Sunday, July 26, 2020

Not much Knitting

Hi dear blog readers.
"Blogger" has a new look, at least for me. I hope it still
reads ok !  After the big week of finishing up the shawl,
I have not really knit much.  It's been really hot here,
so not that easy to knit.  Working on a sock in Knitpicks
Hawthorne yarn. Love this yarn.
Just my go-to plain pattern.  Multiple of 4
Row 1 - K3, Slip 4
Row 2 - Knit

Also got the sleeves done and attached to the
Wallaby body.
Ruth is working away on the amazing baby blanket.

Martha finished up her baby sweater. So FUN!

In other news:
We had Tiffany's baby shower today at mom's.  Very nice company.
Got to really visit with the family.

Joe's two sisters Donna and Mindy

My SIL, Vicky

The Twins.  OMG Love these girls.
They wear their hair differently now, so I can tell them apart

Parents to be
Little Mason is going to be one lucky little dude.

The sunset on the lake was amazing last night.  I posted to
facebook, but want to repost here.

Update on the new blogger. I now have to do two extra steps
to get a picture on here...not really an improvement for me.

Have a good week dear blog readers. I get to see Ruth and Martha

Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Hot hot hot

This week has been sooooo hot here. 
Not much knitting. I did manage to get the Mystery Shawl  done.

Such a fun knit. It's really big. Now I need a fancy event to wear it.

I will concentrate on a pair of plain socks this week.

Ruth is working a way on the beautiful baby blanket.
 Yarn is Filatura di Crosa Wave. Pattern is Cradle Me by Anne Hanson.

 Martha started a sweater.
it is very fun!  In her own words:
Hi , this yarn caught my attention while raking  through my stash. Ruth said she gave it to me and originally bought it for Moryia. It was so colorful I thought of my work friend’s (that’s a quilter and simple knitter) daughter that’s is very spicy. She perfectly fits the yarn. I’m making Loren By Sara Elizabeth Schmidt, a cute kids cardigan, easy knit. I have just enough yarn so I’m not making fold over sleeve cuffs, I’ll just knit the cuff onto the end of the sweater.  I had a little thing going as I was not reading the pattern properly. After I got that together it has been easy.

She finished her  Aranami Shawl.
I think  hers is one of the nicest ones in this pattern.

 In other news:

We had Tiffany's first baby shower today.  Because of Covid, we 
split into two showers and called them drive up showers.
LOL  It was fun.  Everyone stayed apart and visited for a short
time.  We had cupcakes, drinks and gave everyone a little jar of jelly.
Here are just a couple of pictures. It was so hot I can't even explain it.
Tiff survived and had fun, that is all that matters.

A picture of my happy place - our patio

Mark (Tiffany's husband) has had chickens for the last six months.
He checked on them today and guess what...first eggs!

Martha retired two old lamps today.

  Have a good week dear blog readers.
Stay cool, safe and be kind.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Short and Sweet

Very very very hot week here in Western NY.  I knit on the
mystery shawl quite a bit, but still unable to finish the last clue...
it is a LOT of knitting.  I am on the final 10 rows, then the
fancy bindoff.

It has been a very long time since I have only worked on
one project exclusively.  These six weeks have sure flown by.

 I made a pair of baby booties for Mason out of  the same yarn
I made his dad Marks' socks from.  Mark and Tiffany loved them.
I was going to surprise her and give them to her at the shower but
since that is not happening, I just gave them to her. 
Reminder: Mark is size 13 foot.


Ruth is making great progress on her baby blanket.
 Yarn is Filatura di Crosa Wave. Pattern is Cradle Me by Anne Hanson.
Seems too beautiful to have a baby spit up on it... LOL

Martha is about done with her STUNNING shawl.

Here are the colors all in a row.
 Aranami Shawl.

In other news:

 We had a bad caterpillar problem for about 4 weeks here.
Awful. it was even reported in the local news.

Well, they have now turned into moths.  This one stuck to the 
window this week.  Gross huh  Looks like a mouse.
I obviously zoomed really big.

I am worried they will get in the house and EAT MY YARN!

The sky was so pretty on Thursday night.
These two pictures are same night, different views.

 Have a great week dear blog readers.
Stay safe and be kind.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Happy July

 Happy Independence Weekend!  It sure went by fast for us.
We have been so busy, most of the updates are "other news"
and not knitting.

I finished Clue 5 of the Kristin Kapur mystery shawl.

I did not run out of the raspberry yarn, but I thought I would.
Phew!  The final clue comes out tomorrow.

 Ruth is working on Mason's adorable blanket.
She said she really has to pay attention...look at the detail!

 Yarn is Filatura di Crosa Wave. Pattern is Cradle Me by Anne Hanson.

Martha is working on her Aranami Shawl.  In her words:

I discovered the balls I was given in this set of colors makes 12 scales. So on the color rows of the shawl that have more than 12 scales in a color row I’ve had to substitute the extra colors. It’ll be beautiful but not really a color striped shawl! 

 The colors are so fun!!
 In other news:

Have you been reading about all of the turmoil going on in Ravelry
right now?  I hope they can get there act together soon and get it
figured out.  I have had one designer contact me and tell me how to
get to the patterns I purchased if i can't access thru Ravelry.  I cannot
think of a knitting world without Ravelry so hoping for the best.

Here is a picture of the steps in May...

Notice the wooden steps and dingy concrete.

This weekend I painted the steps, with lots of help from Joe, and
he power washed the concrete.  Looks like a whole new patio.

Got mulch around the flower bed.

The flowers are all just so pretty

Today Tiffany and I made 20 jars of strawberry freezer jam

And we made 72 mini jars to give out at her
drive up baby shower

The jars say on them:  Love  Perfect Mason 
My little Mason is going to be perfect at least in my eyes  LOLOL

check out these pictures from Martha;
Check out my parking lot car accident! The blue Honda rolled into my gray car! The guy was driving his aunts car and thought it was in park but it was in neutral. He was very upset saying he had too much on his mind, then left before I could give him my insurance company! I filed my claim by phone text just like the tv advertisement! While waiting for my vet to bring out my dogs medication!!

And lastly, check out Ruth's  grandson, son, and their friend. So cute.
Have a great week dear blog readers.
Stay safe and be kind.