Sunday, August 25, 2019

I Guess Enough Time Has Passed

 Flashback to May, when I finished the Fern and Feather
Sweater.  If you will remember (I will never forget)
I felted my beautiful sweater.  I love(d) that sweater. It was nearly
a perfect knit.
It was a tad big, so I put it in the dryer to cinch it up,
like I have done with sweaters before, and I felted it.

I was upset for weeks. I guess for months since I am just
revisiting it now.  One thing I try to remember to do with
sweaters, is not bind off the sleeves until it's blocked. In case
they grow too long, I want to be able to tink back a few rows.
Well see the tan color yarn that I put thru the sleeve stitches?
It felted right into it. 

Today I was brave enough to tackle the sleeves.
Some of the stitches came out of the yarn completely.
I think it was easier since it was ribbing.  I could see the K2, P2
very clearly.

I just picked up all of of the stitches and bound off.

 And I think it looks pretty good. Not obvious that the bind
off is not felted.
I tried it on and it is quite snug. I can wear it, but
the hope of losing 20-30 lbs is just not  happening.  LOLOL
So, I have read that soaking in hair conditioner may relax
the stitches a little.  I'm trying it. I will soak for a couple of days,
then rinse well.
I had to put some water in an empty wine bottle to  hold it under

I am praying to the knitting gods to please help it get better,
anything will be an improvement.

I really want to swatch for another sweater, but I didn't think I
could when this was hanging over my shoulder...So Onward!

Oh and by the way, it took me many months to feel I could pick
it up and to fix it and it did not even take me one hour ! 

I finished up the first sock...The toe is forest green, not blue.
 The green marker means I need to  increase 4 stitches.
the recipient has wide feet. The orange marker means
I need to start the toe. I always leave 16 stitches for the
toe, and make a rounder one.  Have a very small start on
sock #2.

The crazy color shawl is coming along. It's really a brainless
project.  I would much rather start a sweater.   
It's nice and squishy feeling.

Ruth is well into her third color on her sweater.
 Pattern is Spector by Joji Locatelli
Yarn is a combo of Spun Right Round and LITLG 
Lucy can't wait to see color # 4.
Me either!
I saw it in person this week and it is soooooo nice!

(in her own words)
This is the sweater back:

and fronts.

 I’m ready to knit up on the fronts. It’s moving along very well and easily. I’ll have to check the fit of the fronts, but so far so good. This is the Emmaline pattern by a Sarah Dallas. The wool is Bartlett yarn.  I’m looking forward to knitting up the fronts while listening to the TV.

She starts school tomorrow already... Good Luck!

In other news:
We have been loving the tomatoes this year!
I made a white pizza on Friday with tomatoes,
oil and basil.
So good today I just made the tomatoes, oil and basil to
eat.  Yummy.

NO blog post next week. Joe and I are going away for Labor
Day. I suspect the girls will be done or about done on their

As the song goes....I'll see you in September !

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Plodding along

My knitting is just plodding along still very slow.
I continue to try and get 10K steps a day, but with work
it is not much knitting time.
I worked hard to get this much done on the sock.
I am decreasing for the toe, and wanted it to  be done by
blog time...but nope!

 When I was taking the picture, I noticed a dropped stitch!
See it?

 I worked on the scarf a tiny bit

 Ruth is making a baby sweater for her nephew's
baby boy who is due in  September.

 Valley Yarns Haydenville. Pattern is the Essential Baby Cardigan.
She changed the moss stitch to garter.

She is just starting to fade in color #3 on her
sweater.  Love the colors!
Martha started a new sweater.

She made the bottom ruffle a little longer.
And she made the top color work extend into the main body color.
Her gauge is off a little so she is adjusting that also.
So far so good!

 I guess I think yarn is a knick/knack now... I have yet to put
away the stuff I dyed....I like looking at it.  :)

Today we went to Joey's to celebrate his birthday early.
After the torrential rain of this morning, it turned out to
be a banner day!

He cooked corn and clams on the grill.
Mom, dad, Joel and Vicky came from Gasport.
So thankful Joel brings the old folks!
The kids went swimming.
Benny loves the water.

Tiffany made dessert.
It's her job now.
Have a great week dear blog readers.
Enjoy the last couple weeks of summer#.

Sunday, August 11, 2019


  Well another quick week, with lots of steps and little knitting.

Here is the promised picture of the Ruby baby hat blocked.

I'm very happy with how it turned out.!

I managed to turn the heel on the first sock.
Love this yarn!

Started a little shawlette with the hand dyed yarn.
Loosely based on the Jimi pattern.
if you follow my blog, you know that I sometimes use bits
and pieces of a pattern, or re-engineer it to make it my own, especially
with socks.

for the Jimi I did two strips on blue and one in green, because
I have more blue.  Also, I'm going to add in extra mesh.
This is all in an attempt to use the yarn up. Oh and to not run out of one
color before I'm done with it. Her it is with one color of mesh at the

the colors are very bright....but I like how saturated they are.

Ruth is working along on her sweater.  She has faded in the 2nd color
already.  So cute!!!!

Martha started and finished her baby sweater this week.
The Essential Baby Cardigan.
she added the collar for to make it cuter!
Look who turned nine years old today.
My little him!
 He was so little when we brought him home.
And still only weighs little less than 10 lbs...

Have a great week dear blog readers.
Enjoy summer!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Steps or Stitches ?

I was on vacation this week...and it was wonderful.
The weather could not have been better...I feel like I
actually got to enjoy summer.  Tiffany challenged me
to a step goal while I was off was to
get 10K steps a day.  I made the goal and went over most
every day. But I had to work at it.  At what cost?  Knitting.
I had to decide if I would walk steps, or knit stitches.
The steps won this week. so not much knitting to share.
I know I won't get as many when I work but that's ok,
it has become a habit to try now.

I made a hat this week.  Not much knitting involved at
all really.

Pattern is Ruby.
Size 2 needle
Knitpicks Stroll yarn.
This is unblocked. I'll have a better picture next week.
 Done just in the nick of time, too.
Riley Rose was born 5 weeks early...
4 lbs 11 oz...doing very well!

Working on these socks.
I have about 2" left before I start the heel gussett.
Yarn is  Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stopper,
in colorway Steve and Andy.
I like how it's kind of camo, but not ugly camo.  :)

Played around with more yarn dying this week.
I tried to make the colors richer.  The yarn dyed
with food coloring will not wash clean. It's ok if it was
a one color project, but I am planning on 3 colors.
I like it a lot though.

 This will be a two color something
This is fingering yarn... a cute cowl
This was dyed purple with koolaid, then I overdyed
it with food coloring.
This is sock yarn, that was dyed with
beet juice and vinegar.
It was all a pain to wind...ugh.

Ruth is working on a new sweater.  Pattern is Spector by Joji Locatelli
Yarn is a combo of Spun Right Round and LITLG For a fade effect sweater.
400 Stitches so far# cool huh!

Martha finished up her socks.
Square Peg Round Hole.
Heritage yarn
 She added a purl stitch on each side of the pattern.
I like them a lot, don't you!

She is going to use this Red Heart yarn she
got at a craft second hand store for a baby sweater.
Essential Baby Cardigan by Lisa Henderson.

Remember the baby sweater and hat I made a couple
of weeks ago.  Well it belongs to this guy.
Bryce  William,  7 lbs, 8 oz.

Went to the farmers market today and got this haul
for $16.
all delish!
We had the beans and corn tonight.  I have the fruit made
into packs for our lunch.

I'm tired. I currently have 8975 steps, and I did not take a walk.
Maybe 500 are from swimming.
Im skipping the rest of the steps tonight and going for the stitches!