Sunday, October 26, 2008

Socks of Kindness

Ruth and I are both making the Socks of Kindness, found as a free pattern on Ravelry. She did hers in Smooshy, and I did mine in Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn. I have one done, and one barely started. I save it for bus knitting, though I have to admit I really have to concentrate to do these babies on the bus...the pattern is a bit tricky and requires paying attention.

I have 3.25" of ribbing done on mom's sweater done, and perhaps 1.5 inch of stockinette. I am doing the ribbing pattern up each side for visual interest. The ribbing is a K3, P1, with every other row knitting thru the back loop - I love the way it looks. I am making it in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. She requested no wool.

I did manage to get the skein of the week done on the Time sucker project. I am in the hate mode of this project. I HATE THIS PROJECT...there, I said it out loud. Thank goodness I was wise enough to use two different colors, I never would have been able to finish it in just one color. Its exciting to see if I can get a color done every week. (well it was exciting before I hated it.) I'll like it again...I hope I get the skein done this week. It is kind of nice, though, don't ya think.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This and That


Boring title, but I'm tired and couldn't think of anything more catchy than that.

The time sucker has 7 skeins to go - I'm on a roll and will probably finish by Christmas.
Sometimes I'm sorry I make goals for myself...but if I make them I can break them, right?

I started the ribbing on the bottom of mom's sweater, have about 2 inches done. It's looking
really cool...and will share pictures next time.

The socks of kindness are coming along nicely, ready to turn he heel.
I'm using Wildfoote Luxury yarn.

This weekend was opening weekend of bow hunting. Joey struck out on Saturday morning,
but look what happened Saturday evening:

Mom, dad, my mother in law, and the kids and their boyfriend and girlfriend were here for
dinner. I made a wonderful fall dinner: pork roast, gravy, smashed potatoes, applesauce,
wild rice dressing, and mom brought green bean cassarole and cabbage salad. For dessert
I made an apple/walnut bundt cake with cider sauce. I was in the kitchen all day, but
it was worth it - everyone left full and happy.

have a safe week, better knitting pictures next week.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Four F's


My fall centerpiece, ain't it purty!

Joe's Slip Stitch Socks are Finished....
Pattern: K,K,Slip, Knit, Knit one row, repeat.
The yarn is from Times Remembered - a private shop - got it at
the Hemlock Fiber Festival in 2007. These socks are very nice - not
beautiful, but primitive. They are in the blocking process in these pictures.


Martha's kids dressed up for homecoming at their school....
I miss those days.


We had chicken fingers, veggies and bruschetta for dinner. It was wonderful,
and we're all too full to eat the apple pie I made....

Have a good week - stay safe.