Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Solstice

Summer has officially arrived. Here in Western NY, it is very nice - 70's.
The pool is nice - life is good.

Clue 3 of  Through the Loops Mystery Shawl came out on Wednesday.
Each row is a lot of knitting now.  I am 1/3 of the way done.  Each row
has a  lot of straight knitting so it goes pretty quick. The final clue comes
out this week.

Reminder yarn is Malabrigo lace. It is sooo sooo soft to work
with, I love it.  It has a little cashmere, and a hazy look up close.
One thing I really like is if I drop a stitch, it stays put till Ican
fix it.

See the stitch by my thumb....thank goodness I saw that or I would
have had to rip back 3 rows....

Wendy Johnson's Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl 1st pattern
came out this week also. 

I am using Skein yarn purchased at Loopy Ewe.  It is 80% Merino
and 20% Cashmere. So nice.

I wanted a color that was light to see the pattern.
 And I don't have anything lighter like this. Usually I pick jewel colors.

The pattern is easy so far, but only 6 rows.  In typical Wendy
style, I think it will be really nice.

Martha finished up her socks this week.  Notice
now much yarn she had left!  These were made in Shaffer yarn.
(see last week's post for details).

Now that is cutting it close!

Ruth and Martha are vacationing in Lake Placid with their two
other sisters this week, I hope they have fun.
Ruth is starting the Middy sweater in the new Knitty.
(no pics yet)

In other news:
I was very domestic yesterday. 

Made two batches of strawberry jam (freezer).

And made chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

I really had to improvise on the recipie (made it up)
and luckily they turned out GREAT!

Have a fun summery week....

Monday, June 18, 2012


not much new to report here at Knitatation.  I have not done
much knitting because:
1.  It's summer and there are other things to do
2.  My hand still plagues me with numbness.

I am managing to keep up with the clues for the Through
the Loops mystery shawl.  I am currently on row 25 of
40 for clue 3.

Clue 3 is much more interesting to knit, and there are little flowers
developing in the pattern.

I am not much farther on Betty's socks.

Mickey continues to be adorable!


Ruth is almost done with her BSJ.  I think it's so cute the

way she chose to stripe it!  Louet Gems yarn, which is a
merino yarn.

Martha is working on some socks from a Cookie A Sock
Innovation Book pattern.  Yarn
is Shaffer.....

 I like them a lot....the detail is really nice, and a nice choice of yarn.

The three of us are starting Wendy's Summer Solstice shawl
this week....pattern comes out on Wednesday.

Have a wonderfully summery week.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


It is that time of year where the MiniShawl craze begins!  I blocked
Tiffany's Color Affection Scarf today.  Most people made a full size
glorious shawl, but she wanted something more scarflike, and I agreed
with her.  Making shawls is fun, but wearing them can prove to be


Color A - white - Cascade Alpaca Lace
Color B - gray -  Cascade Alpaca Lace
Color C - fuscia - Classice Elite Silky Alpaca Lace


For lace yarn, the Cascade was very splitty.

Needles - Size 2

As I mentioned last week, this was a very fun knit, and I would
love to make another one someday.

I also started the Through the Loops Mystery shawl.  As with
her mystery socks, I'm not that enthralled. I am hoping  the next
clue is better. We are currently on Clue 2.  I am using
Malabrigo Lace yarn, in denim blue, which is the only thing right
now making this project worth it.  I am continuing because I
think it's good to make some things different and step it up a little.
And, the funny part for me is, when she sells designs on her web
site, I always like them, so I am at a loss why her mystery designs
are so far off from the regular.....oh well!  No one is forcing me to
do this....

Ruth, Martha and I all signed up for WendyKnits Summer Solstice 
Mystery Shawl. First clue to come out June 20th.  I know I am
going to love her pattern...I always like her designs.

I am also plugging along on Betty's socks.  I am cruising down the
foot. Well cruising is not really a good word.  I am working on them
when I need something brainless. 

All three therapists told me not to knit to much. How much is too
much?  I think on the weekends I've been doing too much, but during
the week I don't knit much at all......

Ruth is currently working on a Baby  Surprise sock yarn.
She switched yarn since last week.  She decided the yarn was too
nice to have it spit up on ! LOLOLOL...I agree!

Martha is working on some really cools socks, but I don't have pictures

I love knitting in the summer - even as much as in the about you?

Sunday, June 3, 2012


June already!  Today I finished up Tiffany's Color Affection Scarf.
Once I figured out the pattern, it was fairly easy to size down to a
scarf.  I will give details next week, after it is blocked.  Right now
it is still a soft, smooshy blob.
 This was a lot of knitting, I can't imagine how much the shawl size would be.
I really LOVED making it. So fun!

Ruth started a baby surprise jacket for her nephew that will be born
in a couple of months.  Yarn:  Schaefer yarn, Stephanie. Merino super wash, tussah silk, and merino wool.

 Aren't the colors wonderful?  I told Ruth she is genious to use this yarn for a BSJ!

In other news, we have had a few family events to share.  Yesterday we celebrated
birthdays of mom, Joe and my Aunt Edith. 

Mom and Aunt Eddie are 1 year and 3 days apart. Aunt Edie is older....

Here are a couple of grad pics...Tiffany and her friend Amber graduated the same day.
We love Amber

Check out what crazy Mickey does for fun.  This is hanging in Joey's room:

I'm going to go work on Betty's socks.....have a fun week.