Sunday, April 26, 2020

More of the same

More of the same here this week.  I resisted the urge to
start another project, and let me tell you the urge was great!
When looking at what I have accomplished, does not look like
much knitting. 

Finished up the first sock.
Foot decreases are done on 2nd one and zooming down the foot.
1st picture is actual color

Managed to get two repeats done on the Vedder shawl.
I'm anxious to start the two color patterning.  The color is
much more green than this.  Two more 12-row repeats.

No new knitting on the  Wallaby.  I was looking at the finished
ones on  Ravelry, and a lot of knitters complained about the
pattern measurements for kids.  I will have to do some research
and see some other patterns that are similar.
That is what I do when I'm stuck. I search for free patterns
on Rav that are similar, and look at the numbers to see how
far off the pattern I'm using is.  Sometimes, that really works.

I will also look in this book which is a great reference.

 It still bugs me that I shrunk the Fan and Feather sweater. I read
someplace this week that if the hair conditioner method didn't work,
try a vinegar soak.  It worked a little, but not enough.

Ruth finished the back of her Alana pullover sweater, and
had a good start on the front.

Yarn is West Yorkshire spinners Croft. Mossbank colorway.
It is so beautiful!  She sure had vision on this one!

Martha finished up her Ivy Line sweater!
Beautiful and great fit!

 She has a lot of yarn left, which is going to Ruth.

 She has a good start on her new sweater using Jill Draper
yarn.  She is using this Brooklyn Tweed pattern as a template.
Note her detailed notes!

So pretty!
A close up.

 In other news:

Check out this birds nest:

 on the boat!

 We had lobster last night to celebrate our  37th anniversary.
Not a bad way to celebrate.

 Ruth made this sourdough bread today.
Yes, it is real. Perfection!

 Have a good week dear blog readers.
Stay safe.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Still Holding Strong

Hi Dear Blog readers...
Still holding strong in the pandemic, and the main thing is,
still holding strong and not starting any new knitting.

I finished the knitting on the Snuggly Sleep Sack.  
Encore Yarn
Size 8 needle
4.5 skeins

I'm going to sew the sides up part way, and then
add buttons.

The hood has some nice details.
I'm glad this is done. It was a lot of  knitting, and
I want to make something else for almost Mason.
I will wash and block it out this week.

Another three inches or so on the first sock and I can
decrease for the toe.

Spent a lot of time this week on the Vedder shawl.

The rows are very long now.

And it's boring. LOL
Four more 12-row repeats until I start the next  section.

I haven't done anything on the Wallaby this week.
But I wanted to show you who I'm making them for.
I will start the sleeves soon.

Joe's nieces...Faith and Jacki.
Their parents are so cool...they put up a big tent in the
living room so the girls could go camping and watch the
Disney Sing Along that was on Friday night.

This is Faith - age 6 - she is getting the purple wallaby.

 Jacki - age 4 - is getting a red one.
I sent the link with colors and they picked what they wanted.

Ruth is working along on her beautiful Alana sweater.

She is much farther now than this picture..she is decreasing for

Martha is done with her Ivy Line Sweater.

It turned out beautiful!!!
These are the buttons she is adding
(see top of sweater)

She took the sleeves apart several times to get pooling
to go away.  I mean several times!  LOL And I think the end
result is well worth it.

She has a lot of ends to tie in since she had to really
manipulate the yarn to stop pooling.  She also used
two strands at once.

I like the danty cuffs.

Here is a picture of her worktable.  OMG if she ever saw mine,
3 or 4 projects, patterns, stitch markers, scissors,  :)

In other news:
I made strombolli last night.  I think I like pizza
better...though it looks pretty.

I washed the blankets in the living room today...the
ones we snuggly with. My little Mickey can smell a clean
blanket from three rooms away!

Doesn't he look uncomfortable trying to squeeze
onto the blanket?   LOL

Have a great week dear blog readers...
Have fun knitting this week.

Sunday, April 12, 2020


Hi Dear Blog Readers....
I had a better week this week, at least with knitting.
I did not start anything new!

Worked on the Snuggly Sack for Mason.
Who is Mason?
Tiffany found out this week she is having a boy, and
his name will be Mason David.  

Here is current progress:

Tiff said she thinks it would be good to have the bottom enclosed
and I think she's right. So when I finish knitting I will close the bottom
at bit, then add buttons.
I have a small start on the hood.

Worked a bit on the Vedder shawl. I like this project.
Dainty compared to the others.

Finally got the pocket on right on the Wallaby I'm
making for Joe's dear niece Faith Marie.

And worked a little on the brainless sock.
I was able to knit outside this week which felt wonderful.

Ruth finished her cowl, and has a start on her new sweater.
Sweater pattern is Alana sweater.  
 West Yorkshire Spinners Croft yarn. Color way is mossbank.
If you know Ruth, you know these are definitely her colors!
I like how the cables are pretty.

Martha is working on the sleeve of her Ivy Line sweater.
She was quite entertaining this week with her tales of woe.
And I mean that respectfully. She was really frustrated.
The directions are not that clear at all. 
She has worked the sleeve three times!! till it finally worked
out to her satisfaction.
So pretty!
Here it is on
I give her so much credit for being determined to
get it exactly as she wanted.

Tiffany is making nice progress on her blanket for her
nephew who will be born in June. She is anxious to complete
so she can start one for Mason. 

In other news...
Today was a very weird Easter. No family. No mention of
church. Social Distancing.  We made the best of it.

Went to see Joey and Casey last night. Joey made ribs.
Sunset by his house

Tiffany and Mark came for breakfast.  Had a nice visit.

I went to see mom and dad today.  I felt so bad they were isolated.
They are so lonely.  But they understand and want to stay safe. 

The  hyacinths sare out and smell wonderful.

Joe has requested a mask so I'm off to start one before I
continue on with the other projects.
Have a safe week dear blog readers.  We are all alone together.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Virus Startitus

I hope this blog post finds you all safe. 
We are all safe and virus free.
It feels weird.  I am working at home thank goodness.
It's strange to be at home, but not be able to do "home" things.
I do usually start dinner on my lunch hour, or take a walk
during that time depending on the weather.

Joe and I are usually busy, but now we're not. Our weekends
are usually filled with family and friends, but now they
are not. 

For some reason, I have chosen to fill this void with knitting.
Lots of knitting. Lots of different knitting  LOLOL

I did several more rows of the snuggly sleep sack this week.
I think instead of buttons, I'm going to put an icord thru
the holes. I'll ask Tiffany what she thinks. What do you think?
I have about 6 more inches before I start the hood. I want the
baby to fit in it for a bit.

Here are mom's finished socks blocked.
The Fiber Optics yarn is so incredible.
They are pink and not purple like this picture shows.

The Wallaby I'm making was ready for the front pouch.
I worked on it Friday and a lot of Saturday. When it was done,
I looked it over and the bottom was crooked.  Darn!
Ripped the whole thing out and started over today.
I put a long sock needle thru

Then started knitting with the size 8.  This is Knitpicks yarn
very nice.
when I started over I did a 3 stitch icord on each end rather
than two and like it much better.

This week I decided I needed something totally different.
So started the Vedder Shawl.
Using Rowan silk yarn (laceweight) on a size 4 needle.
In this picture, I have made a mistake and currenty
ripping back three rows.  It is very fun.
Knitting the shawl, not ripping !

On Friday (I think Friday is when I had the attack of
Startitis (start a bunch of new things)...I decided I needed a
brainless project.  So I started a sock for my SIL for  Christmas.
Very plain. My basic pattern for stripey yarn.  K3, slip one,
next row, knit all.
Yarn is Western Sky knits.
It is much darker than this picture shows.

Saturday Ruth and  Martha sewed masks for themselves.
I don't sew. I was looking around on  Ravelry and
found a pattern for Old Shale Face of course
I cast on.  Used stash yarn Berroco Ultra Wool.
I made one Saturday night, and one this morning and
took both of them to mom and dad. Now I need to make
one for myself.  It took about 2 hours I guess.
Now the trouble with starting a lot of projects, is that it
takes a long time to finish one.  That's ok with me right now.

I have been watching the free Knit  Stars series the last
three weeks.  This week is Beata Jezek, founder of Hedgehog Fibers.
They are interesting. She is all about color. Martha you would love it.
Do I learn anything profound?  No. But like it just the same.  Just go
to Knit  Stars and sign up.

Ruth is working on a laceweight cowl. She is going to
start a sweater as soon as she gets the right needles.
Pattern is Embrace Cowl by Romi Hill.
Yarn is Sexy, Bison and silk from Buffalo Wool company
I think it's sooo pretty.  And delicate.  

Martha's Ivy Line sweater is coming along nicely.
Here is a picture with the icord edging on the front.
The silvery color is really a tan color.

Here is a closeup of the short row sleeve she did. Looks
so nice!

In other news:

Martha got bit by a deer tick!  OMG.
She is putting ointment on it.

Joe, Joey and Mark went fishing yesterday.  Here are the ones
Mark took home to clean.

Here are Tiffany's dogs. She told me the little one,
Tina, is sad because she never made the blog.

Stay safe dear blog readers.
Have a knitful week.