Sunday, February 23, 2020

Little things

 Happy Spring! At least it feels like it today.
Nice here in Western NY

 Since last time I have finished the Baby Bear Knit Hoodie

I chose to  kitchner the hood rather than three needle bind off.
Hard to see, but that is the  point!  LOL

Have to knit the ears, block, and attach buttons and it will be done.

I've been a little obsessed with baby booties this week.
Finally found a pattern I like.
Stay-On Baby Booties by Therese Inverso

This is Madelintosh yarn
I have to make a little tie yet.
have a small start on the 2nd one.

 Ruth has a start on her 2nd mitten.
Pattern is Acanthium Mittens by Kate Green. Yarn is Jamieson Spindrift.

 She whipped up a cute hat this week!
Hat pattern is Leni by Isabell Kraemer.  Isn't it adorable!

Yarn is Spun Right Round DK color Puddles.
the mohair is Lichen and Lace. Beach Glass color

 Martha finished knitting the Tweel Skirt.
In her words:
I don’t have any elastic to put in the waist yet but I’ll get some and send it off. The cables were tricky to keep track of, but I don’t think I have any wild mistakes other than the one I showed you. I’m not sure the pattern in the middle of the skirt, called teed, was worth it the effort. I might replace it with a dull, more stabilizing pattern in future skirt. I’m wondering, afraid this will be stretchy and lose its shape? Time will tell. 

I think it's beautiful!

Tiffany is working on her baby boy blanket for
her nephew who will be born in June.

In other news:

Joe and Mark went fishing yesterday

We had the family over for Tiffany's birthday.
I made lasagna.

Hard to believe she's 33 already.

Tiffany brought me flowers...they are sooo beautiful.

I'm off to work on the 2nd baby bootie so I can get back
to my sweater.

Have a nice week dear blog readers.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

She's Just Weird...and I Bet You Are Too

Hi dear blog readers
This is an unusual, pictureLESS post.
Martha is visiting Ruth and they are  too busy having
fun to send anything along. I can tell you that Ruth's
second mitten is well underway, and Martha's skirt fits
her daughter so far. 

My knitting news:
My Mariechen sweater is almost done. I just have
neck stitches to do. The baby sweater body is done, and
the hood is in progress.

In other news:

Tiffany was talking to her male co-worker Jordan this week:

Tiffany:  That girl on your team is really cute, I think she might
be good for Matt to hang out with.

Jordan:  No I don't think so; she's weird

Tiffany:  What is weird about her.

Jordan:  She doesn't eat fruit

Tiffany:  That is not a good reason, what else

Jordan: She is shy

Tiffany:  That is not a good reason, Matt is shy too. What else?

Jordan:  Well she goes home and knits every night after work!

Tiffany:  OMG, well so do I

Jordan: yea, but she knits all night

Tiffany: Well sometimes I do to!

Well dear blog readers, I'm totally weird because I knit
after about you?

Have a great week will be  a good post, I promise.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Snow Storms are Good for Knitting

This week we had two weather event days.  Thursday and Friday.
The icing on Thursday was the worst.  We got snow all day on Friday.

I started another color on the stripey scarf.  This is what I knit in the
mornings before work. Hard to screw it up.

 On Friday I finished the second sweater sleeve.

Now I have to pick up the button band.  I'm nervous.
I'll give it a go after dinner. Wish me luck!

I started the baby sweater for Joe's nephew.
Free pattern on Ravelry.
I love this pattern because it's so simple.
A great template for a baby sweater.

Using Encore yarn. It is cheap, and washes nicely. For as long as the kid
will wear it, I think it will be perfect.  It's what I used for my first sweater!
I finished the body and that little bit of yarn is what I had left from
the first skein. 

Have a small start on the 1st sleeve.
The bottom is supposed to be garter but I did ribbing.
The knits are TBL. They will straighten out when I wash it.
I made size 12 months, and it seems very big to me.
I'm ok with that, as long as the kid gets some wear out of
it.  I guess even in the summer we wear sweaters at night sometimes.

Ruth has just about finished up her first mitten. 
She will probably be done with the thumb by nighttime.
Acanthium pattern.
I love the colors and the detail.

Martha is working on her daughter's Tweel skirt.
She has  worked hard on it all week, with a few hiccups.

Here is a diagram of her mistakes. She is carrying on.
I think she is the only one that will notice

In her words:

This picture shows how I lost track of my repeats and 
made the sweeping cable wrong. I’m just going on.
 Too much cabling to rip back and fix, which I already
 tried to do twice. Done with that mistake.
I think its great she shows us these things as a learning opportunity.

In other news:
I worked at home the two stormy days so things are quite dull.
The snowplow took out mailbox out so Joe is out fixing that.
On the menu tonight is meatloaf, squash, mashed potatoes,
pineapple cottage cheese, and homemade bread that just came
out of the oven. 

I'm off to read the directions on the button band for my sweater.
Fingers! Crossed!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

SuperBowl Sunday!

Hi Dear Blog Readers...
How can it be February already?  One month
of super knitting season has come and gone. January was
pretty mild here in Western New York..yea!  It's been snowing
most of the day here today, but not sticking.

The Mariechen sweater is coming along. One sleeve
done and one almost done. I wanted it done by this
morning so I could do the button band today...but it
didn't happen.  I really need to concentrate when I do
that, so will work on it next weekend I guess.

Started another color on brainless fuzzy scarf.
The arrow on the left is pointing to the color I
am doing now.  It's a teal green, that is not showing
up very week in the photo (top arrow).

I'm itching to start the baby sweater for Joe's nephew.

Tiffany started a baby blanket for them.  The colors
are a marled, teal color. Do not photo well.

She is doing straight garter stitch since a pattern would not
really show up well.

Ruth is frogging her kitty mittens until she figures
something else out. (picture on left).  She started another
pair. (picture on right, obviously  :))

Pattern is Acanthium mittens using Jamiesons yarn from the Wooly Thistle

So far so good!!!  I think they are going to be soooo cute!

While she was waiting for yarn, and pondering her mittens,
she whipped up a cute cowl this week.

Pattern is Neck Warmer by Needle Beetle.
Yarn is Kangaroo Dyer, Poet Seat Yarn DK.

Martha is working on her daughter's skirt.
Tweel pattern.

Using black yarn which can be hard to see in
a pattern. She is using lots of stitch markers to make
it easier.  I personally hate knitting with black for the
same reason.  She has a great start!

In other news:

We went to Joey's yesterday for a little family
fun night.  He loves to cook. He has been experimenting
with stromboli lately

Joe and Joey went ice fishing in the pond across from his house
yesterday morning. I think it's so interesting that he has a big
pond across from his house to ice fish.

And his back yard is the lake and no ice yet this year.

Have a good week dear blog readers.
Our house is hoping the Chiefs win tonight....
I think it will be a good game, no matter which
team wins.

Happy Knitting.