Sunday, October 26, 2014


This week will be reflections from Rhinebeck. It was
awesome this year, as usual.

Regular knitting update first. I finished the first sock, and have
a small start on the 2nd one. I am totally bored. I do not
usually knit one thing exclusively, but want to get these done.

The pink yarn is from Loopy Ewe Solid series, and it is totally awesome.
Soft and squishy. 100% merino.

Ruth finished up her friend's socks, reminder the pattern is Monkey.

Saw them in person last weekend and they are really cool.

Martha finished up the socks in Plymouth Diversity yarn for
her daughter. Plain pattern with short row heel. Love the colors.

Now for Rhinebeck update.  We took a boat tour on the Hudson  River
Friday. It was so so beautiful. Not totally cold, kind of windy.
I did not take many pictures there, no I wish I had.  Here are a few
of the animals.

The weather was nice.  Cooler, and we got sprinkled on a little but not
totally awful.
Here is a picture of Ruth and Martha when we were leaving

my stash:
the purple blob will eventually be a sweater.

Ruth's stash:
the fluffy thing is a fleece she got. very nice.

Martha's stash:
She and Ruth each got one of those cool mugs.

Saturday night we went to the Culinary Institute -  French Restaurant.
Here is our best attempt at a selfie:

We ate French and it was not so good.

Martha gave me this teal blue yarn - Valley Yarns. it is beautiful.
Ruth gave me the rainbow yarn - comfort yarn - so nice.  They
each gave really really wonderful presents this year. 

 We had such a good time, it can't be described in words on a blog.  LOL

In between winding all my yarn, I made cookies today.
It's cold here. Until next week...stay warm and knit on.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I finished up the sweater!  With brown yarn to spare!  I have enough
cream color for a pair of mittens, or socks for Joe.  He does not mind
wool, so he would love the socks.  I finished up the knitting on Wednesday...
blocked on Friday.  Put 3 fans on the sweater...yes 3, so it would be dry
enough for buttons today.  I'm really glad it's done.  It took a long time and
I was getting really sick of it.  Started on July 30th...
but did finish 1.5 pairs of socks also during that time.

Mrs Garter by Annestrick
Size 8 needle garter part
Size 6 needle stockinette part

Bartlett Fisherman yarn

Short version
 but I'm short so it looks longer on me
It's super warm
and wool, so a tad bit itchy
the collar is big, but since I'll wear it for a sweater coat, nice to
keep the  cold wind out

it can be worn down, also

I had an extra button, so I sewed it in by the pocket, in case I lose one.

This week I also finished up mom's socks. Notice the toe yarn is different.
Can't believe I ran out. The yardage was really misrepresented.
I had them outside today drying after I blocked them. Joe was so cute, he kept
moving the chair I had them on into the sun....

Got our old friends out today.  Notice Joe's pile:
and my pile:
I would have more, if I didn't blow thru the heels. I need to
darn them. but that takes time away from knitting@#

Started a new pair of socks. Joey wanted me to make some for
his friend, and he wanted them tall.  He picked the dark purple
color, and asked that I make an accent color so there was enough
yarn. He picked the lipstick pink, and it looks great....

Ruth finished up her first sock, and is working on the 2nd one.

She is vacationing this week, and look at this pretty tree outside of her door

Joe worked on tomatoes all day. Made chili and froze a bunch.
No update next week. We will be at in two weeks.
Mickey is waiting for me to sit and knit...he wants to sit on my lap

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Interestingly Enough, I did not mess up

So, I really did not mess up the yarn. I bought extra of light color
because that had the most knitting.  Im really scared though.
The first sleeve took 21g of yarn, and I only have 22g left for
the 2nd sleeve...that is not  much. I will have to rip the swatch
apart.  I have one sleeve done, and one 2/3 done.  I did the
garter cuff per instructions, but did not like it. At all. So I
ripped back and did a 2x2 rib, with icord bind off, which
I like much better.

Ruth is working on socks for a friend who lives in
Arizona.  Pattern is Monkey Socks by Cookie A.
Two different yarns. Lornas laces and Smooshy.
Totally cool!  Totally !

Martha is working on two pair of socks

This yarn is from Rhinebeck. Meida's socks by
Ann Budd from the Favorite Socks book.

 The purple socks are Plymouth  Diversity yarn. Her own

Till next week....