Sunday, September 29, 2019

All in a Day's Work

 Not much time to concentrate on knitting this week,
so I worked on the brainless Buffalo check hat.
It looks puckered here, but when I block it, things
will be good. Quick knit for sure 

 I did manage to get a couple of rows done on the Mariechen sweater.
Each row is very long. I hope I don't have to switch to a
longer needle (cause I don't have one!)

Ruth is almost done with her first sleeve.

 Martha too!
Emmaline sweater

 I think both are quite lovely####

In other news:
I was very domestic this weekend.
Joe chopped all of the tomatoes, peppers and onions so
we could make sauce. This pot is huge. It cooked all day. I
had to keep an eye on it so it did not burn on the bottom.
it is so worth it in the winter.
I made sausage soup for lunches this week

And decided they needed homemade croutons as a garnish
Pioneer Woman recipe

Flowers are still fabulous.
I guess I should get some fall ones soon'

I'm beat and  going to relax. Having a problem with my
foot so not walking like I would like.
Have a grand week dear blog readers....

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Happy Sunday dear blog readers.
I am sweating profusely as I sit here and do the blog.
Yesterday and today have been in the high 80's...with
lots of humidity.

I finished up the shawl loosely based on the Jimi pattern.

This is the yarn we dyed at Ruth's in July. Base is 
Plymouth Select Merino DK.  If you ever use food coloring
beware. Before I wound this into a ball, I washed several times
in water, and washed with mild soap, and baked in microwave.

I knew it would not run clear, so when the shawl was done,
I gave it just a couple of quick dunks in water, and rinsed.

This is the result.
It blocked out beautifully.
The colors are very bright, and the fabric is nice and squishy.
Need a much cooler day to wear it.

The Mariechen sweater is coming nice and slow.
I only work on it when I can really engage my brain.
The front has a lace pattern and I really need to pay attention.
(Note my cute model)
I have also started a hat for brainless knitting, no picture to share yet.

Ruth is working on the sleeve of her sweater
 So nice, huh!

 Martha is working away on her 2nd sleeve.

 Ruth and I went to the Finger Lakes Fiber festival today.
We needed to prep for Rhinebeck.

The brown spotted sheep in the front was very vocal.

This lady had the bunny in her lap while she was spinning.
She was talking about including dog hair in some of her stuff!!

 I bot this nice tan/brown sock yarn. it is Alpaca and Nylon.
For some reason, I can't find that at Rhinebeck.
A cute coffee mug, and the stunning red yarn.

 Ruth got a lot of nice things.
The blue is enough for a sweater.
The brown is same as my sock yarn, for a shawl.
Can't wait to see what she ends up making with all of it.

In other news:
Martha did a lot of gardening this past year.
This is the end result of a little garden she repurposed
and replanted. Took a lot of work, but look how nice it is.

We had a family wedding yesterday. So hot, but beautiful.
Joe's nephew.
I give him credit standing there waiting for his true love for 10+ minutes.

The happy couple
My family:
Tiffany and Mark
Joey and Casey

Have a good week dear blog readers...knit on !!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

One thing that really bugs me

Hi blog readers. We are deep into fall here in Western NY.
Rainy here.

My camera is not working. It took all of the pictures, but
would not transfer them to the computer so I had to do these
with the phone. Not as nice or easy to get here.

I have done a few rows on the new sweater.  I'm trying to
be very careful and be alert when I work on it. There is a lot going
on with the patterning for both fronts.

Do you have one (or more) thing that bugs you about
knitting?  I have a few...but one is in the charts when they

  • This symbol is purl on front side and knit on wrong side.
I keep getting messed up and have to keep talking to myself
and relooking at the pattern.  It should be pretty simple...but
for me not so much.
Why can't they just keep it the same?!!!
What is your thing that bugs you?

Finished up the 2nd sock.
I love it when they come out the same size.

A little green toe for a pop of color.
I was worried about running out of yarn but had a little left.
 Current brainless project is the colorful hand-dyed shawl.
No picture, but I did work on it quite a bit after the sock was done.
It seems weird to not have a sock on the needle.

Ruth is done with the body of  her sweater and ready to
start the sleeves!

Martha is working on her colorful sock. Love the colors.

She got pretty far on her sweater sleeve...tried it on and it was a
bit too tight so she ripped back and now carrying on again.

In other news:
Joe went fishing today and caught a mess of perch.
no picture.  sorry.
have a great week dear blog readers...
Knit on !!!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Welcome Fall

Welcome  Fall  - ready or not.

Joe and I had a nice time on our long Labor Day weekend away.
I worked on this sock quite a bit.
I only had the ribbing done when we left, and I was done with foot
decreases when we got home.  I have not worked on it much
this week. No time.

 I also started the Mariechen sweater while we were gone.

 I did a nice big swatch, and so far getting gauge.

Ruth is at the bottom ribbing on her fade sweater

Martha researched how to do short row cap sleeves for
her sweater. Look how perfect they are !
It was supposed to be drop sleeves, and she changed the

Here is a closeup

She is also working on her fancy toe up socks.

 In other news:
Went to the market today and got some apples.
The tomato is from our garden!

Joe cooked chicken for my lunch. You know it's a dull week
when I'm posting food pictures.


Have a grand, knitful week dear blog readers.