,, yes still knitting baby things, except for the cute shrug she
made. What a cute ensemble !!!


The three of us are planning and scheming our trip to Rhinebeck...
and so excited.

I can't believe it's Sunday night already. I had such a wonderful
mom/daughter weekend. Tiffany and I used the spa certificate she got
me for my birthday.  We had facials, massage, lunch, mani's and pedi's.
Felt so spoiled.  Last night Joe and I went out and had fun with
her friends.  I am ending my dart career. All I can say is when that
dart went sailing to the front of the bar at 23 mph, I'm so lucky that
no one lost an eye.  Joe and I were home and in bed by 11:00....
yes, we are lightweights.

The cooler weather is bringing more thoughts of knitting....
till next week....dear friends.