Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sweater Season

It sure feels like sweater season.  But this week is supposed to
feel like summer, I hope.
I have been working on Mrs Garter sweater.

Just put sleeves on a string. I see trouble coming up in the
pattern, I'll have to email the designer again.  I like that the yarn
looks very rustic.
I really like it so far.  I hope I get it done to wear to Rhinebeck this year.

I'm also working on a sock - Lang yarn.
My own purly swirly pattern.  For mom for Christmas.
This is not a good representation of colors. ugh!

Ruth is working away on her sweater. She has struggled a little
bit this week with the sleeve pooling.  Love the colors !!!!

 Martha is very optimistic and working on another summer sweater.
It is called magnolia by c2knits, using tahki yarns called Tandem and the color is much bluer. It is 20% cotton and viscose! nylon and acrylic.

In other news, Tiffany was in a wedding last week. She
looked so beautiful.

Here is the bride and groom

They had a photographer there who had all kinds of props 
for  pictures. Here is my favorite!

No blog post next week - we will be away for the weekend.
Chat in two weeks !