Sunday, June 28, 2015

One for now, and one for later....

So, I'm happy to write that I finished up the Baby Surprise Sweater
today.  Though not a lot of knitting time this week, it is a fairly
quick knit.

 Yarn is Plymouth Merino Select.
Needles size 7
Everytime I do one I learn something new, like I never paid
attention to the other ones I did that you are supposed to
cast of in PURL...looks great!  (but a pita)
 I guesstimate the size to be about a 2
Jake (the dad) is a motorhead...loves cars and motorcycles.
I could not find bike the car will have to do..

 Amber and Jake are little people (Amber size 0) I bet
their kid will be little too....

 So I'm thinking of making this for later, and making something
for now...(November) that she and little boy can use for
the first month or so....We'll see...I'm thinking a Kimono..quick!
Here is the start I have on the hat to go with the sweater...

 Little progress on the 2nd sock this week..but I don't care
it's for long as it's done by 3rd week in October....
Ruth started the Through The Loops Mystery Shawl
this week.  She has a great start, as each clue is minimal.
She is using Knit Picks Hawthorne yarn, Forest Park color

Martha is working on the Lilli Pilli wrap. I hope to make one
soon. Such a nice pattern....and so versitile!
She is also working on a sock from Knitty

Mackintosh water color yarn...nice.

I have a true, very cute story to tell you...

Joe has a new guy that started working with him this past Monday.
First question Joe always asks is "do you fish"...lord help you if
the answer is NO...LOL, anyway this kid had the right answer and
said YES.  So Joe being Joe hops on the work computer and brings
up this blog to show him all of the fish he has
caught..... (sidenote: Joe is the best husband a knitter could have....
brags about my knitting all of the time and points out Ruth and Martha's
too)....anyway..they are looking thru the blog and he is going back
to older posts (probably back years) and he is showing this dude
 the fish pictures...and you know what Jason says?/?????
Wait for it.................
Jason says.."who does all of that knitting? it's must
take a lonnnnggggg time!"  I think at that point Joe said it was
time to get back to work!!!!!!

Joe made ribs tonight...DeLISH!

Note:  I'm not sure if there will be a blog post next week or not...
if not, definitely the week after,.
Have a wonderful July 4th holiday - STAY SAFE !!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's like lacy underwear

you know it's there, but no one else does.
That's the same with socks...isn't it?
We spend hours upon hours creating intricate patterns,
and who really sees it?  It's just the thought of knowing its there
and that someone spent that time for you, just you.

I finished the Hermonie's Everyday - sock #1.
Yarn Hachito from Martha.  Very easy pattern to
memorize. I like it a lot.
 Started the 2nd one right away so I could have some brainless
knitting going  on..
Makes great porch knitting!

I also have a pretty good start on the Baby Surprise Jacket.
Yarn is Plymouth Select - Superwash
Have not had a lot of  knitting time this week. Trying to  incorporate
walks into my evening. 

Ruth finished up her OnLine nice!
K7, P1 pattern.

She is starting the 2nd front of her Amy  Herzog sweater in
Lion Brand yarn:

Martha finished up the baby Henley and will have the hat done
Tiffany is back in knitting news for a few weeks.
She is making a baby blanket for her friend Amber
who is having a little boy in November. 

The yarn is so thick, she thought it looked best in
garter stitch.  Very soft. Bernat Blanket yarn.

Even though it's summer, I think about knitting - a lot!
I guess that's normal, though....LOL

In other news, Joe and Joey went fishing for
father's day yesterday.

These are some of the bigger ones. They caught a lot!
Bass and perch and one walleye.

The family came for dinner for  father's day.
I made pulled pork and Joe grilled  chicken.
Everyone had a good time. Nice and relaxing.

Have a great week!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Load Lifted

Hi there dear knitting friends.
I feel like a HUGE load was lifted off of my knitting shoulders
today - size 13 socks FINISHED !  yahoo, yippee....

Joe is  modeling. There is about 2" of room in the toe on his foot.
It's hard to see the pattern. Mock cable going up side of each
leg.  Size 1.5 needles. Hawthorne Yarn from Knitpicks. 

I really like this yarn..a lot! There is probably enough for a footie for me
or  Tiffany.

Since I worked exclusively on these socks all week - did not cheat
one stitch on anything else, I don't have much else to show.

I was able to work on the little socks Hermonie's Everyday socks
from Martha's yarn last night and this morning.
A fun knit.

Tiffany's friend Amber is having a little boy in November, so I'm going to
make her a baby surprise jacket.  I thought of a different pattern, but for
some reason settled on this one. 

I think I'm going to make it green with blue collar and cuffs and maybe
a blue and white stripe or two.

Ruth finished up one sock and has a great start on the 2nd one:
On Line yarn, cottage color.  K7, P1 pattern

Martha is almost done with her Henley sweater!
She delivered her striped sweater and hat to the other new mom
and she loved it!  Though there could be NO doubt that she would.

It's raining...again. 
Abbey wants to go outside so my house will smell like wet
Mickey wants me to make a lap and knit so he can crawl
up there but I told him I had a few things to do first....
That's all folks !

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Sorry about no post last week, but  there were many
distractions. I had company for the birthday parties
(Joe, Mom,Aunt Edie and Fred ) that did not leave
until 9:00 pm..I was pooped. The came back on Tuesday
and did the same thing.  At least they like it here..and I
do love to have them, but it allowed no time for blog post.
Anyway, but this week I should have the Size 13 sock almost
done ..but I don't . I am just working my way down the heel.
I will increase three on each side now, to accomodate
the wider toe area.

 The sock came boating with me this weekend.
I really love the Hawthorne yarn by knitpicks.
Only downfall is it is only 357 yards.  Worked out ok for this
project as I probably need over 500 yards to accommodate a long
leg and size 13 foot anyway.

 The real distraction to getting the big socks done, is the socks
I started from yarn Martha gave me. 

 Toe up. Hermonie's everyday socks pattern on let.

 The would make great footies, don't you think! I'm going to make full
size....but just sayin....
Double stitch heel...easy and quick.
 Ruth has got a lot of knitting done since last blog post.
She started a sock from OnLine yarn: not sure
of pattern yet

 Her sweater back and one front blocking.....
 And....she finished up her socks in yarn from Martha.
Aren't they awesome!

Martha's fingers have been equally as busy!
She finished up her baby sweater...(gender unknown).
She made a matching hat, and she is quite
proud of that adorable pompom she made!

I think it's very very cute.  Pattern is Essential Baby Cardigan, by Lisa Henderson

She is making a second one, but is making a henley....

 notice the kitty modeling.....

Joe and I went fishing this weekend to Lake Erie in Buffalo, NY.
We stayed over Saturday night - usually we just go for the day.
Fishing was awful, apparently because of the storms from Friday
night. We had a good time, anyway...

Have a great week, dear knitters.....