Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ok, I'm getting Sick of Winter....

Another snowy Sunday and I'm starting to get stircrazy.
I am obsessed with knitting socks lately. I have two pair going,
and can't wait to start two more pair.  I need to focus and get these

Working on leg of Mystery Sock #2. Slow going.

Started a fun sock in Regia Blitz yarn.  The yarn does all of the work and
makes a cool pattern that looks like lightening.

I am making toe up, and short row heel.  I really wish i could figure out the
short row heel. Once side always looks like crap:

I spent all yesterday afternoon taking the heel out and redoing it.  Why do I keep
trying to figure this out?  It does not use much yarn, and it fits soooo very nice
on the foot. 

Ruth is working on a really nice men's sock.
Miss Babs Yummy sock. Denim color. Merino superwash.
K3P1 pattern. Simple since the yarn is so dark. I saw it in person yesterday
and it is a really nice blue. Wonderful yarn.

Martha is working on mittens.

She is creating the pattern herself...She had quite a lot done but has to rip.
I cannot even imagine trying to figure all of this out.  Way to go girl!

Tiffany caught Mickey watching something outside....

of course, it was his favorite thing...Abbey!
This was Friday afternoon before the yucky weather came.

Happy Knitting.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm a little embarrassed to say

I'm not sick of Winter yet.  I really think its because I'm a knitter.
We got approx. 14" of snow Fri/Sat, but today was so beautiful out.

Today I finished up the 2nd pinky sock.
Lorna's Laces

Size 2 needle
Toe up pattern. Plain foot / k6P2 leg
9" leg

I like that you can knit from the toe up till you run out of yarn. I stopped a little
bit before it was gone incase the 2nd skein was short.
I liked this simple heel....

Also worked a little bit on the 2nd mystery sock.  I mucked up and had to tink
back a few rows so not much progress to show.

Ruth finished up her  Tomten.

She made it from mismatched yarn.
Spirit trail fibers, Madeline Tosh, Opal sock and something from Etsy.
I think it is soooooo cute.  Lucky baby!

Martha is working on her 2nd Mystery sock...she is zooming down the foot.

I usually take tons of Mickey pictures, example below -  he is hanging
upside down on the couch trying to torture Abbey:

but today I have a lot of Abbey pictures....
she loves the outside and the snow and likes to hang out there.

 Joe snowblows a path for her to get out back to do her "business".

The boys loved being outside too.  They are getting ready for the
big Holley Squirrel Slam next weekend.

I guess that's it for news from here....I need to start something brainless before
Monday hits....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday

Today is Superbowl Sunday, and I can honestly say I have never
been less interested in the game.  I have decided to cheer for
Baltimore since they are underdogs.  It will be a Super Sunday for
knitting, I hope.  I'm scrambling to get chores done so I can sit
and knit for hours.  We'll see how that all works out!  :)

I finished up the 1st mystery sock. This week's clue was the toe,
and I must say it was just a plain toe. No big finale.
I am just starting the leg of sock #2. The picot cast on is a real
pain in the arse!

  Pics from last week before toe.

I finished up mom's toe up sock and am starting the heel of sock #2.
Lorna's Laces yarn.  I like knitting till yarn is gone. Notice the leg is 9".
Tiffany loved the lenght, said would make nice boot socks.

 I really like the colors. Not my usual.

Martha finished up her freckled socks - her own pattern!

Here is her mystery sock. She was smart and redid the heel. I feel like mine
will be really fragile, but I knit as written anyway. I like the raspberry color.

Ruth is working on an Elizabeth Zimmerman  Tomten sweater for her new
grand-niece/nephew on the way.  She is using SpiritTrail yarn from her shawl,
and bits of sock yarn.

I really like her little pops of color!

We have had the flu this week so not much going on.
 The little kids got pretty excited when Tiffany showed up for a visit.

Mickey thinks he is a supersluth...thinks he's hiding from us...

See this one....

This is the distance can seewhere he is really sitting:

These little kids sure keep my life fun!  Have a good week. I have to go settle
in for a long day of knitting.