Sunday, March 26, 2017

Starts and Stops

I don't know about you, but this time of year I get bored...
with everything!  Even knitting.  I want to start and start
and start projects, without any thought of finishing them.
Not good.  This weekend, I managed to finish up the
baby sweater.
Granny's Favourite
Size 7 needle
Valley Yarn - Haydenville

 I got the daisy buttons in Nashville.
Thought I would have enough yarn left for a
hat, but I don't think I do. I added the pattern
to the bottom of sweater...I like it...for little Miss Shaw
due end of June.

Working on infinity scarf.
About 1/2 way done with color 4.

I asked Joe what he thought and all he said was
"I like the purple"....LOL

Decided I liked the giant sock again. so got the heel
turned today.  Do you do that?  Work on something
so long you get sick of it and have to put it down for
a while, then fall in love with it again?

I joined some thing that is a year of techniques...
the first one is helical stripes.  Pattern is Hyacinthus...
fingerless mitts. I did helical stripes before, but this
is a bit different.  Using Koigu yarn, and the blue yarn
is Loopy Ewe Solid Series blue. 

So far so good.  I altered the ribbing quite a bit
Called for 72 stitches, I used 48, then increased
to 58 before starting stripes.  kind of far.

Here is the koolaid died yarn all wound up.
Notice one ball is more blue, that must have been
on the bottom.

I swatched a little with 30 stitches. For a sock
it will look different, because of more stitches.

Joe and Joey BOTH like it a lot, so one of them will
get crazy socks for  Christmas!  I think its a little wild
for a baby sweater...what do you think?

Ruth is working on her Harrisville sweater...
I love the color!

She has had a lot of time this week where she had to sit and
visit, so she picked up a sock she started a while ago.

After Martha's crazy baby blanket, she is doing a sock.

Old Joe pattern....

Yarn  / pattern combo are great, don't you think?

A co-worker brought me flowers this week.
Warmed my heart.  She had a tough couple
of weeks and I helped her out a bit.
I asked her what the flowers were for and
she said
"cause you're the most adorable thing on the planet"..
LOL...she needs to get out more!

And finally, it rained and rained and rained
all day yesterday.  There is something so endearing
when a guy takes a little dog out in her rain coat!

Have a great week dear blog readers!!!! Knit like
the wind before spring gets here!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fun Knitting Week

 Granny's favourite sweater is coming along, slowly.
This picture is the correct color.

Finished one sleeve.  I did not do
patterning on the sleeve, because I wanted
a longer garter stitch, so it's more practical for
the mom.
She can unroll it when the little girl needs
a bit more room.

I might do patterning on the bottom. Did sleeves
first so I know how much yarn I need.

I finally found a pattern I like for this
Purchased at Rhinebeck last year.  I knew
I wanted yarn to make something for "fall".
I saw these colors and kept  going back, and
finally purchased.

There are 6 colors in all...making each 10".
Infinity scarf.
I love this pattern. It's a 4 row pattern,
and very theraputic....not brainless,
but almost.

Here it is
Selected from this book, which I use quite often

I had fun knitting  this week...I do need
to get back to the 2nd giant sock and get that
thing done!

A while ago I posted a link to a blog about dyeing yarn
with Koolaid. (Martha, Ruth and I did that a few years
ago at Martha's house.)  I ordered some sock yarn from
Knitpicks and this weekend gave it a try.

I knew I wanted sprinkle yarn, but did not want a
white background.  So Saturday, dyed all of it a light

then hung to dry

some of it is messy. note to self, tie more strings
around it the next time

today, I laid it all out
and added the sprinkles

I laid the two skeins on top of each other so they
would be mostly the same
turned out pretty good.

I'm thinking I would have liked better without
any orange...

but Joey said he likes it.  It is currently drying.
I will wind it for  next week. Wont be able to use
the swift because of the mess it's in.
Very fun...I'll see how it  knits up. I'm thinking socks, or a
baby boy sweater...The fan is blowing on it to dry and the
house smells like grape  koolaid!

Speaking of boy sweaters...Ruth finished hers, except
for buttons. I love the pop of blue!!!  This is for her
new nephew, due soon.

Martha finished up her blanket (now Ruth wants to
 make one!)  I love it, but not sure I have the

Martha also finished up a hat this week,
a kit given to her by Ruth.
Anne Hanson - Honey Bun Hat

She is just starting socks with yarn Ruth
gave her.  Colors are very dramatic...
Old Joe pattern.

Joe made corned beef and cabbage, and we
had dark beer with it. Very tasty.

Because of the giant snowstorm this week, there was lots
more knitting time.

Have a wonderful, knitful week!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Meet me at the Ryman

This was quite a week for Joe and I. We took a vacation and
went to Nashville TN. This is the first time the two of us have
been away, alone, since our honeymoon...for a week.
It was wonderful.  Needless to say, not much knitting.

Knit quite a bit on the sock during drive time. It's about
7" now.

Started the Winterlight Shawl...and just didn't like it.
So today I started a scarf..this is a gradient set..
and I'm not crazy about it will be ripping.
I think I know what I might do.  The problem is the fit....
I do not like shawls that are ackward to wear....

We had an awful storm here in Holley/Rochester/Webster area.
The winds.  Trees down all over. Powerlines down all over.
Some people out since Wed and still out today.

Ruth did not have power till today so she did not knit

Martha is 99% close to being done on her
sock blanket.

 She has started the orange border...

 It is so over the top beautiful.

She is working on a hat while this blocks.

 We went to two yarn shops while in Nashville.
Haus of Yarns...
I got this pattern:
Meet me at the Ryman
Ryman theater is in downtown Nashville.
they call it the mother church of country music

 Debbie Bliss yarn. The pattern was knit
up in the shop and I loved it.  The
pattern author was sitting right there.

 The next day we went to Bliss Yarn.
They have Miss Babs yarn....
my first ever!

and Malabrigo, the colors are more green than blue
as it looks like in this picture.

It was so wonderful to be in the yarn shops. I realized
how much I miss that.  I am mostly the mercy of on-line
purchases, and the monitor colors are not always correct.
Both shops had friendly workers, lot of sitting/knitting
space and they were very light and well lit.

We went to the Nashville Farmers  Market
almost every day. They had wonderful,
fresh food.
This guy is making my wood fired pizza.

This guy on the s teel guitar played for
Brooks and Dunn! He was beyond

 We saw a restaurant called the Aquarium at the mall.
The inside feels like you are in an aquarium...all fishy
and blue.  Soooo cool.  This is a pic from the outside.

 Rooftops are popular. The views are amazing.
 and fun.  It was 70 degrees.

 March Madness...they closed down the main street
because Kansas University was playing on Friday.
totally closed the main street. Filled it with basketball
stuff, giant TV's, food, etc.  Pretty cool.
Here you can see it from the rooftop at dusk.

Another view from night

 I didnt get that  many pictures. Joe got more.
It was an amazing experience.....amazing!

We are expecting another storm this week, I hope
the power does not go out. Stay safe and stay knitting!