Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Rhinebeck Episode

Rhinebeck was so fun again this year!  It was hot!
We shed all of our woolies by 10:30 or so.  We have gone
so many times that we hit our favorite vendors early so we  took
a load to the car by then.

Selfie at lunch:

 My stash....

I made a cowl out of the Brooklyn Tweek Quary -chunky yarn
This photo is unblocked.
Pattern is Greyfel.  I liked the yarn....

Martha's stash:
The gray yarn is for a sweater.

I feel so bad that Ruth's stash picture did not come out!
She has many beautiful yarns, and an amazing fleece!

We have all had trying weeks.
Ruth had surgery on her thumb - no  knitting.
Martha is super busy at school - no knitting.
My mom had surgery, so lots of knitting time, hence the cowl.

Maybe more next week.

November starts on can that be

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Did you ever finish up a project or two and feel lost?
That's how I feel...finished up both shawls, and now
just have socks going.  I need to work on them, so I
think that will be my concentration this week.
Padina Pavonia Sock
Fiber Optics yarn (love it!)

Reyna Shawlette
 Size 5 needle

 Lonogmeadow farm yarn

Tiffany stopped by today so she modeled for me.
 It will be nice if it ever gets cool enough to wear.

Also finished up the Simply Shawl.
Super Tajmahal yarn
Size 8 needle
I wish I would have taken a pic  before
really opened up.
Mom will love this...I hope
It's very big...hard to tell here.
But great to really wrap a round her shoulders
while she's in the hospital

Ruth and Martha have been busy knitting this week:
Martha finished up her first sock...
love the colors....

Wisdom Yarn, Angora Lace, Summer Day colorway.  The pattern  is Bricker by Anne Hanson. 
I will get to see them next week!

Ruth is working away on her mittens.

Yarn is Blue Moon Socks That Rock. Deep purple and Jasper Jenkins tip colorways. Pattern is Tallulahs Heart by Jorid Linvik.

They are so pretty. Look like they are a lot of work!
I can't wait to spend time with these girls next weekend
at Rhinebeck!  Yep, it's here already.

This week I need to:
*look for any patterns that I want to purchase yarn for.
*Look at my yarn 5 or 6 times so I really understand
that I have a lot and don't need much!  LOL
*Bring knitting to do when hanging out with the girls

Not sure if there will be a blog update next week
or not....

Mickey's new snuggle spot of the week...the end of
the couch, where he does not usually sit.

 It is raining so hard here it looks like snow!
Delish! the smaller recipies when there
is just the two of us.

Have a super great week....

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hundreds and hundreds.......

 In transparency, I need to tell you to look back at last week's blog
and look at the sweater up close. I clearly did a cable way up wrong...
the ripping and fixing will start soon enough. That will be a big project.
Tinking all of the way.  sigh x 1000000000000000000

Some good news though.  The Simply shawl is almost done.

It is over 300 stitches.  Hundreds and hundreds of seed stitch
and knitting through the back loop, which as you know, take a
bit more time than simply knitting and purling.

 for the contrast color, I picked purple...I don't have a lot so we'll
see how far it goes.  All that is left is sewing in the many ends,
and   putting the contract color on row 11.

 This was a lot of knitting in one week, so glad it will be almost over.

We went boating yesterday, and it was way to big to bring
along, so I worked on Reyna,.
And worked on the socks a bit.  Padina Pavonia sock pattern.

Ruth finished up her  baby the red buttons and the

She is again working on her mittens with different yarn....
nice colors!

Martha is working on a simpler pair of socks, after the
lacey pattern of the pretty ones she just finished.
In her own words:
This one is knit with wisdom yarns, called AngoraLace, color way is Summer Day. I like this because of the Angora. They'll be warm and so cozy. This pattern is Knitspot Bricker. Anne Hanson. The pattern is so easy to read it's a joy. The pattern doesn't really show that well with the Angora and color changes, but I didn't want to do k2p2. After the complicated lace socks I just made, I needed a knit and purl pattern so this is what I came up with. I hope they fit and stay up and are not floppy. I love the colors..

I love the colors too!

In other news:

We went boating yesterday as you can see from the Reyna
picture above. 
Joe caught this gar pike:
not a fish that you keep...ugly huh!

The swans were out:

And we met this sweet 12 year old Dylan who eventually
climbed aboard and fished with us.

Mickey's snuggle spot of the week is on top of my coats, that
should have been hung up, but weren't
Have a great knitting week.....

Sunday, October 1, 2017


 I'm feeling very manic about my knitting this week, and I
don't think that is a good thing.  The Brookings sweater is
coming along, and I have actually started the bottom ribbing!
I was actually going to have a shot at getting it done for
Rhinebeck....notice I saw was....not will....

Found out this week that mom has to have surgery on October 26th
and will be in the hospital for 3-5 days.  I all of a sudden decided she
needed a shawl to wrap over her shoulders in the hospital to keep
the chill away. 

What to make?  I decided on Skye Boat Shawl...what to use?
I have some very pretty green (not teal like pic shows..more forest green)
yarn that I've had for a long time...years. I have been going to make a
vest with it...but I guess if I was serious, it would be made by now.
Anyway, mom loves  green.   Yarn is Super Tajmahal
it is merino, cashmere and oh so squishy.

The pattern is lovely, can you tell?  It is also a nightmare....
at least for a project that I need done quickly.  The charts are hard
to follow....and I got pretty far and discovered I had 3 extra stitches
in each repeat...I looked and looked and tinked and could not figure
it out, but they were there. Lots of other knitters figured it out, and
have made beautiful shawls, so the blame is all mine, but I just
can't do it in a short time.
Killed me, but I ripped and looked for something that
would go a little faster...the yarn is worsted, using a size
8 needle.

I decided on the Simply shawl, by cheryl flaust of knitstudio64
It's super easy, keeps my interest and goes quick. Also, I can make
it larger, to use the yarn up if I need to.  I don't want a scarf, but a shawl
to wrap nicely around her shoulders...
This is more of the actual color....

I am putting everything on hold for now, until I get this done.
I'm going to knit like the wind this week...wish me luck.

Ruth has her sweater all done!
Harrisville yarn. Pattern is Granite State.
It just needs buttons....Harrisville yarn.
Quite the work of art, don't you agree?

 Now Ruth is working on a baby sweater for Wesley.
Pattern is No Tears Baby Cardigan by Astrid Colding Siversten. 
She has changed things a little so it will be done before Wesley out grows out
of it!!!!. Yarn is Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash.
One lucky little boy to get this beauty!

Martha has finished up her socks, they are more red than orangy
as the pictures shows...lovely!
She is going to make a new pair of simple socks with this
She is going to dig out an old sweater and reassess it.....

In other news:
Fall is upon us....
Cooler the last couple of days...which is ok.

The other day I heard a rustling noise...went to check it out...
Mickey had climbed into the box where I keep all of our papers
until tax time.
You would never know he had a bed of his own...
He is quite a character....

Have a great week dear blog knitters....