Sunday, November 24, 2019

We Blinked

How can it be Thanksgiving next week, and it's even a week
later this year. September came, we blinked, and it's Thanksgiving!
Several homes in our area have Christmas lights up and we've seen
trees  thru the windows!

I guess it's a good think my holiday knitting is almost done.

I finished up the hat for my friend Maryann. It was soo easy.
Jason's Cashmere Hat. Free on Ravelry.

 Sundara Superwash Aran weight yarn.

I'm going to add a faux fur pom on the top.  I'll show you when
it's done.

I put the sweater on a string and tried it on.  I'm going to knit

two more repeats, then block to see how long it is.

 I have one more secret project to do, and maybe a pair
of socks. I would like to make my friend Laurie a hat,
but we'll see.

Ruth made Christmas presents.
Irma hat and she found a fingerless mitt pattern
to match - Leaves.
Yarn is Blue Pepper Farm Wool in conjunction with
Adirondack Fibershed.  If Irma looks familiar, it's because
I knit the same hat last week. We did not know we were
knitting the same hat!
What a lovely set..huh!

She is continuing on the socks she started a while ago.
Yarn: Spun Right Round in colorways Shattered,
The Big Tea Wave and Pack your Maniac. Pattern is

Martha has had a busy week configuring the mittens
she is making for her daughter.
Here are her own words as it's rather interesting.
 I’m using the dog mittens from this book I bought at Rhinebeck a year or two ago. I hope they’re big enough!  I redrew the charts with Moxie pictures. I also put her name and Moxie on the mittens. I’m using mohair for the tan, which I bought at parents weekend Emma’s sophomore year. We went to a local mohair and cashmere farm. I’m not sure I’ll have enough and have emailed the farm. The owner got back to me, I’m not sure she can add with more.

Did you notice she even has a right and left mitten!
Classic. I don't think I could pull this off.

In other news:

Remember the tree I showed you three weeks ago..
leaves are still hanging on. Joe did leaves all day again
today.  I mean all day.

He had to clean the gutters again...just cleaned them
We still have snow from two weeks ago!
Have a wonderful week dear blog readers.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Feels weird

Hi dear blog readers....
I have to say, it sure feels weird to not have socks on the go to brainless project.  Maybe I will have time
to make some for me soon.

This week I made the Irma hat. Free pattern on Ravelry.
The patterning part is not hard at all but definitely
not brainless.  I had to tink back a couple of times to 
get back on track.

Mods:  I cast on 104 stitches, and did 4" of ribbing before
starting the pattern.

A nice chocolate, tweedy brown.
I like the tweed look.

 Joe was kind enough to model for me.
This hat is for my dad for Christmas.

 I have had this yarn in stash forever.
Way back when Spirit work was still in business. I think I bought
it for mittens I never made. Though I did make something. I had
three skeins at some point. I had a smidge of one left, that I used.
I also used another 1.5.

I started another hat.  Jason's Cashmere hat.
 Lots of cables. Not brainless for sure.
Free pattern on Ravelry
Aran yarn
Sundara Yarn.
I have also had this in my stash for a long time.
A hat for my friend Maryann.
 The color is more of a tealy blue.

I did work on the Mariechen sweater this week. No new
picture. It is very big, but only comes half way down my back.

Ruth finished up her Acer sweater!
Totally stunning, don't you think!

Martha finished her 2nd sock,
no picture cause she wore them and they
are dirty!  LOL. They are totally cute.

She is  making mittens for her daughter
The first two pictures are the inspiration for the mittens:

She created! yes created this pattern on chart paper.

And here is her yarn
Lots more to show next week.

In other news:
Joe roasted a lot of butternut squash today on the grill.
Something about the grill that brings out the natural
sweetness of it.  We will freeze it.

 I made a wild rice, mushroom, chicken soup that was not that great.
The rice got too mushy.
Also  grilled tomato sammies from Pioneer Woman that were
actually awful.

I tried. :)
have a great week dear blog readers. Are you doing any
holiday knitting?  I have  to make something for Tiffany and
Joe yet, then I'll be done.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Another one done

Another present done...yea!
Mark's helmet liner is done.
Notice the SMALL amount of yarn left.
Cascade 220 Superwash.

I have another hat and a head band to do yet and maybe
will be done.

Here is a picture of socks blocked and dried.
And the yarn label.
I'm going to try and be better about the Ravelry
project pages and give more details.
it really helps if I do a project again.
Did a few rows on the sweater.
I try to do two or four a night.
I tried it on and though it looks long, this picture it is
only to the middle of my back.

Ruth has a sleeve almost done on her Acer sweater.
 She is feeling better about amount of yarn left.

 Martha is working on her 2nd sock, top down. she has
had a cold so not much knitting, plus she had a super busy
week at school. So cute!

 In other news:
Joey shot an 8 point buck with his bow. I always think it is
so special to get one with the bow...much more sportsman like.

I took a walk both weekend nice.
We are under a winter storm watch for Monday and Tuesday...

I did a lot of cooking today.
Sauce / roasted a chicken / meatloaf

I might be done for the week...hopefully.

Have a wonderful week dear blog readers..stay safe and warm.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Not much going on

Not much going on this week. It was kind of an odd week.
I did finish the 2nd sock.   They are blocking.
I like them a lot. Love the yarn.

I think the leg pattern will show when on the foot.  I guess
I don't care. I was thinking about my sock knitting and lately
I have made a lot of plain socks.  But that works for me. It is my
knitting meditation. 

This pattern is:

Row 1:  Knit 3, slip 1
Row 2:  Knit
Row 3:  Knit 1, slip 1, knit 2
Row 4:  Knit

Yesterday and today I have been able to work on the Mariechen
sweater.  I am slightly stressed that I won't have enough yarn.

I started a helmet liner hat for my brainless project this week.
A Christmas present for my son-in-law Mark.

Ruth is churning away on her sweater.

 Pattern is Acer by Kristin Kapur. Yarn is Jill Draper makes stuff. Empire Rambouillet.
I think Ruth's is nicer than Kristin Kapur's , but that's just my opinion.  :)

Martha is working on the Saxe point Colorwork socks.
She said the toe is supposed to be pink, so she is going to unravel
it and fix after she finished the afterthought heel. She loves the heel!
I think these are totally adorable!


Not much other news.  Very domestic with chores around the
house this weekend. I need a break. Oh wait, I get one..I get
to go to work tomorrow!  LOLOL

Have a great week dear blog readers.
Happy Knitting!