Sunday, March 28, 2010

A couple of BSJ's

Ruth and I are both making Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jackets for
little boys who are soon to enter this world.

We both used sock yarn on size 5 needles. I used 3 strands and she
used 2. They both are quiet cute we think.

I am working on some cuffs. I was going to put an i-cord around the neck
front but didn't like the way it looked. I was thinking mine would be too
small until Ruth pointed out that I was folding it wrong! Now its much

Ruth's...she is contemplating the i-cord:

Hopefully final pictures next week.

Have a nice week.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is Officially Here....

Spring! I love it. I have golden and purple crocuses poking thru the ground.
Still only have one finished object for the year. One. Uno. Shocking , I know.
But, not for lack of trying. The first seed stitch sock is complete, and have the
ribbing done on the 2nd one. I keep it in my purse and pull it out when I'm
waiting for Joe at Lowe's. He goes there so often to get material for the
kitchen and last week did not go at all. I told him they called and said they
put his face on a milk carton they were so concerned at not seeing him!

The EZ Baby Surprise jacket is coming along. I am using three strands
of sock yarn held together - KnitPicks. It's the yarn I bought to make colorwork
socks. Using two sapphire blue, and one pine green. The accent color is two grass
green and one sapphire. Of course I didn't have enough yarn so more is on the way.

It's knitting up at 5 stitches to the inch on size 5 needles. Turning out
smaller than I wanted....I may have to give it to someone other than
the intended, which means I have to scramble to give it to the intended.

Have not knit much on the EZ sweater...the cat was very interested
in the photo session.

Knit a little on the shawl. One more row and will start the 2nd skein.

Joe and Joey put in three windows in the family room on Saturday.
Joe and I did the prep work on Friday night. They started at 7:00 am
and finished up about 10:00 p.m. Thank goodness we got it done.
the big window had to have the header revised and he moved it
up higher, which looks much nicer.

Here is a view of the neighbors house thru the small window opening.

Big window:

Night time and still going strong - flood lights outside.

Walla! In. Sorry is this is boring to you, but I need to celebrate
the little things!

Have a wonderful, knitful week, and I hope your spring
flowers are popping thru too!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Martha's Post

Hi all,
I am tired, not much knitting this week and a major setback in the kitchen.
I don't feel like talking about it so since Ruth and I don't have pictures,
this will be Martha's post. She started making a vest for a male friend
of hers, but decided the colors were too girly for a man. Here are her
pictures....the bobbins she got at Webs. Did I mention that she lives
closer to Webs than I live to Pam's shop? jealous...yes I sure am!

Her post is below:

I am using a Knitter Fall 2009 pattern called Shaded Diamonds by Rick Mondragon. I was given a whole bag of Lopi lite like 20 balls, which a designer friend was given by Lopi to design some patterns for them. She did that and gave me the rest of the cast off yarn. I made the booties a few months ago, and then did the vest.
I arranged them in shades from light to dark and added some Noro with complementary colors. I spend about 2 hours laying them out and winding them for 2 repeats of 8 colors putting them at waist at the dark end of the spectrum going light to the shoulders. I put the Noro skeins in there with contrasting colors. Ok, so that was the plan. However, what I didn't realize was that there was 4 repeats, so then I was screwed with the color planning. I couldn't figure out and deal with spinning more balls to make 4 repeats, so I just pulled the colors out of the in and out of each ball and got 4 repeats. Screw all the color work planning. You can see in the color changes there are some that are dark, and there are some that are just happy color changes. I always find when I do color work I don't like it in the beginning and then get so I like it more and more as things go along. So, there are color selections here that I would not chose again, however I cannot deal with ripping, starting again after so much of "going along".

you go girl! can't wait to see progress in next week's pictures...tks for the

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

The birds are chirping, the skunks are smelling, etc etc......
I have knit quite a lot on the shawl this week, but at almost 300 stitches, each row
takes a while. No new photos.

I did get a nice start on the new EZ sweater. All I know so far is that it will
have a hem. I have been browsing thru books to see what the top will look
like. I want something girly, more than just plain. The hem is finished up
and starting on the body.


the inside where I attached the hem:

Ruth started a pair of adorable baby socks:

Martha finished up her vest. She purchased the yarn and
patten at Rhinebeck. Snow Star Farm pattern by Anna Zilboorg
called Anna's Weskit.

Joe and Joey did A LOT of work on the house this weekend.
They put in two new windows in the dining room. The windows
are in, now the outside of the house needs to be put back together.
Luckily Joey has lots of strong friends that helped with
the big window.

I like that the new window has two small panels and one
big one in the middle. The old one had four small panels.

Have a wonderful week, dear blog readers!