Sunday, August 30, 2020

Two Stitches Ahead and Three Stitches Backward

 I took a look at the Wallaby I finished and the hood just looked too big.  I decided to pick it out and make it shorter.  So when I finally had the stitches picked out, ripped back and on the needle I finished back up pretty quick. Took a look, and can you see it. Something is off.  I picked up the size 6 needle rather then the size 8!  I always check the needle size, except this time. So ripped back again and fixed  it yet  again.  Two stitches ahead and three stitches back this week.




I did manage to get the arms done on the Pothos Tee.  It's a really cool i-cord bind off.

The rest of it is total stockinette until the bottom ribbing.

That's all of my knitting.

Ruth has the button's on Mason's sweater!  Cute or what !!!


She started a second sweater for him!

Wee Nautical pattern by Taiga Hilliard. Berocco yarn.  So cute. And so generous of her time to make Mason yet another wooly item. He is sure going to be spoiled.

Martha is working on some fun socks. K3, P2.
She is gearing up to start back teaching school.
I really like this color.

In other news:

Tiffany is three weeks or so away from delivering Mason.  Seems like we've been talking about this forever.  She looks great, and feels pretty good. Just some  feet swelling issues. It makes me so sad that I cannot go to the hospital and see him. But nothing about this pregnancy has been the same as it was for others before covid.  Main think is that they are both safe.

Joey turned 32 this week. How did that happen?

Joe decided we should go on a picnic on  Friday. So we got take out and went to Holley Falls.  
Ruth & Martha: If weather cooperates, it will be a great place to lunch and walk for our Rhinebeck 2.0 weekend.

We have been having a lot of dinners with veggies from our garden and the local farm market stands. I roasted these beets picked from our garden. Oh my so delicious.

Our flowers continue to make me happy.

This cidada is on Martha's back door! 

How can next weekend be Labor Day already!  There will be NO blog post next week since Joe and I will be away.  Have a wonderful two weeks dear blog readers. Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, August 23, 2020


 Time sure seems to be flying for me this year.  I think this is the last warm weekend of Summer. At least the last pool weekend.  The next two weekends are predicted to be in the 70's and cooler nights. Wahhhhh.  I love the pool.

This week I concentrated on the  Pothos Tee.   I am six rows away from separating sleeves.  I currently have 365 stitches on that little needle.  LOL.  My plan is to get the sleeves off, then it will become brainless stockinette. Then I will start the 2nd Wallaby. 


And I worked a bit on the size 13 sock.  A lot of  knitting left on this.

I am actually itching to start a sweater for Mason, size 2, but it will be a long time before he can wear it so I'm working on other commitments first.  

Ruth is soooo close to finishing up Mason's adorable sweater.  She blocked it before she puts on the button bands. 
After the Storm by Eimear Early. Yarn is KnitPicks alpaca cloud.  Sooo cute.


She started a sock. Her first sock in a long time. K3, P1 pattern.  Knit Circus sock yarn.

Fun colors !!!!!

Martha is traveling this week so no update.

Have a wonderful weekend...enjoy summer while it's here.

I hope you can knit a lot.  Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, August 16, 2020


 This week talking about the power of  two.

I currently have two projects in the works.

The giant sock for my son in law with size 13 feet.  Knitpicks Hawthorne yarn. Size 2 needle.

I am just about turning the heel. The leg is 9" long.

And the Pothos Tee.  Have not done much on this.  The pattern is not showing very well, and it's ok with me.  It's 'what I wanted.

Spent a good amount of time this week finishing up the Wallaby.  Size 10. Size 8 needles.  Knitpicks Swish  yarn. I chose this yarn because it says it's for rugged wear. For kids that play. Can be easily washed and dried.  After blocking and drying, I think it's going to pill.

I have to start another one for Faith's little sister. It will be red.

Need two buttons yet.

Ruth is making two, yes two things for my grandson Mason who will be here next month.

She finished up the blanket yesterday. So precious. A TON of work! 

 Pattern is Cradle Me by Anne Hanson.

And she sent this picture this morning of a sweater she is making him. I bet she is much further along now.  After the Storm by Eimear Early. Yarn is KnitPicks alpaca cloud.  Sooo cute.

Martha made two sweaters in just a few weeks.  The first one is Loren Cardigan.  

Love the fun colors and it turned out so cute.

The second one is Free Raglan Sweater by Karen O’Hanlon Cohrt Knit Designs.

 So cute!  Love the striping.

Two very lucky little kids for sure!

She is working on a colorful sock  K3, P1.  Martha is all about the fun colors!

In other news...


the best TWO of all. Ruth's grandson turns two. This is a picture of him playing with the fisher price garage she sent him.  She hasn't been able to go see him (in Arizona) because of Covid and she misses him terribly.

Have a good week dear blog readers.

Knit a lot, stay safe, and be kind.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

When your kid says "Mom, I've got to tell you something"

 When your kid says "Mom, I've got to tell you something" all sorts of things flash through your mind in a split second.  That's what happened to me this week.  When I took the snuggly to drop it off  to Tiffany, she said "Mom, I've got to tell you something. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I don't like the buttons you put on Mason's snuggly.  She said it is such a nice classic knit and the buttons make it looks cheap.  Well, she was right. When I went to get buttons, they had very limited selection.  So we stopped Friday and found some we both liked a lot better.



They are not sewn in yet, maybe this week.


I ripped the Simply Perfect Top I had started. I didn't really like the pattern. It was very clever, but left a too many things to the imagination.  Other did it and did it well, just not me I guess. Maybe I'll try some other time.

I started the Pothos Tee.  Barely started. 


 Made a little progress on the Wallaby. I'm working on the hood now.

Ruth is working on her the beautiful baby blanket for Mason.   I think she's almost done.

 Pattern is Cradle Me by Anne Hanson.

Martha is working on her sweater for 3 year old boy. 
Free Raglan Sweater by Karen O’Hanlon Cohrt Knit Designs.

I love it!  She is loving the striping also.  Very classic and chic

In other news:

Joe and I had a date yesterday.  Really the first one since covid hit.  We have not been to a restaurant together or anything. We went fishing and to lunch in the boat. I took  knitting but never really knit. We were catching too many fish.  The water was calm, it wasn't 'too hot, it was just really nice.

Here are a few pictures. 

I saw this lavender Studebaker car at Wegmans grocery store today.

We have tomatoes!

We had a little picnic today and I guess little Mickey could see better way up there.

 Here is a picture of Martha's dog Penny snuggling with her husband.

So cute!

 Ruth and Martha and I are planning our own version of Rhinebeck this year.  Martha is calling it Rhinebeck 2.0!  Only 8 weeks.  Mason will be here in 6 weeks if he's on time.

So basically no knitting this weekend, but the fun social activities were so good for our soul.

 I will try to remember that tomorrow since I got NO cleaning done this weekend. I'll be playing catch up all week, but it was sure worth it.

Have a good week dear blog readers. Stay safe and be kind.